Stream the Wonders of the Universe with No Man’s Sky on NVIDIA SHIELD

Posted by on Jan 18, 2017

What’s on your list of New Year’s Resolutions? A pledge to find a more fulfilling job? The usual promise to eat healthier and get into shape? That’s all good...

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Burrito Bison – Luancha Libre Review

Posted by on Jan 17, 2017

Simple elegance.

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Flyp Review

Posted by on Aug 31, 2016

Multiple numbers on one phone.

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Stream the Wonders of the Universe with No Man’s Sky on NVIDIA SHIELD

Posted by on Jan 18, 2017

What’s on your list of New Year’s Resolutions? A pledge to find a more fulfilling job? The usual promise to eat healthier and get into shape? That’s all good...

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Word Cookies Review

Word Cookies Review

Dec 23, 2016

Word Cookies might get you hungry — even subliminally — in more ways than one.

At its core, it is a straightforward word game. The visual representation highlights this, with a baking motif (plus optional Christmas theme) interspersed with dark patterns and light fonts — all set in portrait orientation.

The gameplay itself is easy to glean from the beginning, there is a jumble of letters on the screen, topped by a number of block sots for formed words. The idea is to fill up all the word slots using wc3words created from the jumble.

Now, the words are created by using finger gestures to spell out the words from the letters available. The player can gesture swipe in any direction, and hopefully will create a word that fits into one of the word slots.

A good word created a green link, and a bad or unaccepted ones leave a red trail.

One all the word slots are filled, the level is finished, and a new level is unlocked. A successful run can nets points and gold coin, and the latter can be used to purchase hints if you get stumped. There is also a reshuffle option.

As one goes on, the challenge does get harder and harder, but there isn’t a rush, so you can take a lot of time trying combinations out. Be warned though, some real words can be red herrings.

It’s a bit of a sleeper hit, in that it seemingly sneaks up on you and steals your heart. It’s so easy going though; if there is one feature I’d love to see, it would be a timer option through all the levels; I think this would add an extra layer of challenge to folks who would enjoy the scramble.

All in all, it is quite enjoyable, and the self-contained nature makes it easy to get into — stay into it.

Smashy Road: Arena Review — Gladiator Battle, Cuby-Style

Smashy Road: Arena Review — Gladiator Battle, Cuby-Style

Dec 22, 2016

Simply put, it ain’t hard to like Smashy Road: Arena.

The cubism is glorious. The game incorporates plenty of color through varying backgrounds. It is an interesting presentation, and action reflects well in landscape. Altogether, it’s a great media touch.

The game depends a lot on the controls. You get to control a car that mostly moves forward, and two broad buttons to swerve the car either left or right are on the screen. learning to use them in conjunction is quite important.

The gameplay comes in two major flavors; the one gives the game its signature name, and pits you, the player, against a few other random players in a multiplayer arena experience. The idea? use the aforementioned controls to guide the car past obstacles and away from hazards in a timed race to get as much collectible goodies as possible. XP is also up for grabs, as well as leaderboard respect.

There is also a single player experience… gameplay is similar… avoid hazards, pick up the goodies, and try to keep the vehicle upright. In addition, one has to avoid The Man.


Yep, 5-0, and these guys roll deep; they have no compunction when it comes to ramming vehicles and the like, and they look to “arrest” the player’s car by boxing it in or wrecking it. Getting away from them can be hazardous, as they don’t mind seeing a quarry take a run-ending dive into a prohibitive body of water.

The game cash can be used to get better stuff, and can be supplemented by gift boxes and watching ads. Real cash can also be used.

Smashy Road: Arena’s true charm is that it really is an impossible game that manages to be addictive without being infuriating. The built-in themes are enjoyable diversions, and the relative unpredictability makes it a new-ish experience just about every time the game is played. the two game modes balance each other well, and the online multiplayer is great for bragging rights.

Welcome to the Arena.

Rocketbook Wave Connected Notebook Review

Rocketbook Wave Connected Notebook Review

Dec 22, 2016

For every unfortunate,unfunded concept, there is a realized dream that joins innovation to entrepreneurship. Kickstarted project Rocketbook is a perfect example… on paper.

Rocketbook melds few concepts together. In part, these concepts are, well, sexy. The item looks to be, at first glance, traditional means of taking notes; indeed, the core piece is a notepad. Then, it looks to provide extra, timely functionality by utilizing cloud connectivity via a companion app hosted on a smartdevice.

Finally, the Rocketbook has a final trick up its sleeve, one which involves microwave heat and the promise of reusability. More on that later…

The review package we received contained the Wave notebook, and a black FriXion erasable pen. The notebook “standard” sizing (8.5 in x 9.5 inches) contains 80 pages of dot-grid paper (there is also a smaller “executive” option). Each page has icons and QR codes to help with identification and storage.


The next piece is the Rocketbook app; this app allows users to digitize the pages using the device’s camera, and to send them to email addresses and services.

Now, when it comes to reusing the notepad the system employs an interesting trick involving a mug of water and a microwave. Yes, you place the notebook in the microwave, place a mug on the notebook in just right spot and nuke it for a few minutes each on both sides.

It is definitely interesting, and it actually works. I admit to being a bit skeptical, but after less than two minutes (including flip) I had, in essence, a fresh notebook.

