YouTube TV goes live in select cities

YouTube TV goes live in select cities

Apr 7, 2017

We heard recently that the new cable-cutting option YouTube TV, and now we hear the service has gone live in a few metropolitan areas.

If you’re in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, or San Francisco Bay areas, the service might just be available.


Wait, what? You hadn’t heard about YouTube TV till now? We’re happy to explain.

The service gives consumers a slate of 40 premium channels — including ESPN, USA, FX, Bravo and more — for $35 per month.

It offers infinite DVR storage space, six accounts, and the expected access from internet connected devices (computers, mobile devices and Chromecast-ready devices). Of course, when it comes to mobile devices, Android users are covered.

Tempted? There is a one month free trial.


[via YouTube Official Blog]

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  • Jack Smith

    Unlimited tuners and storage is network TV on demand with the YouTube TV service. Surprised this fact is not being discussed as seems like a pretty big beak through.

    I get how crazy that Google is doing the first in 2017. Could you imagine having to play a new game or you can only go to a web site at a particular time and then for only 30 minutes? Well that was TV before this service. Applaud Google. Will be interesting if Google will continue to have an exclusive or will other service be able to match Google?