How to build an online casino website

The Exponential Growth of Online Casinos

The online casino industry is believed to have begun in 1994 when the Island Nations of Antigua & Barbuda passed the Free Trade & Processing Act, under which licenses could be granted to companies wanting to provide gaming services online.


Since its humble beginnings, the online casino industry has grown exponentially and now is believed to be worth upwards of $ 450 Billion, with steady growth still being projected by observers.

The rising popularity of online casinos is not a sudden or unforeseen phenomenon just like the Review of the Online Casinos. Through the below-mentioned pointers, you would be able to understand the reasons behind its growth and popularity: –

● Anytime, Anywhere – Play your favorite games at a place and time of your choosing. Missing the monthly Vegas trip has never been more fun!
● High-End 3D graphics combined with immersive gameplay does provide the same thrill to the player right from his couch
● Various one-time joining bonuses offered by online casinos act as add-ons for the discerning gamer

The Stepping stones to get started

Below we will discuss the steps through which you can create your own Online Casino Website

1. Choose your Gaming Provider: – The Gaming provider you choose for your website will provide you with 2 important components, the Casino Software, and the Games.
The Casino Software is the backbone of your website, as it helps you manage your entire operational activity such as account management, payment processing, fraud management and marketing campaigns. Once you establish a robust management system to take care of things at the back-end, you need to choose the Games to be featured on your website, as these will form the major attractions and draw players in.

2. Obtaining a Casino License: – As an Online Casino operator, you will run into regulatory requirements when you are going to start your business. Thus you need to obtain a gambling license according to the jurisdiction you want to cater to.
Countries such as Curacao or Costa Rica are one of the cheapest places to obtain a license in, with the yearly fee being around 20,000 EU. Places like UK, Malta or Romania, however, can set you back by up to 150,000 EUR per year. While choosing the jurisdiction, you must keep in mind its reputation, the licensing requirements and the extent taxes applicable.

3. Setup your Payment Method: – With a good online casino, players want a seamless and well-integrated payment solution to set up their bets and redeem prize money. A robust payment system should have the following qualities –
● Multi-currency support to attract players from untapped markets
● Integration with all major e-merchants and e-wallets to facilitate smooth transactions
● Support for multiple payment solutions such as Credit and Debit cards
● Advanced risk management and fraud detection systems to ensure that the player and the house are safe
4. Website Design: – The design of your website should be such that it attracts prospective players and intrigues them to explore more. In terms of website design, the following are the Dos and Don’ts which need to be followed.


The “Do’s” while Building an Online Casino

1. Seamlessly integrate different sections and pages on your website
2. Make sure sufficient information is provided at all necessary points
3. Ensure that the website content is drawn up by an expert who knows Search Engine Optimization so as to draw players from search engine results
4. Ensure support for multiple languages based on the market you are catering to.
5. Put in place a Google Adwords campaign that helps draw newer customers to your website

The “Don’ts” while Building an Online Casino

1. Clutter your site with unnecessary graphics which slow your site and make navigation cumbersome
2. Put up excessive advertisements which result in long loading times for games

How to Onboard New Players

Now that you have learned about the basic necessities of building your website, we will move forward to how you can promote and popularize your website.

Market your website – Just having quality games and a sound technical build is not enough if there are not enough players to get into the thick of the things. You need an efficient marketing strategy to draw players in. Launching new games every now and then, building up a little suspense before the launch and providing content based on current market favorites will help you with efficient marketing

Loyalty Programs & Promotions – Reward your customer for being loyal to you and he will keep coming back. Popular loyalty programs today include Signup Bonuses, Deposit Bonuses, Free Bets etc. These ensure that the customer feels that they are getting a better worth of their money and time on your website.

Promotions for seasonal events such as the NFL, Christmas makes sure the content on your website does not get old and boring for the average user. Above and over this, there is a need to introduce a VIP program for the high-value players so that they feel special for the money and time they invest on your website.

Challenges & Opportunities

The online casino industry is in a highly competitive state presently. With a number of players entering the market every day, you need to be one step ahead of the competition and bring customers in to sustain profitability. Moreover, as your website gets popular, it also attracts the attention of potential hackers who will try to breach your firewalls.
For any new player entering this segment, these challenges need to be tackled head on by keeping the content at a higher standard and ensuring foolproof backend optimization. A well-designed website with a careful selection of popular games can quickly skyrocket your online casino into a crowd favorite.

Gaming Around the World

Gaming Around the World

Apr 3, 2017

Casino play has evolved significantly over the past two decades and as technology continues to improve, the technology used for online casinos improves as well. The first online casinos were launched in 1994, followed by the launch of the first mobile casinos a decade later. These events have changed not only the accessibility of casino gambling, but also how people play casino games around the world.


