Legion of Heroes Gets ‘Booster Update’

Legion of Heroes Gets ‘Booster Update’

Jan 20, 2016

Legion of Heroes is getting an update that is rolling out now, dubbed the “Booster Update,” which coincides with the game’s release on iOS.

The “Boost Update” includes:
· Brand new UI design with improved graphics;

· Main characters can gain a new maximum level and a new look to match their power;
· New hero combo features with powerful and unique effects cast when heroes battle;
· Equipment now feature set effects to unleash its true potential;

· Increased difficulty and more rewards now available for Chaos Abyss;

· New and improved equipment interface and co-op missions.

Players can receive three platinum cards for new heroes by entering the following codes:
· LOHLEGENDUPDATE (now through Jan. 31)

· BOOSTERUPDATE (Jan. 20 through Feb. 29)

To celebrate Legion of Heroes on iOS, the game will feature a special limited, in-game event now through Feb. 10. During the special in-game event, players will be able to:
· Recruit special heroes by collecting materials gathered throughout their journey;

· Receive bonus heroes and gear after reaching levels 25 and 50;

· Receive bonus legendary gear for clearing scenario 1, 2, and 3.

The game is available on Google Play for free (with in-app purchases).

World of Tanks Blitz has stormed onto Android

World of Tanks Blitz has stormed onto Android

Dec 9, 2014

Androiders rejoice, for World of Tanks Blitz has finally arrived for all Android devices. Thank you, Wargaming!

In more good news, World of Tanks Blitz allows you to play against your iOS nemesis via cross-platform play. Be careful, though – they have a six month head start. You’ve been warned.


World of Tanks has been available on PC for around four years now but this is much more than a port. The visual overhaul and well-executed touchscreen controls all clearly have mobile in mind.


Short on time? Not to worry! The 7v7 tank battles are designed to be brief, so it’s the perfect game to play during a quick coffee break. There are ten different arenas to conduct tank warfare in and over 100 different iconic tanks from Great Britain, Germany, United States, and USSR to choose from.


In-app purchases do exist, though the base game is free-to-play. Fear not, as none of the purchasable items give you a distinct advantage over your opponent. Wargaming is all about fairness and equal opportunities so free-to-play players are just as welcome as their paying counterparts.


A steady stream of updates and graphic enhancements have been planned to complete this already generous package. Combine this with real life physics, detailed tutorials, and a bunch of in-game achievements to unlock and it seems we have a seriously must-play game on our hands.


Head on over to Google Play [download] or the App Store [download] and get playing World of Tanks Blitz to experience the best in free-to-play tank warfare.

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Crowdfunding Spotlight: ThermaCharge

Crowdfunding Spotlight: ThermaCharge

Jul 30, 2014

Looking around the KickStarter universe and it becomes apparent that consumers want to charge their phones by any means necessary. There are chargers for wallets, paper towel racks, purses, and now thermoses. Thermoses? Yes, that metal double-walled container that holds the morning coffee now contains a 1,000 mAh lithium ion battery in the base that charges via the hot morning liquid. The device, the ThermaCharge, takes advantage of what is known as the Seebeck effect which creates power from of a difference in temperature between two surfaces.

Certainly sounds like one of the more outlandish projects we have covered here, and I would absolutely agree. But after thinking on it some more I can really see the times when this would be useful. Imagine going camping and being without power for a few days, but still wanting to be able to call a family member or keep in touch with civilization while out in the wilderness. Simply boil some water over the campfire and in a few minutes the ThermaCharge has enough juice to bring any standard phone up to 60% or 70% battery.


For those who do not hear Nature’s call as loudly as most the internal battery can be charged via conventional means for a quick mid-day pep charge. The biggest thing for a project like this is the price. The ThermaChare is definitely not a product that is worth spending a lot of money considering most people take their morning coffee mug into the office with them and there is no shortage of USB ports there. I could see this being really successful as a camping or hiking product or even for students who do not bring a laptop with them to class.

Fortunately, the smallest ThermaCharge is being offered for only a $60 donation, and the largest runs for a cool $75. For those who are just looking for a cheap gift there is also a non-thermal-charging version that comes with an internal battery which more than doubles the capacity of the standard ThermaCharge at 2,200 mAh. But considering that, even if the ThermaCharge is never used for the containing of a beverage, it is still a $60 thermoelectric power source; which is not something to take lightly.

