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Swype Keyboard Gets Star Trek Themes and More via Update

Swype Keyboard Gets Star Trek Themes and More via Update

Aug 27, 2015

Swype Keyboard is looking to improve the experience for its users, as evidenced by its latest update, which should please Trekkies everywhere.

Per the Google app page:


Emoji Keyboard
New Swype Store with premium themes featuring Star Trek
New Languages – Lao and Uzbek Latin
Improved auto-correction
Various crash and bug fixes (thanks for reporting!)

We had an opportunity to review the well regarded keyboard soon after it became available on Google Play, and liked it; it is available for $0.99, and there is a limited-time free trial.

[Our Swype Keyboard Review]

Critically Acclaimed Game Framed Arrives on Android

Critically Acclaimed Game Framed Arrives on Android

Aug 27, 2015

Framed is here!

The well-received game from Loveshack Entertainment (courtesy of Noodlecake Studios) is a puzzle game that has players rearrange comic pages to advance toe story and solution.

FRAMED is a multi-award winning noir-puzzle game where you re-arrange panels of animated comic book to change the outcome of the story.
Featuring a fusion of all-new game mechanics & fiendish puzzles, FRAMED has received many design awards as well as being an ‘Excellence in Design’ finalist in the IGF 2015.
Simply grab comic panels and swap them with a touch of your finger!
Hand-crafted, award-winning art and animation brings the noir world of FRAMED to life.
An evocative music score featuring live jazz performances fused with modern themes and beats sets the mood.
Unlike anything you’ve played before, FRAMED delivers a completely new type of game experience. Plug in your headphones, sit back and enjoy!

Framed is $0.99 on Google Play. Of course we’ll be reviewing it.

[via Noodlecake Press release]

Amazon Introduces Underground, A Collection of Truly Free Apps

Amazon Introduces Underground, A Collection of Truly Free Apps

Aug 26, 2015

Amazon is never scared to try something new, and its latest endeavor in the area of Android apps underscores this. Amazon Underground is a new service — presented as an app — that provides a selection of collated apps that are truly free.

And by “free,” Amazon does mean just that. The apps showcased therein are completely free, upfront-wise AND with regards to in-app content.

We’re talking about $10,000 in apps and content.

What’s really interesting, beyond the actual announcement, is how Amazon is achieving this. How is it offering unique apps like Goat Simulator, Where’s My Mickey?, Star Wars Rebels: Recon Missions and more completely free? Well, it’ using a new model of reimbursement in which developers are being paid based on how often their games are played.

That’s right: Amazon is picking up the tab.

To access the apps, all one has to do is look for the categorized apps on the Amazon Appstore from a computer; they will be denoted by a special “Actually Free” banner. Alternatively, one can simply download the new Amazon Underground app to one’s Android device.

[via Amazon Underground Informational]

Google Launches YouTube Gaming

Google Launches YouTube Gaming

Aug 26, 2015

YouTube Gaming is a new service that allows folks to immerse themselves further into games they play. There’s a lot of streams to pick from, and numerous ways to stay connected.

Per the Android app page:

YouTube Gaming keeps you connected to the games, players, and culture that matter to you. Featuring videos and live streams with chat — including let’s plays, reviews, speedruns, trailers, and more from your favorite gamers and publishers — you can explore the games you care about more deeply than ever before.
With videos covering Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto, League of Legends, Call of Duty, Garry’s Mod, and tens of thousands more, it’s all on YouTube Gaming.

Note that you may encounter mature content in YouTube Gaming.

• Watch videos from more than 25,000 games
• Experience live streams while chatting with other gamers
• Get recommended videos based on games you love

• Browse dedicated pages for every game, as well as publisher and gamer channels
• Explore categories from reviews to let’s plays, machinima, eSports, and more
• Favorite your games and channels for updates and easy access

• Receive live stream notifications to keep up with the action
• Join a community of publishers and gamers over 100 million strong
• Tune in to live streams of events like E3, PAX, and Gamescom

The app is available now, for free.

[via YouTube Blogpost]

Humble Humongous Mobile Bundle Arrives

Humble Humongous Mobile Bundle Arrives

Aug 25, 2015

There’s a new Humble Mobile Bundle on hand, ready to be picked up and enjoyed.