One of the major advantages of online and mobile casinos is how accessible they have become to people. Now, a popular online casino for UK players can also be enjoyed by players who are located in Canada. Not only that, but many online casinos are available in multiple languages and offer play in multiple currencies, with multiple international and local banking methods to choose from, making them accessible and convenient to players around the world. With 24/7 support that is available at most online casinos, there really are no impediments to playing no matter where you are in the world.


How People Play

The way casino gambling has evolved with time and with advancements in technology has changed how people play casino games. In the past, in order to play at a casino you would need to travel to a land-based location where you would be limited to the games available there. Now, there is no need to travel and you can play from your desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet, wherever you are. This means that you can search for the casino that best suits your needs and switch between different casinos with a few clicks of the mouse. Not only that, but you can switch between games just by tapping on your mobile screen or navigating around the website. This is quick and simple and can be done without you even leaving your seat. It has never been easier to find the best game to suit you. With plenty of bonuses and promotions available online, players can often try games without risking any of their bankroll, giving them even more freedom to find the casino and game that offers them the best gaming experience possible.

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Tomb Raider on SHIELD TV: Essential Tips to Get You Started

Tomb Raider on SHIELD TV: Essential Tips to Get You Started

Mar 7, 2017

The award-winning reboot of Tomb Raider is now available to download on NVIDIA SHIELD TV, delivering one of Lara Croft’s most thrilling adventures to date. Developed by Crystal Dynamics and brought to SHIELD TV by Lightspeed Studios, the game allows players to travel the world and outwit dangerous mercenaries while uncovering all-new mysteries. To make the most of your time with the game, however, you’ll want to follow a few important strategies. The following tips will help you succeed during your adventure in Tomb Raider.

A Tale of Two Camps

Lara isn’t exactly on a camping trip, but she can use campsites to make her adventure go more smoothly. Though it might not be obvious at first, there are two separate types of camp. The first is the day camp, where Lara can improve her skills and equipment. Those are useful options, but you’ll need to find a base camp if you want to take advantage of an even more impressive resource: fast travel. You can use it to quickly warp from one discovered base camp to another, as if by magic, avoiding lots of unnecessary backtracking in the process. Look for new camps first, and then fill in the unknown regions around them once you know that a return trip won’t take as long.

For Every Obstacle, an Approach
Along the way, you’ll come across piles of debris, wooden barricades, doors secured by rope, stouter metal barricades, and even the occasional cement wall. It’s up to you to find a way around them, but there are general solutions to each puzzling obstruction. Look no further than your inventory, which should include a torch or flaming arrows (good for debris), a shotgun (it makes quick work of weak wooden doors), a grenade launcher (explosives can destroy metal) and your rope arrow (because the best way to get past a cement wall is to find a way around it). If you can’t immediately find a way in, don’t fret: in many instances you’ll have the opportunity to revisit and gain entry into these locations later on in the game.


A Girl and Her Gear
Lara is a resourceful hero, bringing along plenty of equipment that suits the dangerous life she leads. Many of her supplies prepare her for encounters with more than just abandoned ruins and unhelpful doors. She must also deal with a human element, and that means guns. The weapons she finds early in her adventure won’t be nearly as effective by the time her journey concludes, though, which also means lots of upgrades. As Lara finds scrap, she can use it to improve features such as ammo capacity and accuracy, allowing her to become a more lethal treasure hunter.

The Cover Story
Although Lara eventually gains the skills necessary to survive dangerous confrontations with the assorted goons that are working to make her life miserable, there’s no point in going in with guns blazing if it leads to her getting killed. Lara must use the surroundings to her advantage, ducking behind boxes, crates, and walls whenever they are available. She can always pop out for a minute and squeeze off a few rounds, but she’ll be thankful for the shelter when things get frantic. A little extra breathing time might be just what she needs to mount a successful counter-attack.


Bow to the Pressure
In a lot of artwork for the new Tomb Raider, Lara is shown equipped with a bow and arrows. There is a reason for that: the bow is too useful to ignore. Lara can upgrade it, as she can the other weapons, but it’s a more versatile tool than is first evident. Rope arrows allow her to get around some of the obstacles noted above, plus she can pull some objects toward her and even create makeshift bridges over treacherous gaps. If you ever find yourself stuck, ask yourself what Lara would actually do in that situation (and keep in mind her fondness for that precious bow).

