Seagate Duet External Cloud-Supported Hard Drive Review

Seagate Duet External Cloud-Supported Hard Drive Review

Jan 31, 2017

Vent time.

Look, marriage has been good to me; I am seriously blessed in that regard. I know it’s cliche, but my better half is close to perfect, one of those rare specimens that makes me better by simply observing her aura.

Fantastic as she is, she does have a weakness: smartphone storage management.

It blows my mind. She could run the world, but when it comes to managing media, she lives life like Captain Jack Sparrow, with no regard to the rules media disciplined folks — like me, by the way — live me. She takes pics and records video with abandon, and at some point, when her phone shuts down from the strain of all the data, she looks at me, wondering why I didn’t fix it.


The Seagate Duet, a cloud-supported hard drive with Amazon Drive specific functionality, is just what the doctor ordered for her… and for me.

Off the bat, the review unit Seagate sent us reveals a very slender device, smaller all round than most slab smartphones. The topside is fairly spartan in appearance beyond the Amazon logo and a small LED light; the bottom is has a somewhat understated swirl design. The unit has one port for a miro-B cable; this is included with the unit.


We got right into the usage. Now, the documentations lets us know this works with computers physically and smartdevices via the Amazon Drive app; additionally, if using said app, the data is synced to Amazon Cloud. Thus, from a mobile point of view, this solution allows for physical and cloud storage in one neat package.

In practice, it all works well; the cloud functionality does require internet, but one cool aspect is that even though the documentation does not explicitly show physical connectivity with smartphones, this unit works with devices that OTG functionality. Using a micro-USB adapter, I was able to connect the device to Android tablets and smartphones, allowing the Duet to show up as a drive on either device. It can be manipulated via file manager.

Quite nifty.

The whole thing is a great concept, not the least of which is its portability. It comes with a year of free Amazon Drive storage (albeit for new users only). At $99, 1 TB doesn’t often look much slicker.

Seagate Duet External Cloud-Supported Hard Drive Review Rundown

Build Quality - Low profile and well melded.
Functionality - Very useful with mobile devices via app.
Android Compatibility - A real boon for folks that have devices with OTG functionality.
Value - $99.99 for a TB of space.
Overall - A great piece with an extra benefit.
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