Dubbed the Humble Humongous Mobile Bundle, it brings a bunch of premium applications to users for relatively cheap using an adjusted “pay what you want” model.

The current bundle, as its name suggests, brings in games based on characters from Humongous Entertainment’s universe; one gets games like Spy Fox in Dry Cereal, Putt-Putt Saves the ZooFreddi Fish: Haunted Schoolhouse, and Pajama Sam: No Need to Hide. All these can be had for whatever price one wants to pay.

If one pays more than the current average ($7.59 at the time of this article), one gets even more, with Putt-Putt Joins the CircusPajama Sam Thunder & LightningFreddi Fish & the Stolen Shell, and Putt-Putt Enters the Race getting added to the haul.

More titles will be added before the end of the promotion.

But there’s still more…

This bundle has more tiers. A donation of $10.99 or more gets steam keys for the above titles plus a limited-time 75% off coupon for the above titles in the Humble Store.

And… a donation of at least $29.99 adds in the Humongous Scent ‘n’ Socks pack; it includes a double-sided air freshener featuring Putt-Putt and Pep and a pair of Pajama Sam-themed socks.

This particular bundle supports Make-A-Wish Foundation, and ends on September 7th.


[via Humble Mumble Post]

Amazon Appstore FAOTD: Lalaloopsy Diner

Amazon Appstore FAOTD: Lalaloopsy Diner

Aug 24, 2015

Lalaloopsy fans will love today’s free Amazon Appstore app, which is Lalaloopsy Diner from Cupcake Digital.


Learn important time management skills as you work hard to fulfill orders and keep your Lalaloopsy customers happy!

Serve as many diner favorites (pancakes, hamburgers, hotdogs, pizza, waffles) as you can. Pay close attention to make sure you get all the right toppings! And whatever you do, don’t burn the food!

Earn Lalaloopsy buttons and tips for every order you serve! Use your buttons to unlock fabulous kitchen upgrades and extras.

40 fast-paced levels let you earn even more silly, yummy toppings for your customers. Marshmallow hotdogs? Chocolate and peppermint pizza? You got it! (Bea Spells-a-lot’s favorite is the burger patty with pretzels and potato chips!)

The game is usually priced at $2.99.


WWE Immortals Adds New Characters and More via Update

WWE Immortals Adds New Characters and More via Update

Aug 21, 2015

There’s a new update to WWE Immortals.

This one, amongst other elements, adds two WWE superstars: Batista and Seth Rollins. Additionally, it is adding new in-game Bonus Events and is updating its Multi-player Rewards system.

According to the press release, WWE Immortals has, since its January 2015 launch, doubled its roster of WWE superstars to 50.

Some excerpts from the presser:

In advance of SummerSlam airing this Sunday at 7 pm ET on WWE Network, the game’s Multiplayer Rewards system has been updated to provide players with new, exclusive rewards for competing online, such as DX Legendary Gear and exclusive characters like Voodoo Bray Wyatt. WWE fans can also enter the WWE Immortals SummerSlam Sweepstakes for an opportunity to win a number of exciting in-game rewards and SummerSlam merchandise.*

WWE Immortals continues to add new playable characters to its existing roster with the unveiling of additional WWE Superstars every month.

We had an opportunity to review WWE Immortals not that long ago; it remains free to play on Google Play, and the update is live now.

Check out the update art and the original trailer below:


[Our WWE Immortals Review]

Amazon Appstore FAOTD: Dropchord

Amazon Appstore FAOTD: Dropchord

Aug 21, 2015

Today, folks can get Dropchord for free on the Amazon Appstore.

It has been listed before.

Product Features
Use your fingers to manipulate a beam crossing the extent of a circle. Dodge scratches while you collect notes to progress to the next track!
Ten original, full length electronic tracks stream seamlessly to create an endless DJ set!
“Standard Mode” challenges you to a level-based experience, introducing new game mechanics as the music progresses!
“Full Mix Mode” provides an endless experience with a steadily increasing difficultly!
Leaderboards save your personal high scores for competition with your friends and younger self!

Product Description
Dropchord is a music-driven, score challenge game with mesmerizing visuals and an original electronic soundtrack! Influenced by music visualizers and score attack arcade games, Dropchord is an original experience that’ll test your dexterity while providing endless fun! Do your fingers and ears a favor– get Dropchord today!!