Tomb Raider is an unforgettably satisfying chapter in the series that has kept gamers enthralled for decades, and it’s a natural fit for SHIELD TV. Give it a shot today and discover the treasure you’ve been missing.

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Endless Frontier is an action-packed incremental game for the mobile

Endless Frontier is an action-packed incremental game for the mobile

Feb 23, 2017

Idle doesn’t have to mean lazy. Case-in-point – Ekkorr’s Endless Frontier. Released in 2016, it takes incremental gaming back to its RPG roots, with a fantasy setting and an action-packed battle between good and evil.

One millennium ago, a hero called Erin has vowed to defeat the Prince of Darkness and his hordes. But Erin’s too weak, and is beaten. Thankfully this is a fantasy world, where respawning is as normal as blowing your nose – so Erin comes back from the dead, returns to the frontline and tries again.

You’re responsible for a band of fighters fulfilling Erin’s quest, making their way passed waves of enemies’ one stage at a time. This being an idle game, you don’t actually have to get involved in the on-screen dust-up. Instead, your job is to manage the resources as they pour in, spending them on upgrades and unlocking new units in order to progress beyond the more difficult stages.

There are 1,500 stages in total, so don’t expect to speed run your way to glory. The reward in Endless Frontier comes from getting that little bit further each time you work your way up from stage one.

Drawing heavily from the world of MMORPGs, you can join and create guilds, playing co-operatively or competing with rival guilds. There’s a solo PvP arena mode as well, if you fancy taking on some of your fellow players. Not many idle games include that level of extra gameplay.


If Endless Frontier sounds like your kind of idle game, you can download it from Google Play and the App Store.

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The Stunning Art of The Witness on NVIDIA SHIELD TV

The Stunning Art of The Witness on NVIDIA SHIELD TV

Jan 26, 2017

Much has been made of the puzzles featured within The Witness, the recent release from Jonathan Blow (developer of Braid), and they deserve any admiration they receive. The game is more than just a series of mind benders, however. It also offers the chance to tour a beautiful island paradise, one that comes to breathtaking life on the new NVIDIA SHIELD TV.

Rather than go the hyper-realistic route, the developers at Thekla Inc. adopted the cel-shaded style memorably used in a number of other games. In The Witness, that simple but effective art style is used to perhaps its greatest effect yet, turning the varied island environments into a true wonder to behold.


As you explore the island, you’ll encounter a variety of trees. Some are naked, black skeletons that rise toward the sky while the desert sand stretches around them like a blanket. Others are covered in foliage: greens and oranges, even pink. Their hues bring to mind the cycle of the seasons, and they contrast beautifully with the surrounding foliage and architecture.


Water is also rendered beautifully, whether that be the placid shoreline as it plays over the shallow sea bed, or the foamy caps of waves colliding with boulders. There also are cascading waterfalls, and turbulent rapids. Water greets you at every turn, constantly in motion, not the lifeless backdrop to which gamers have often become accustomed.


The island’s attractions, though a pleasure to view up close, often look even better when glimpsed from afar. As you climb the cliffs near the center of the region, you can see roots embedded in the clay wall, protruding the patches of soil that rest between large boulders. Continue along the trail and, at several points, you’ll find yourself looking out over a sea of trees, to distant towers and the endless ocean beyond.


Such views have rarely been so beautiful within the medium, and the knowledge that you can walk virtually anywhere you see adds another layer to the experience. It’s a seamless experience that makes every boulder, fern, and stretch of rocky trail feel more genuine.


The Witness is available now on NVIDIA SHIELD TV for $19.99 (half the price of the PC edition). As you solve the island’s puzzles, enjoy beautiful sights such as those pictured above and find favorite places of your own. There are plenty to go around…

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Arcane Online gives MMO fans a new character class to get to grips with

Arcane Online gives MMO fans a new character class to get to grips with

Jan 23, 2017

If you’re looking for a new MMO to get your year off to a good start, Arcane Online will probably do the trick. Gameplay follows the popular fantasy format – slay monsters, join guilds, win loot and level up. Rinse and repeat until you’re the biggest, baddest hero in all of Tristram. Or in this case, the troubled land of Eldine.

With this latest update, Arcane Online has gained a new character class. Alongside the mage, the shaman and the warrior, you can now fight as the archer. A master of the long range, you can hang back and hammer your foes with arrows. Each class has its own skill set, so pick your character based on your preferred play style.


There’s also a new guild vs. guild event called Dominion Wars. During the battle, up to twenty players on each side attempt to win control of territories, with minions, bosses and towers standing in the way of glory.