Knightmare Tower Creators’ Toto Temple Deluxe Coming to Ouya This Week

Knightmare Tower Creators’ Toto Temple Deluxe Coming to Ouya This Week

Jul 22, 2014

Juicy Beast, creators of Knightmare Tower, have their next game coming this Thursday, July 24th to Ouya: Toto Temple Deluxe. This multiplayer game has players trying to get their goat – literally – and holding on to it for as long as possible, keeping it away from other players, who have their own powerups to try and turn the tide. You can check out the game this Thursday, exclusively on Ouya.

Havok’s Project Anarchy Mobile Game Dev Challenge Winners Revealed – Plus You Can Play Them Now

Havok’s Project Anarchy Mobile Game Dev Challenge Winners Revealed – Plus You Can Play Them Now

Jul 14, 2014

Havok’s Project Anarchy is a 3D engine that allows developers to easily make games for multiple platforms. And to help show off what can be done with it, Havok ran a contest for games built with the engine, with a $100,000 cash prize to the winning entry. The winner? Cosmonautica – A Space Trading Adventure by Chasing Carrots, a game of space trading, where players must do business, fight enemies, and manage their crew in order to succeed.

The best part? You can give the game a shot right now on Google Play, in an “early access” Alpha version for ~$6.79 US.

As well, you can check out the runner-up train simulation game Hmmsim and puzzle game Temple Match on Google Play right now as well.

Halfbrick’s Fish Out of Water Swims on to Android

Halfbrick’s Fish Out of Water Swims on to Android

Jul 11, 2014

Good news for Android-owning Halfbrick fans: their 2013 game Fish Out of Water has at last swam on to Android. This is not an endless runner: the goal is to launch fish across the ocean, with each fish behaving differently through the air, and with the water. The goal is to get three fish to perform as best as possible, getting as high a score as possible from the judges. The game is available as a free download.

Wayward Souls from Rocketcat and Noodlecake Makes its Way to Android This Week

Wayward Souls from Rocketcat and Noodlecake Makes its Way to Android This Week

Jul 7, 2014

It was once promised by Noodlecake Games, and now they’re set to deliver: Wayward Souls, Rocketcat Games roguelike-inspired action-RPG, is coming on Thursday, July 10th to Android. This challenging dungeon crawl, with three difficult procedrually-generated dungeons and six different characters has been highly-reviewed by 148Apps and Pocket Gamer/review.asp?c=59175), and now Android gamers will get to play it this Thursday.

Crowdfunding Spotlight: SoSecure

Crowdfunding Spotlight: SoSecure

Jul 2, 2014

Everyone wants their data to be secure, and to go along with that security there is also the demand for portability and the ability for it to be constantly backed up. This is a hard task for hard drive manufacturers to deliver on, but with the rise of quality solid state hard drives there has been an advent of devices that aim to create that elusive perfect mobile drive. One of those drives is the project that was created by British developer SoSecure, and its accompanying KickStarter project is our focus in this week’s Crowdfunding Spotlight.

SoSecure aims to revolutionize the portable hard drive industry by delivering a SSD that interfaces with any smartphone to extend the security capabilities beyond a simple password or file encryption. The app that connects to the hard drive over Bluetooth allows for a bevy of options including immediate locking of the hard drive, setting an inactive time before locking, proximity alerts, and of course information on all the available metrics on the drive like date of last backup or battery percentage remaining. The date of backup is important because in conjunction with keeping data secure the SoSecure drive also has a docking station that contains an identical SSD, and this drive, along with charging the device, automatically backs up the main drive to the copy.

Basically the SoSecure drive is the perfect hard drive. Extensive security for those with a lot to hide, including a destroy drive button that restores the drive to clean factory settings. There are more security measures for the extra paranoid including a number pad that randomizes the tile layout to thwart wandering eyes, and a motion detection mechanism that will alert the owner every time the drive is moved. Pair this with the proximity sensor that sends an alert when Bluetooth connection is lost because of distance, and there is essentially no way that any unauthorized person is getting the data off this device.


To make the pot even sweeter, the SoSecure drive comes in a plethora of designs including real oak, bushed aluminum, and carbon fibre. Unfortunately, with such upside there was that one large elephant lurking around the room and that is the price of the device. For just one hard drive, without the Zero-Touch Backup dock, it is $315 for the 64 GB version and $398 for 128GB. Add on another $45 to both those prices for that carbon fibre finish. The dual-brushed aluminum Zero-Touch Backup drives will run a cool $874 for 64GB and $1,003 for 128GB. It is worth noting that the backup drive is 2TB however so this option is slightly more feasible.

