New Game ‘Voyageur’ Gets a Launch Trailer (Video of the Day)

New Game ‘Voyageur’ Gets a Launch Trailer (Video of the Day)

Feb 8, 2017

We have been keeping an eye on Voyageur — it sounds just like the type of game we love here at Android Rundown. The game launched as scheduled on Google Play, and so we all can partake of its goodness:

The Descent Device: faster-than-light travel at speeds no human should go; an alien mystery. But it only goes one way, falling from star to star towards the centre of the galaxy. Voyageur is a literary RPG where you take the helm of a trader-vagabond vessel, looking for adventure, wealth, and answers in an infinite galaxy full of procedural cultures and civilizations.

Now, the game has a brand spankin’ new trailer:

Shadow Fight 3 Unveils Preview Trailer, Set for Fall Release

Shadow Fight 3 Unveils Preview Trailer, Set for Fall Release

Apr 27, 2016

Shadow Fight 3 is scheduled for a Fall release, and we have a trailer for the impatient lot — like us.

Set decades after its predecessor, this latest instalment centers around the three main factions of Legion, Dynasty and Heralds; each divided by their struggle to survive in a world that has been flooded with Shadow Energy following the final events of Shadow Fight 2. Shadow Fight 3 will provide a nail-biting mix of RPG and classic fighting action along with an incredibly robust character customization system and dynamically generated quests. Players can look forward to fully personalizing their fighting style by collecting equipment, perks, and special moves.

Shadow Fight 3 will include features such as:

  • Three Playable Factions: Choose from either the brutal Legion, stealthy Dynasty, or deadly Heralds, each with their own unique history and fighting style.
  • Hundreds of Collectables: Complete quests and purchase booster packs to collect legendary weapons, armor, and perks.
  • Limitless Quests: Embark on the epic main storyline or explore the world of Shadow Fight 3 through daily missions, online battles, and dynamically generated quests.
  • Complete Customization: Combine weapons, skills and shadow form techniques and master your own deadly fighting style.
  • Shadow Fighting Mode: Shadows haven’t totally disappeared from the game: a special “Shadow Fighting Mode” brings them back as guest characters.

The trailer is below.

Upcoming Tastypill and BulkyPix collaboration Mars Mountain due out this month

Upcoming Tastypill and BulkyPix collaboration Mars Mountain due out this month

Apr 5, 2016

Mars Mountain is an arcade reminiscent of Q*bert, and we hear that is due out this month on Google Play.

Mars Mountain is a retro-inspired endless arcade game taking place on Mars. After their ship crashed, players must go down a dangerous mountain in an effort to locate repair canisters. Reminiscent of Q*bert or – more recently – Down the Mountain, Mars Mountain adds an exciting “dodgey” layer to the gameplay to step up the action and offer a new take on the genre.

As they go down the mountain, players will have to dodge fireballs and asteroids, evade UFOs and escape man-eating plants to survive. All of this while sidestepping explosives or spiked platforms.

Mars Mountain is a treat for the eye, standing out with its very unique and equally beautiful pixel art design crafted with care by Giuseppe Longo (who notably worked on Nitrome’s puzzle-platformer Gunbrick in the past).

Due date? April 14th, and it’ll be free.

The trailer is below:

New Game ‘Midnight Dot’ Launches on Google Play

New Game ‘Midnight Dot’ Launches on Google Play

Feb 18, 2016

Placeholder Apps has dropped a new cross-platform adventure for our playing pleasure on Google Play.

Named Midnight Dot, it looks to be a gravity flipping game with twitch elements.

Per Google Play:

Flip gravity and make the dot go to a higher level. Don’t let the dot touch the spikes!

Help the dot to get out of the dark! How high can you go?

Midnight Dot will bring your reflexes to a new level!

The game is available for free; check out the trailer below:

Video of the Day: Go MooMoo Might Just Increase Sales of Protective Cases

Video of the Day: Go MooMoo Might Just Increase Sales of Protective Cases

Feb 1, 2016

Say what?

One minute?

