New YouTube App Hits The Market

New YouTube App Hits The Market

Oct 22, 2010

Google’s YouTube Android App has joined its emancipated brethren and can now be found chillin in the Android Market. Google has been slowly but steadily updating and moving core apps onto the Market and making them available as stand alone apps. You may remember some more recent apps such as “Gmail” and “Car Home,” who also made the move. These moves make for better app management allowing for more updates and quicker releases.

The new YouTube update is available for download for users who have Android 2.2 (Froyo). This newest version sports a very smooth and clean UI with a much improved mobile YouTube experience. You can now play videos in both portrait and landscape views. The new portrait view is great because you can also interact with YouTubes interface as you’re watching the video. They have added tabs such as “Info,” “Related Videos” and “Comments” which can all be accessed and viewed without having to navigate away from your video. They use a super smooth swipe to change between tabs and you can easily view your video full screen by rotating your phone or double tapping the video. You have a menu bar accessible above videos that includes one click access to video options such as sharing, saving, adding to favorites or flagging.

This new update really improves on the original and all without any loss in performance (this new version is actually much smoother). It’s still the simple, sleek, black and gray interface you’re used to seeing on the mobile version but I like it and am really happy with this update so far. So, if you’re running Android 2.2 and you use the YouTube app, I highly recommend heading over to the Android Market to download this new and improved stand alone app.

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