Become a daredevil pilot in Gunship Battle: Second War

If you’ve ever found yourself soaring around during a flight simulator wishing there was a little more action and a little less worrying about your altitude metre, Gunship Battle: Second War might be just the antidote.

Following on from the success of Gunship Battle: Helicopter 3D, South Korean publisher Joycity is once again taking the fight skywards, this time introducing 20 faithfully recreated World War 2 gunships for you to control. You play as an aspiring ace undertaking aviation missions for the Jasmine Militia, most of which involve unleashing hell on baddies below. Completing each mission will win you gold to spend on upgrading your favourite flying machine, which could be anything from the faithful Spitfire to the snarling Warhawk.


Gunship Battle: Second War has a streamlined UI and superior graphics to its predecessor, as well as gyroscopic controls and a more manageable app size. The game also boasts a new cockpit mode, allowing you to switch to a first-person view as you guide your gunship of choice through the sky. There are 30 standard story missions to tackle, and additional Special Missions to test the mettal of the battle-hardened amongst you.

This month (09/21 – 10/20) you can also take part in three different in-game events. There’s the ‘Daily Login Event’ where gold, dollars and special items can be earned just by logging in on consecutive days. Or if you’d prefer to make your cash in battle you can pick up rewards for clearing each episode in the ‘Episode Clear Event’. You’ll also receive a coupon upon downloading the game which you can use to earn 1,000 gold upon clearing the games first episode.


Gunship Battle: Second War is free to download from Google Play and the App Store, so why not hop in that digital cockpit.

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Tip the scales in your favor with Online Casino X

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For the savvier gambler out there best online casino also offers a host of tips and strategies to playing popular online and live casino favourites like roulette, blackjack, baccarat and videopoker. If you feel a little intimidated that these games are simply too complicated you don’t have to worry – Online casino X will coach you through the rules of every game, helping you how to avoid mistakes whilst teaching you all the tips you need to know to gain an edge.


Of course no online casino would be complete without bonuses, gifts and promotional offers. Sometimes the variety of these can be so large it’s hard to know just what you’re really getting. Luckily with online casino x you can learn all the ins and outs behind these offers, knowing exactly how a particular bonus benefits you as well as when and how to use them.

Unison League’s surprising update is inspired by Evangelion

Ateam’s Unison League lets you travel across a troubled land with a band of warriors, defeating monsters as you go. You build your own hero, choosing your class and customising your appearance, and develop guilds with other players. The game was released on mobile platforms last year – but there’s a brand new update on the way.


In an unexpected crossover, the latest content for the game is inspired by hit anime Evangelion. The franchise took Japan by storm with its blend of dystopian sci-fi, subversive symbolism – and giant mecha bashing the bits out of angels. The latest film series, Rebuild Evangelion, takes the story further.

With this new Unison League update, you get a brand new plot that will unfold over two weeks. Each chapter reveals the next piece of the story – and you get to unlock a load of new Evangelion-themed items too. You can customise your hero to look the spitting image of iconic mechas Unit 01 and 02 – or protagonists Shinji, Asuka and Rei. There are brand new attack animations thrown in, along with a log-in bonus – a speed queen version of Rei Ayanami.

Lobby Chat_1

If you’ve caught all the Pokémon and want a new game to give you that fix of Japanese culture, Unison League might be for you. It’s available for free from Google Play and the App Store.

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Fantasy RPG Eldrian Legacy is available on Google Play

Fantasy RPG Eldrian Legacy is available on Google Play

Jul 18, 2016

If you like your RPGs with a healthy dose of fantasy, and a few giant dragons for good measure, then you’ll want to check out JoyCity’s new release, Eldrian Legacy, on iOS and Android. It’s got more heroes than you can shake a sword at – 37, to be exact – and plenty of strategy and stats for you to rethink for hours as you put together your ultimate team.

main image

Each of the champions comes from one of 6 elemental backgrounds, and each one has their own strengths and weakness. And you’ll need to level them up with the Soul Stones you collect to keep them buffed up and ready for the next battle.

You’ll be sending your team out to battle in a bunch of different modes, like Tower of Souls, Adventure and Battlefield of Glory, so there’s plenty to sink your teeth into if you’re looking for something to really eat up your life.

Of course, you may have been so excited already about Eldrian Legacy that you pre-registered for the game. If so, what are you waiting for? You’ve only got 7 days to claim your free 600 diamonds, 20,000 gold and 50 energy, so don’t delay!

And even if you didn’t pre-register, you should still grab the game for free on the App Store or Google Play right away.

App Store:

Google Play:

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En Masse Entertainment branches out with an Android version of RTS title Battleplans

Having been released exclusively for iOS systems last month, Battleplans is now available for players who prefer Android systems, from the Google Play store. iOS players haven’t been forgotten either, with a brand new update released at the same time.