The developer of new game Go MooMoo has a simple challenge for anyone with the temerity to try the game: get through 60 seconds of this arcade thriller.

Go ahead. He dares you.

The concept is simple: the player has a farm with a small fence. A cow on the farm wants to escape. The player’s job is to do what is necessary to prevent our bovine friend from escaping.

Easy, no?

If we were out to score game trailers, we’d definitely give this one high marks for style. A lot of vexed device throwing that is definitely not for the faint of heart.

Check it out below:

Real Boxing 2 CREED Due Out in November; Check Out the Official Trailer!

Real Boxing 2 CREED Due Out in November; Check Out the Official Trailer!

Oct 30, 2015

We’ve been a bit eager with regards to Rocky universe-inspired Real Boxing 2 CREED, which is the official game of upcoming major motion picture CREED; I mean, when it comes to movie tie-ins, the idea of Rocky training the son of Apollo Creed sounds interesting enough, no?

A mobile game based on that premise should be equally compelling.


In any case, we have a firm release date for the mobile game: November 19th on Google Play, to be exact. According to the most recent press release, future updates will give players an opportunity to traverse past iconic matches from the Rocky franchise.


While we impatiently wait for November 19th to roll around, we have the official trailer below for public consumption.


Upcoming Game Oinky Boinky Due Out on Android this November; Check Out the Trailer!

Upcoming Game Oinky Boinky Due Out on Android this November; Check Out the Trailer!

Oct 23, 2015

Oinky Boinky is a new game due out next month.

Mobile gamers wanting high-flying action adventures can look forward to Oinky Boinky, a ball-and-paddle game inspired by and improving upon the endless runner genre, from Rekkener. iOS device and Apple TV owners can jump for joy later this month, while Android gamers can join the fun late November.

Oinky Boinky will test players’ reactions as they help the colorful characters reach for the stars. Boinky the hedgehog wants to soar through the skies above beautiful locations around the world like Hamsterdam and The Pig Apple. It is up to the player who controls Oinky, a pig who’s ready to leave the farm, to lend his bouncy friend a hoof.

Gameplay begins with Boinky jumping into the air. Players need to position Oinky underneath his pal and then tap at the perfect moment to inflate the pig so he can bounce the Boinky to new heights. Tap too early and Boinky won’t get a full boost, losing momentum and altitude as a result. Tap too late and Boinky will hit the ground, and it’s time to give it another go.

Instead of restarting like most endless runners, play resumes from the most recently completed land. Players will enjoy honing their skill. With each level completed, they’ll be reaching heights they once thought impossible as the challenge keeps rising.

Part of the fun is exploring the themed lands and seeing campy new characters, whose costumes, names and personalities are often puns or plays on famous figures. As players progress, they unlock more bouncers like Bearlock Holmes and jumpers like Harvey Koalatel.

The game will be free (with optional in-app purchases) on Google Play. The trailer is below:

[via Rekkener Press Release]

Crescent Moon Announces Upcoming Game Leave Me Alone, Releases Trailer

Crescent Moon Announces Upcoming Game Leave Me Alone, Releases Trailer

Sep 14, 2015

According to app developer/publisher Crescent Moon, there’s a new app on it’s way to Android, and it’ll called Leave Me Alone.

Somewhere between the 1980s and 1990s there exists a world that never was. A world of skatepunks, mutants, and madtastic ruffians who roam the streets causing terror and havoc wherever they go. A world where its noblest boarded citizens have just one war cry against the world outside: LEAVE ME ALONE!

Lucky for them, those citizens have brought more than a way cry to defend themselves. They have you.

Leave Me Alone is a game of sidescrolling skateboarding combat that has more in common with Mad Max than Tony Hawk. Players perform tricks, drink soda, and kick ass across a variety of post-apocalyptic 2D environments. Grind over a park fountain filled with toxic waste, then step off your board to bash some dirty muties in the skull.

You’re the ultimate bad ass from an alternate 1989. Enjoy every minute of it.

