Green Throttle Controller Hardware Review

Green Throttle Controller Hardware Review

Apr 18, 2013

Frankly, I love what is happening in the mobile gaming space. With more powerful hardware and a dedicated corp of eager developers, the segment is booming. And why not? We manage business, control communications and so much more from our smartphones? Why shouldn’t we be able to play console-quality games on the go?


Yes, you can get any of the dedicated gaming devices, but what’s the fun in that, especially when cell-based games sewn so much cheaper?

Enter Green Throttle Bluetooth Atlas Bluetooth Controller. Yessir. 2013-04-12 15.15.21

The pair of review pieces came in a nondescript box that his the well packaged goodies inside. The boxes themselves each came stacked, weighing in with a gamepad, instructions, HDMI adapter and — this really impressed me for obvious reasons — batteries.

To be honest, I was surprised at how light the controller was. It seemed sturdy enough though, surviving two drop tests on hardwood without any discernable damage.

To get the controllers up and running, I had to download the companion app Arena, which not only streamlined the pairing prices, but collated compatible games very nicely. Pairing was painless, and the distances allowed was equitable.

I tried the controller with several compatible games, and the performance was impressive. I didn’t detect lag, and I found the experience quite enjoyable. I thought the re-pairing process was slightly inconsistent, but I was generally back up in seconds anyway, albeit manually.

The added HDMI cables take the whole system to a whole new level by allowing for functionality with big screen TV for portable entertainment.

When it comes to handheld gaming, I liked this item enough to want to splurge on compatible titles. This testament to its efficacy also reveals my biggest quibble: I want more games! Thankfully, with available SDK and an all-call to developers to join the party, I am sure that that specific gripe will be licked soon. Customer service was topnotch in my limited interaction.

In a word? Fantastic. This is an item that is helping change the gaming paradigm, and it is always awesome when great ideas actually make it to consumers. With cost effectiveness and mobility on its side, the Arena Controller does seem like a compelling item.

Green Throttle Controller Hardware Review Rundown

Build Quality - Very light, but surprisingly durable.
Functionality - Quite versatile; helped extend functionality of the device.
Usefulness - Very useful; only restriction is selection of games.
Value - Good value for the added functionality it brings.
Overall - Great piece of hardware that allows one view mobile devices in a whole new light.
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