I am definitely out the running for this device, but I am sure there are those out there, especially in a professional capacity, where data reliability and security are paramount. For these people the SoSecure drive looks like a godsend, but there are some 64GB single drives available for around a $300 donation. For those looking for a no-holds-barred security solution to their data look no further, the SoSecure is certainly poised to become a revolutionary product.

The World Ends With You from Square Enix Finally Lands on Android

The World Ends With You from Square Enix Finally Lands on Android

Jun 26, 2014

The World Ends With You, Square Enix’s action-RPG inspired by the arts and culture of Shibuya in Japan, has suddenly been released on Android. Originally released for the Nintendo DS, players control Neku through the Reaper’s Game, a test of humanity. Combat is based on performing gestures to perform particular attacks on enemies, syncing up with the partner to help do more damage. The game is available now from Google Play.

Crowdfunding Spotlight: ODIN

Crowdfunding Spotlight: ODIN

Jun 26, 2014

Having a projector is a great luxury, but due to their large size and weight they are not exactly the easiest things to transport. Throw in some fragile bulbs and an expensive projector is not exactly something to throw in the back of a car for a weekend. There are a handful of portable projectors, but they are usually very limited in their capabilities and their picture quality can be generously deemed less than impressive. Plus, taking them somewhere also means bringing a laptop to plug into and for some that is also slightly inconveinent.

What if there was a way to cut out the middlemachine, and just load our media directly onto the projector? What if that same projector also had standard wireless capabilities as a modern smartphone? Finally, what if that same projector was further able to fit inside a rear pocket? Well, I am glad to announce that such a product does exist, and it looks as good in practice as it does on paper. This week, our Crowdfunding Spotlight shines on the ODIN; an Android smart projector that is essentially unlike anything I have ever seen before.

ODIN has a quad-core processor running Android KitKat as well as 16 GB of internal storage. Add in WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity and this essentially becomes a smartphone capable of projecting a 250″ display in a dark room. Further adding to the functionality are two USB ports and an HDMI port for connecting laptops and consoles. The included Android allows for steaming content from most any source to ensure that never again will there be a moment where Pretty in Pink cannot be displayed proudly for all to see.

For those who are less visually inclined and would just like to dance the night away; ODIN can do that as well. In addition to the typical full projector mode, there is a second Bluetooth speaker setting that shuts down the Android brain and projector and just uses the bluetooth and dual speakers to stream music from any Bluetooth phone.


The one thing that gives me pause about this project is the fact that the battery does seem to be lacking, regardless of the fact that the act of running a projector is incredibly power intensive. It is only slated to provide two hours of performance, and even with an included power supply and replacement battery it does seem a bit short. To put it a different way; about two-thirds of the way through the first Lord of the Rings movie ODIN would be completely gassed and would need to have a fresh battery inserted.

ODIN has just under two weeks left and it still needs about $56,000 in funding. I find this project to be quite impressive, and assuming the actual performance is similar to what they show in their KickStarter video there is no reason that ODIN will not be an incredibly successful product some day.

The Google IO Keynote is Today – What to Expect and How to Watch Live

The Google IO Keynote is Today – What to Expect and How to Watch Live

Jun 25, 2014

Google’s big developer meetup Google IO is today, and there’s a keynote streaming live at 12:00pm EDT (6:00pm GST, 11:00 PM CDT, 9:00am PDT). You can click here to watch it live.

A new Android version has been rumored, and Forbes is saying Android 5.0 Lollipop is expected today.

Also expect some kind of “Android TV” to be announced, as Riptide GP2 got accidentally updated with new release notes indicating that it will support this “Android TV” with split-screen support for multiplayer. Whether this is a new device or just a new TV-output mode, we’ll see today during the keynote!

Sleep Cycle Finally Makes its Way to Android, Promises to Help You Wake Up Better

Sleep Cycle Finally Makes its Way to Android, Promises to Help You Wake Up Better

Jun 23, 2014

Sleep Cycle, the popular iPhone app for waking up better, is now on Android. The app anaylszes sleep through the sensors on your phone while you sleep, and over time, can help to wake you up in your lightest sleep phase so that you wake up feeling better and more refreshed. The app is available now on Google Play.