Leave Me Alone Highlights

Kickflip across 21 intense levels – From a city under siege to the sewers below and even the depths of hell, there’s nowhere your skills aren’t needed.
Unlock brutally powerful skills – You know what’s better than skating over mutant punks? Creating a wall of fire in your wake.
Hop off your board, hit someone with it – If you get tired of pop shove-its, pop off your board and shove it into the face of your enemies. Lay the smack down.
Hardcore mode – Remember how difficult a limited number of lives could be back in the NES days? We’re putting old school frustration in the palm of your hand!
Text your mom – She’s worried about you.


We’ll be keeping an ear out for pricing and more. While we wait, enjoy the trailer below:

Upcoming Game The Balloons is Coming… and We Have a Teaser Trailer

Upcoming Game The Balloons is Coming… and We Have a Teaser Trailer

Sep 8, 2015

It’s from Noodlecake (yay!), it’s about balloons and we’ll see it soon.

Enjoy the teaser:

Google Slides Adds Hangouts Functionality

Google Slides Adds Hangouts Functionality

Aug 5, 2015

For forks heavily invested in Google’s ecosystem, Google Drive can serve to take care of a major part the productive puzzle.

Today, Google announced a new change which makes a major part of the suite, Google Slides, even more of a collaborative solution. Google Slides is akin to Microsoft PowerPoint on one’s device, allowing one to manipulate and create files on the go.

Now, Google Slides can be incorporated and presented during Hangout Group Videochats.

The functionality can be used right from one’s Android device or tablet; per the press release, all one needs to do “share” the document to a Hangout. The document can then be controlled right from the device (advancing slides, using the built-in timer, etc.).

The new functionality is available now via the build available on Google Play. Google Slides (as are the other pieces of Google Docs) remains free.


[via Google Docs Blogpost]

AR Thriller Clandestine: Anomaly Launches on Android: Video of the Day

AR Thriller Clandestine: Anomaly Launches on Android: Video of the Day

Aug 3, 2015

We’ve been waiting for Clandestine: Anomaly to make it to Android, and finally, it has arrived.

The game uses augmented reality elements to incorporate one’s environment into gameplay, creating environments unique and immersive. Toss in aliens and tower defense, and one gets a compelling experience indeed.

You receive a mayday hail from an alien vessel that’s on a collision course with your real-world neighborhood. Installing advanced software onto your mobile device, the alien message is as clear as it is terrifying: if you don’t act, the situation will become catastrophic. Not just for them, but for you and your entire neighborhood.

In Clandestine: Anomaly your mobile device becomes super-charged with alien software, allowing you to see a hidden conflict all around you, and quickly build and deploy colossal structures to launch attacks and defend your neighborhood. With the help of a covert organization charged with defending Earth, you’ll become Earth’s first and last line of defense against a planet-wide infection.

Stage battles remotely from the comfort of home, or take the fight to the frontline by moving to real-world GPS positions, and unleash powerful airstrikes in state-of-the-art, award-winning augmented reality combat.

The game is free with in-app purchases.

Below, we have the official Android launch trailer:

[via Clandestine: Anomaly site]

Call of Champions Closed Beta Starts Today

Call of Champions Closed Beta Starts Today

Jul 15, 2015

Spacetime Studios upcoming game Call of Champions is getting a new closed beta… starting today!

Call of Champions is a next-generation MOBA specifically designed for mobile devices and exciting five-minute gameplay sessions, empowering players to enjoy fast-paced competitive matches on the go. Featuring intense three-on-three battles, Call of Champions distills traditional MOBA elements to their core components while simultaneously introducing unique game mechanics and a colorful cast of 15 distinguished Champions. Spacetime Studios recently recruited professional gamers James “PhantomL0rd” Varga, Joedat “Voyboy” Esfahani and Stephen “Snoopeh” Ellis to help hone the game’s mechanics and fine-tune champion balance for an unmatched real-time strategic experience on mobile.

Interested folks can sign up for an opportunity to take part in the beta at; per the press release, folks who register and share a unique link with friends will get some unique in-game goodies.

To celebrate, we also get a new trailer:

[via COC Website]