To make glory a little easier to nab, the update introduces a buddy system. Essentially, this mean you can summon your own battlefield ‘pet’ to aid you in combat with a range of passive and active skills. There are 28 possible buddies for you to collect and raise, including animals like raccoons, dogs and ducks, as well as magical beings and animate objects like mimics. You can even give them each a name!


So if your new year’s resolution is to slay more monsters than ever before, you might want to start by downloading Arcane Online from Google Play or the App Store.

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Stream the Wonders of the Universe with No Man’s Sky on NVIDIA SHIELD

Stream the Wonders of the Universe with No Man’s Sky on NVIDIA SHIELD

Jan 18, 2017

What’s on your list of New Year’s Resolutions? A pledge to find a more fulfilling job? The usual promise to eat healthier and get into shape? That’s all good stuff, if a little pedestrian. Why not aim to explore the uncharted corners of an alien galaxy, explore endless planets, and name the plants and animals you find in your personal Garden of Eden?

It’s an achievable goal if you pick up No Man’s Sky for NVIDIA SHIELD. Hello Games’ utterly massive space exploration game is available through NVIDIA’s cloud-based game streaming service GeForce NOW for $59.99. It’s just what you need if the hectic holiday season has left you aching for a quiet and serene gaming experience.

No Man’s Sky drops you in a game world teeming with billions of undiscovered planets. While your mission is ultimately to find the center of the digital universe, you should definitely take time to smell the space-roses (just be careful; some species give off poisonous spores).

No Man’s Sky is mainly a game about seeing what you can see: Its procedurally-generated planets range from lush jungle worlds to barren irradiated hellscapes, and there’s an endless supply of flora and fauna waiting to be discovered and named.


As you planet-hop, you’ll also need to harvest resources, survive attacks from hostile creatures, and learn how to communicate with alien traders.

If you own an NVIDIA SHIELD, No Man’s Sky can be purchased for unlimited streaming via GeForce NOW. If you buy the game on GeForce NOW you will also get a free code to download and enjoy the game on PC, too. A GeForce NOW membership is free to try out for one month and just $7.99 a month after that.

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Game of Dice’s brand new winter update looks like its best yet

Game of Dice’s brand new winter update looks like its best yet

Dec 16, 2016

Well it’s that time of year again. The days are shorter, the nights are longer, and you’re broke because it’s nearly Christmas, and you’ve spent all your money on everyone else. Well we’ve got a bit of good news for you if you’re a fan of Game of Dice, as Joycity have just release a brand new winter update for the game.

Packed full of cool new features the winter update is looking like its best yet, and promises to be bigger, better and so much more intense than the game has ever been.

Play as the brand new avatar “Wintery Mary”, and obliterate your competition with a combination of skill, ruthlessness, and Wintery-Mary’s special skill to ensure you’re crowned king of the board. Just make sure you pick the right time to put her talent to good use, as you’ll only get a limited time to use it.

And with the addition of a brand new Crystal Village map, the fun just keeps on coming. Adding an intense twist to the original premise, get ready to race your mates around the board to take control of the glacial crystal – letting you ramp up your tolls, and plunge your competition into crippling debt.


Just make sure you avoid the frozen city blocks, as stepping on one of these will freeze your assets and make them impossible to land on – meaning you won’t be able to collect your precious tolls.

But by no means does the excitement end there, as with a new update comes a new mission. Kick your competitive side into gear, and take on a consecutive mission. Now with every 5 – 10 consecutive matches you win, you’ll be rewarded with a bunch of cool new prizes including loads of brand new skills packs.

With so much fun stuff jammed into the game it’s pretty hard not to be excited about it, and we’re pretty sure it’ll be top of your download list if you’re crazy about virtual board games.

Game of Dice is available to download for Android and iOS.

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Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery becomes a winter wonderland in latest update

Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery becomes a winter wonderland in latest update

Dec 8, 2016

Siberian developer MyTona gave mobile gamers a new installment in its hidden object series last year, challenging us to lift the curse from a troubled town in Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery. As an early Christmas present, there’s a brand new festive update to keep us tapping our way around the enigmatic city of Darkwood.

If you’ve played MyTona’s previous game The Secret Society, you’ll be at home with the gameplay here. Scouring 28 charming and detailed locations for clues, you’ve got to solve puzzles and quiz locals to uncover more about Darkwood’s history and its dreaded curse. If you get stuck on a puzzle, you can request help from a friend – they can leave objects in-game to help you, and you’ll receive an added research reward once you’ve solved it. You can then return the favour when a fellow ‘seeker’ gets stuck. There are 1200 quests to tackle, along with 222 collections to find.