We had an opportunity to check out Dropchord a while ago; it is usually priced at $2.99.


[via Amazon Appstore] [Our Dropchord Review]

Modern Combat 5: Blackout Gets Tactical Suits and New Multiplayer Map via Update

Modern Combat 5: Blackout Gets Tactical Suits and New Multiplayer Map via Update

Aug 20, 2015

Modern Combat 5: Blackout is getting new goodies via an update.

Customize Your Armor and Unlock Advanced Tactical Suits

Each class now wears a default armor
You can change the default armor with parts that belong to a tactical suit
All 4 suit parts are needed to unlock the full tactical suit & its 2 unique perks
Each class has a dedicated tactical suit that cannot be used on other classes
Get perks even if you don’t have the full tactical suit equipped
Masks grants special perks that are always active
Arms, Torso and Legs offer armor bonus

New Multiplayer Map: Vantage

A medium sized map set in an urban battleground designed for both close combat and long range firefights

Camos for Body Armors

Apply camos to your class armor

Local Leader Boards

Compete in neighborhood leader boards with people in a 500m, 1km or 5km range

5 New Weapon Trinkets

Some content will unlock progressively, so not all update content is available immediately.

The new update is live now on Google Play.


[via Gameloft Presser] [Our Modern Combat 5: Blackout Review]

Amazon Appstore FAOTD: FlipPix Jigsaw – Notes

Amazon Appstore FAOTD: FlipPix Jigsaw – Notes

Aug 19, 2015

Today’s free app is FlipPix Jigsaw – Notes.

Product Description
FlipPix Jigsaw – Notes brings together some favorite players in our musical landscape: the piano, violins, bells, the sax, trumpets, and even the bongos! Do you have a favorite? Take a look to see if its here! FlipPix Jigsaw – Notes has 10 scenes with a total of 220 puzzles, ranging in size from 5×5 to 20×20.

An old Japanese logic puzzle takes on a new look with FlipPix Jigsaw! Touch tiles to paint them or break them to form colorful images. The goal is to use logic to determine which tiles should be filled to reveal a hidden picture.

FlipPix Jigsaw provides a new twist to FlipPix Art puzzles. Each of the individual puzzles forms a piece of a larger picture. After the puzzles are solved, the pieces of the picture must then be rearranged to form the final image.

FlipPix Jigsaw is designed for both tablets and phones and incorporates a type of logic puzzle often referred to as a nonogram or griddler.

A short tutorial on the basics of the game is included.

The app usually costs $1.99.

Upcoming Game Antihero Gets New Teaser Trailer

Upcoming Game Antihero Gets New Teaser Trailer

Aug 18, 2015

We have been eagerly waiting on Antihero, and while it hasn’t dropped just yet, we do get a new trailer.

Some info about the game from the website:


Antihero is a fast-paced strategy game with an (Oliver) Twist. Run a thieves’ guild in a gas-lit city ruled by corruption, violence, and greed.


Fast-paced turn-based strategy
Single-player & asynchronous multiplayer
Desktops, tablets, & phones
Street lamps, sneaking, & skulduggery

And the aforementioned trailer is below:

New Humble PC & Android Bundle Goes Live!

New Humble PC & Android Bundle Goes Live!

Aug 18, 2015

Humble Bundle is — delightfully — back at it again with a new package, and this one will appeal to folks on Android and PCs.

Dubbed the “PC & Android” Bundle, this one packs game titles that can be played on both PCs and Android devices, and as usual, it allows folks to acquire these titles for whatever price they want to pay.

The titles up for grabs are:

  • Crimsonland
  • Neverending Nightmares
  • Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians

For those that pay more than the average donation ($2.69 at the time of this article), there’s even more:

  • TinyKeep
  • Crowntakers
  • Monster Loves You!

plus more games that will be announced.

For those keeping tabs, that’s $113 worth of premium games for an insanely low price.

Humble Bundle remains a fantastic alternate means of picking up electronic content in a pay-what-you-want format, and offers the extended privilege of supporting charity. The current Bundle supports The American Red Cross and Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Don’t wait too long; the current offering ends on September 1.

humble PCAndroid

[via Humble Mumble Blog Post]