Battleplans uses a simplistic take on the often-overlooked genre, by combining addictively simple controls and an aesthetically pleasing layout, opening up the title to players of all generations and abilities.

Battleplans - 01

The iOS update sees the introduction of a brand new character in the form of Taigar the Huntress, who holds the Mystical Stag special ability and has quite the intriguing sleeping situation: she opts for trees…

With the game offering real-time integration, the opportunities become endless and the title truly becomes about skill advancement and progress, which can be monitored with the handy playback feature that the game includes.

Speaking of the game themselves, CEO of En Masse Entertainment, Sam Kim, told us: “Battleplans provides a fresh, new spin on real-time strategy games and fills a need in the marketplace.

“Players will find themselves immediately getting to the
fun elements of an RTS with easy controls to build heroes and squads, as well as scalable resource management – all of which lends for a great experience while trying to outsmart your enemies.”

Catch the game yourself from Google Play.

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Crab War Launches On Android and iOS

The Crab War App is a brilliant new game about a courageous army of crabs empowered by mutilation, driven by revenge and bent on building a powerful strategy that destroys the reptiles that seized their homeland.

This game a creative hub of appealing artwork and 80 uniquely designed crabs, offering not only a beautiful blend of colour and imagination but the chance to truly personalise your gaming attack.


You’ll grow to love the little guys that hurl themselves at the giant, scaly beasts that gobbled up their home.

The controls are simple and each attack is merely a tap away, but there are chances to learn how to master multiple swarm attacks. The games customisations add something a little different and sets this game apart from average clicking games.

The methods used for vengeance are limitless, use them wisely. Customise your army with powerful abilities and work with up to 18 diverse talents.
The game is challenging and engaging and there is more to discover than just the wide range of powerful mutations and rewards in the form of precious gems and rare artefacts.

The game has access to 30 unique crab queens and others the chance to partner with fierce allies including the golden ray.
Is it all enough to finally defeat over 50 petrifying reptiles that grow in strength and intelligence just as you do? Find out by downloading Crab War now!


App Store:
Google Play:

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Monopolise on JoyCity’s pre-register event for Eldrian Legacy

If you’ve heard about JoyCity’s imminent fantasy-based RPG release, Eldrian Legacy and, consequently, find yourself impatiently awaiting its drop in July, you’ll be pleased to hear about their pre-register event.


The event offers players a delectable bounty of 300 diamonds, 10,000 gold and 50 energy in order to get that helping hand upon the game’s release. To cash in on these, you must visit the event page as linked below, enter your email address and then log into the title within 7 days of its release on the 14th.

In addition to this, you can also retrieve a further 300 diamonds and 10,000 gold for the game by sharing the event page with your friends through your profile.

The game itself offers a number of play modes, including Adventure, Battlefield of Glory and Tower of Souls, which all revolve around the basic premise of training up your team through the collection of Soul Stone.

With 37 playable characters, your biggest decision is who will work best with whom, and capitalising on this to ensure that your party remains the strongest in the land. Due to the characters falling under 6 differing elements, they all have their own strengths and special moves that will complement some characters more than others. It’s up to you to work out who’s who.

Pre-Register Event Page:
Facebook Page:

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Game of Dice advances with JoyCity’s new Hello Kitty & Friends update

Game of Dice advances with JoyCity’s new Hello Kitty & Friends update

Jun 27, 2016

The table-based board game sees itself brought into the kawaii genre with its latest update, due to the integration of Sanrio favourites Hello Kitty & Friends.

The popular title finds itself with a set of new characters, who bring with them an array of new skill cards and characters. Using Boost Items and tact, players must strive to outsmart their opponents before they lose their JOY.


With an exclusive new Hello Kitty map, naturally adorned with quintessentially cutesy hearts and flowers, players can take advantage of unique new features such as ‘Mary’s Wheel’, where they can increase city tolls and the ‘Dimension Shift’ that warps gameplay once landing on the game’s ‘START’ block.

If that wasn’t enough, Sanrio introduces an entirely new character in the guise of Pom Pom Purin – a puppy adorably donning a blue fedora – who can be found within the game for free before June 23rd.

With said new character, comes two new special character moves in ‘Doodling’ and ‘Vaulting’. The former allows players to stop opponents moving until they roll a specific dice number, whilst the latter gives players the opportunity to use the Gold Ox within gameplay.

App Store:

Google Play:

RTS title Battleplans will soon be found on Google Play

RTS title Battleplans will soon be found on Google Play

Jun 24, 2016

If you’ve happened upon formerly iOS-only title, Battleplans, and found yourself lamenting the fact that it wasn’t available for Android systems, today’s your lucky day – or at least, June 30th will be.


The game offers up two phases of play, with its most immersive found in ‘Skulls’. This element encourages players to work through a selection of heroes to master their special abilities and reclaim land, whilst incorporating those all-important real-time aspects into gameplay.

