RAVPower USB Charging Station Hardware Review

RAVPower USB Charging Station Hardware Review

Dec 9, 2014

It isn’t me. Really.

I know we’ve been harping on being organized… with good reason, too. With all the devices and accessories, it gets busy. Toss in a kid or two (with their own electronics and such) and a company-issued device, and one begins to approach wired purgatory.

So, it makes sense that accessories that help us to more effectively manage these devices will be if a high premium. Thankfully, proprietary cables are not the norm on Android, because solutions like the RAVPower USB Charging Station use cable standardization as a means to being order to chaos. In essence, this series of products looks to a central port for multiple USB cables, theoretically eliminating the need for several plugs and outlets.

RAVPower sent us two iterations of the product to check out: the four (4) port version (pictured) and the six (6) port one as well. Outside the obvious difference in ports, both units are physically similar, but the 4-Port unit is actually slightly smaller than the “6” at 3.6 x 1.2 x 3.5 inches and 6.1 ounces. Both review units are black, but there is also the option of white. Physically, they both have a polished feel, with a non-slip rubber rectangle on the underside. The port reside on one end, and the power input is on the opposite end. Each unit also comes with a detachable power cord and documentation.


The “6” all but begged to be put through the paces. On paper, it certainly sounds interesting, with three ports rated at a max of 2.4A, and the rest are 1A. Setup is intuitively easy; the unit is plugged into a power source, and then individual electronics can be charged by it via USB cable inserted into onto one of the ports. And yes, the unit charges as advertised. The stated iSmart technology (which adjust charging output as needed) is a simple helper that makes sense.

Where it really shines is the portability. It’s easily slipped in a Go-bag, and while putting it in my pocket isn’t something I would prefer, it can work.

I might be asking too much, but for my needs, even though the unit helps with an organized front, the user will need those USB cables. I am weary about retractable solutions, but maybe, just maybe that could make it perfect. Still, as-is, it is an excellent solution worth trying, and one that lends itself to the notion of being indispensable.

RAVPower USB Charging Station Hardware Review Rundown

Build Quality - Solid finish; simple, serious look.
Functionality - Charges multiple units quite effectively
Android Compatibility - Worked with every USB-powered smartdevice we threw at it.
Value - Pricing on popular websites are easily justified.
Overall - Yet another valid tool from RAVPower.
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