The first thing you’ll notice with the latest update is that Darkwood has transformed into a winter wonderland. But the frost has brought with it some unwelcome visitors. There’s an ice queen, a penguin who is a right scamp, an evil snowman called Sir Tubby, and they’ve brought company. You have to banish these nasty neighbours by solving puzzles and using items you’ve found. Each time you’re successful, you’ll get a haul of festive goodies including candy and toys, as well as more practical items like fixers. But once the season of good will is over, Darkwood will revert to normal and the newbees will disappear along with the potential rewards. So be quick or miss out.

Download Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery for free from the App Store, Google Play, Windows Store, and Amazon Appstore.

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Explore the era of piracy and adventure in Oceans & Empires – downloadable now

Grab your parrot and eyepatch and embrace adventure in Joycity’s new strategy MMO Oceans & Empires, available to download now on Android and IOS devices.

You can enjoy the opportunity to explore 60 real cities with your very own fleet during the height of the age of exploration. It will feel seamless to trade, fight, and battle your way to ocean domination however you see fit, in any one of 15 languages with more coming soon.

Whether you wish concentrate more on trading resources with local islands and their NPC residents or grow to fight for your chosen alliance’s victory, Oceans & Empires offers the potential for players to do both in the hope of establishing better trade routes and gain a stronger foothold on the world map.

With over 12 historical fleets of vessels and 12 different levels of troops to take charge with, becoming master of the seas will come naturally, just be prepared to fend off the odd sea creature or two. It’ll be worth it should you be successful.


So if you’d like to enjoy ultimate strategic battles as well as in-depth trading and looting, Oceans & Empires is the best way to keep a bird’s eye view on it all.

As a special event for the games Thanksgiving Day launch, you’ll also be able to experience some seasonal fun by encountering ghastly turkey monsters out on the oceans and earn yourself some useful booty for hunting them down.


You can also pick yourself up an item for faster growth, offered to those of you who post your best decorated ship flags on the games official Facebook page as part of Oceans & Empires special launching event.

Try your luck now by downloading the game from Google Play or the App store.

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Pre-register now and pick up some fantastic rewards for Oceans & Empires

Pre-register now and pick up some fantastic rewards for Oceans & Empires

Nov 10, 2016

Avast ye mobile gamers. We have some exciting news for all you fans of strategy MMO’s out there – JoyCity are preparing to release Oceans & Empires next week for Android and iOS, and you can make sure you’re among the first to experience the nautical fun by pre-registering for the game right now.

Oceans & Empires is a visual stunning oceanic empire builder set during the golden age of exploration of the 16th and 18th centuries.

You can set the sails on twelve different historical fleets of vessel, as well as command a dozen different levels of troops to build an empire and conquer your opponents in engaging ocean battles – as well as trade, plunder, and forge alliances along the way.


Pre-registration for Oceans & Empires has just opened up, and as well as giving you a heads up when the game is globally launched JoyCity are also offering some really useful in-game items – including five item units of 12,000 wood and food, 2,500 gold, and twenty items of that increase building speed.

So if you’d like to get a head start on the rest of the fleet, simply enter your email on JoyCity’s pre-registration page here. Also be sure to check out all the news for Oceans & Empires on the games Facebook Page.

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888Poker – Texas Hold ‘em looks to offer one of the best card app on mobile

888Poker – Texas Hold ‘em looks to offer one of the best card app on mobile

Nov 9, 2016

Poker games on mobile are often to unfocused and have a severe lack of people to play against – but 888Casino looks to be changing that with its 888poker – Texas Holdem app.

Boasting over 10 million registered users it offers the chance for you to compete in thousands of tournaments taking place every day. New players even get a £20 bonus, with this including an immediate $2 bonus & $30 in tournament tickets to use within 24

If you’re worried about getting thrown into the card game deep end there’s no need to worry either, as you can create your own personal account that ensures you’re placed on virtual tables that match your skill level. There are even loads of practice play tables to work out strategies and make sure you’re ready to compete with the very best.

The app makes sure you never get bored of playing the same variations over and over too, with several types of poker to choose from too and an ever changing realm of exclusive offers and promotions to take advantage of – and you can see the current set by visiting the 888poker website here.

The braver amongst you can be rewarded amply in certain situations as well, with your money being doubled when you win a Texas Hold ‘em or Omaha High Low Tournament.

Learning the ropes can be tough of course, but 888Casino has you covered in that area through its website – through detailed accounts of one of its regularly held 888Live poker events like this, and even Q&As like this with the biggest names taking part in these tournaments.

So if you want the chance to play those names you can start your journey by downloading the free 888 Poker – Texas Holdem app on mobile here.

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