The unique twist with this title comes in the fact that it centres predominantly on modern features, such as a new mobile-friendly mechanism and a focus on tactical movement, over traditional base building and resource grinding. The key to success is all in the precision, with a focus on intricacy despite the real-time elements.


If players find themselves struggling against opponents out on the field, they can relive battles through the game’s handy video replay feature, allowing them work out their downfalls and learn from mistakes – big or small.

With new upgrades and content available from June 30th, we suggest you keep an eye out for this title. Brand new character Taigar the Huntress awaits, bringing with her a whole host of special abilities.

Google Play:

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Mystic Castle now released on Google Play

Locojoy has now released an Android version of its text-based RPG title Mystic Castle to Google Play, available from May 19th for free. Originally released with iOS compatibility only back in March this year, the game is now available for one week only on the App Store for free (20th – 27th May).

Taking on the role of alchemist, you will find yourself in a creepy dungeon that you must navigate, fighting strange creatures and ensuring you have the resources to destroy entire strongholds. The main aim of the game is to build your own underground city whilst encountering a plethora of different ‘events’ throughout, which will range from monetary negotiations to skill progression.

Adding expansion packs through IAP opens up another element to the already huge world – with 500 areas set across 10 maps to begin with – ensuring you’ll always have something new to get stuck into.


If you’re an iOS user, you can benefit from the latest update which includes two new areas: the Eternal Arena and the Dark Rift. The former circles around a trial tower experience, where you’ll gain more reward the higher you climb. The Dark Rift, however, is a maze area, whereby you must battle a dizzying amount of enemies attacking from all corners.

Now rated at 4.5+ on the App Store, if this looks like your cup of tea, we recommend a gander!

App Store:
Google Play:

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Here are the biggest 3 Ace of Arena improvements since launch

Ace of Arenas is an iOS and Android MOBA which launched back in September 2015, and has seen a whole host of improvements since then thanks to five major updates.

We’ve taken a look at these updates to rundown (no pun intended) the biggest three improvements that have been made since launch.

A wealth of new modes

If you’ve got a competitive streak, you’ll be pleased to learn that 3v3, 5v5, and Ranked Modes have been added which up the level of strategy required but includes leaderboards to top.

Players just looking for some quick fun should check out the new Fast and Furious Mode though, which introduces super buffs and movement speed bonuses to ensure its over in under 10 minutes.静帧005

And, finally, there’s a Spectator Mode for when you simply want to sit back and relax. You could also use this to watch how other player’s play your favourite champion and pick up a few tactics.

Champions galore

Speaking of champions, there are a ton more of them now as you can expect. In fact, the total number is now a whopping 54.

It’s more impressive when you counter in the fact that each of these has their own skins, abilities, and weapons to customise as well.

Be more social

If you needed an excuse to play with your friends, you might want to check out the new Clan System. Here you can group up and fight in high level ranked battles.

6-Clan system

Organisation is key in these though, so you’ll need to take advantage of the new signalling system to rely messages quickly to your teammates.

You’ll be rewarded for playing together now as well. There are a set of tasks which you can complete to earn prizes like the Legacy Musaya Skin.

And you can share all of this on social media now thanks to the share button which has been implemented across the game.

We’re not finished just yet

Ace of Arenas looks all set to expand this year as well, as a bunch of new features are planned like new champions and optimisations.

4-New chamipon

If you’re into eSports though, you’ll be excited to hear about the Pro-League and tournaments though, which look set to provide a new challenge for the playerbase.

To check out Ace of Arenas for yourself, simply head on over to the App Store or Google Play right now.

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Game of Dice has been updated with a spooky new Mysterious Mansion map

Mystery Mansion Title

Remember Game of Dice, that hit mobile board game? Well, it’s just received a brand new update that includes a spooky new Mysterious Mansion map that changes the mechanics.

How so? Well, the ‘Jail’ and ‘Crimson Aura’ tiles now create a Toll increase and the location of ‘Fortune’ Road’ has moved.

You can now also buff yourself before a game in the new ‘Goods’ menu, which houses over 20 equippable buffs that help give you an upper hand, and you can trade unwanted Dice Fragments in the Powder Shop for items you require.

There’s also a bunch of new events linked to the update like ‘Get’em Goods’, which rewards 500 Gems and a Good Draw Ticket for five star Goods, and ‘Spooky Wooky New Map!’, which rewards daily play in the Mysterious Mansion map.


Spring has also come to Game of Dice with the ‘Tulip Festival’ which rewards you with Gems if you can make a tulip bouquet.

Haven’t played Game of Dice before? Well, it’s a mobile board game similar to Monopoly. You throw dice to move around a multi-tiled board and take all property you land on, with the value of all of your real estate increasing each time you complete a lap.

However, it does have its own mechanics like the unique abilities tied to all skill cards, characters, and dice which you can use to give you a helping hand during a game.

If you like the sound of this, head on over to the App Store or Google Play to check out Game of Dice and the new update right now for free.

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