Dog & Bone Locksmart Mini Wireless Padlock Hardware Review

Dog & Bone Locksmart Mini Wireless Padlock Hardware Review

Feb 24, 2016

Yes, we are becoming more connected. It’s where we are headed… a logical destination of sorts. Items like the kickstarted Dog & Bone Locksmart Mini Padlock are clearly on the roadmap.

The review package was provided by the manufacturer, and reflects the item in its retail packaging; we got the red version, charging micro-usb cable and a card with software download instructions.

The padlock looks like, well, a regular padlock; it consists of a U-shaped shackle, and a prominent body characterized by a defined soft rubber coating. At the bottom, it has a charging port right about where one would expect the keyhole. It also packs a power button protected by a rubber cover. Officially, it comes in at 3.98 x 2 x 0.94 inches (with a 0.24″ steel shackle) and 5.64 ounces.

Altogether, it has a solid feel in hand, strong yet agile, and, at first glance, definitely looks the part.

There isn’t a lot by way of formal instruction, but the companion LockSmart app (hosted on Google Play) more or less confirms the next logical step: charge the unit. The aforementioned LED light works to notify one when this is successfully done.lock1

But said app’s major purpose is to serve as control center for the hardware, which it connects to it via Bluetooth. The app is clean, and fairly straightforward. The app hints at a lot of the functionality to be found. First, one has to create an account and then pair the two together, and this can be done by using the aforementioned power button. Once paired, it is easy to unlock the unit by using the prominent Unlock button on the app.

There is a bunch of secondary utility to be found, for instance, in the Settings tab. here, there’s access options, showing one can use the default tap to run things, or use fingerprint or passcode. One can also monitor the padlock’s power levels (it’s rated to go two years without needing to be charged), and one can also toggle power saving mode for more conservative power usage. One also keep an eye on firmware too.

One cool thing a user can do is to give access to others. Using the “Share” tool, it’s possible to invite other users to get access to the lock, which makes it great for use with a lock that has several designated users. The associated “Activity Log” allows one to see who is accessing it when.

Altogether, it’s a pretty nifty solution. It did act temperamentally at times, and the assumption is that that was due to bluetooth restrictions… which might be the biggest drawback. Still, for a simple, cost-effective concept that just works, this one feels like a reasonable choice.

Dog & Bone Locksmart Mini Wireless Padlock Hardware Review Rundown

Build Quality - Mostly well fused, with protective coverings.
Functionality - Access control, device-based manipulation and more; hampered somewhat across walls.
Android Compatibility - Works with several Android devices via app.
Value - At $69.99, a bit of an investment.
Overall - A nice opening salvo.
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