Sadly, it wasn’t enough time to make a pipin’ hot cup of tea. Impressive.

If I could, I’d love a more professional-looking notebook as an option, but to be fair, I wonder how, say, a leatherclad notebook would stand up to microwaving. I do love that there are two notebook sizes available, and the green factor here is invaluable.

Altogether, the 3-piece system manages to jump over gimmicky and truly be a useful tool, at $27.00 for the a notebook and pen, it doesn’t necessarily break the bank, either.

Archery King Review — Own the Range

Archery King Review — Own the Range

Dec 22, 2016

It seems that archery games are popping up everywhere, and probably with good reason. Archery — the real, physical kind — is definitely a fun experience, pitting concentration against the elements and physics.

The virtual kind lends itself to the same, somewhat, and it makes sens that Android development stalwart Miniclip has thrown its hat into the ring with Archery King.

It is definitely a brightly-rendered game; the many environments are done relatively well, and the use of perspective is especially striking, as one should expect from a game of this type. The equipment is tightly done, and the animations are fairly smooth.

When it comes to gameplay, we get a few different modes, some in multiplayer and others in single ak3player against AI. More specifically, there is Classic (multiplayer), Rush (multiplayer), Challenge (single), Time Race (single) and a Mini Game section. Checking it out in Classic mode seemed like a plan.

It is fairly easy to understand. The game shows the player have to shoot, which involves gesturing to use the sights, and then adjusting to get as close to the bullseye as possible. Releasing shoots the arrow.

Now, in the perfect conditions, the arrow flies straight, and hits the center (or very close) for a 10. The game incorporates a degree of physics though, so one has to contend with stuff like wind, so getting a high score every time isn’t as easy as it may seem.

But back to Classic gameplay… when the control mechanics are understood, one gets to go against another player that is randomly chosen. There are different entry tiers (using virtual cash); generally speaking, more cash yields higher payouts. At this point, it is a shooting contest between the two players, and best of three rounds wins the jackpot, plus some XP. There is a time limit to shoot, and tie-breakers when the tallies are even after three.

As one plays on, competition gets tougher. One can pick up better gear as they become available.

Rush Mode is a race, and Challenge is a lone. leveled adventure with interesting challenges.

The multiplayer aspect is fun; the ability to choose players (as in local multiplayer, especially) would be nice. It is possible to earn coins by watching ads, but premium stuff requires extra cash.

All in all, it is a nice diversion mostly. It works well free, and the Facebook connectivity option will appeal to some folks.

Discounted Games! Check Out Premium Games Available for Cheap

Discounted Games! Check Out Premium Games Available for Cheap

Dec 21, 2016

Seems like a couple of games are available to be procured for relatively cheap.

These are some great ones… top-tier games ranging from 50 cents to $2:

True Skate is available for $0.50.

Geometry Dash is available for $0.75

Riptide GP: Renegade is available for $0.99

Goat Simulator: GoatZ is available for $0.99

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is available for $0.99

Kingdom Rush: Origins is available for $0.99

Kingdom Rush: Frontiers is available for $0.99

Bloons TD 5 is available for $0.99

Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies is available for $1.99.

No telling when these will go back to their regular prices, so get it while the gettin’ is good.

[via Slickdeals]

Instagram Tweaks Stories Feature

Instagram Tweaks Stories Feature

Dec 21, 2016

Instagram remains the preeminent image-based social network; it recently added the “Stories” feature, and is now making this specific feature even better rounded.

The latest build adds stickers and more.

Per Google Play:

We have new features for Instagram Stories!
• Stickers: No matter where you are or what you’re up to, add context to your story with stickers.
• Holiday Fun: Make your story more festive with holiday stickers.
• Hands-Free Video: A new option in the format picker lets you record a video without having to press and hold.
• Text Enhancements: Add as much text as you’d like to a photo or video.

Instagram remains free on Google Play.

WorldNeverland Gets Released on Android

WorldNeverland Gets Released on Android

Dec 20, 2016

Android has a new game — courtesy of althi Inc — called WorldNeverland – Elnea Kingdom.

This one is a kingdom simulator with a complex social system. Per the press release:

A player first visits this kingdom as a traveler, then gradually integrates into a society and may eventually become a resident.

One can get a promotion if one excels in work or fighting.

Or fancy a family? One can find love and why not have children! The game is then carried on by the descendants over many generations so that one can enjoy a long-term play.

Questing, battling, collecting items, loving……the drama is totally up to you.

Farm or go hunting and cook good meals with what you get, or just soak in a hot spa and indulge in a quiet moment. It is also absolutely fine to spend your life doing nothing special!

The game is free; in-app purchases are extra.

Get Ready: Amazon Digital Day is Coming!

Get Ready: Amazon Digital Day is Coming!

Dec 20, 2016

Amazon looks to be taking seasonal discounts past Christmas with its upcoming Amazon Digital Day.

On December 30th, the behemoth e-tailer is unveiling a host of digital content — available at discounts of up to 50%.

What will be available? We hear more 1,000 digital pieces, including applications, music, movies, software, video games and electronic books.

Amazon was kind enough to send over a fairly extensive sneak peek:

Pass the Popcorn – Movies, TV and music favorites at up to 50% or more off
§ Up to 50% off hundreds of the year’s top movies and TV shows

§ Top Albums for $5 from various artists including Gunslinger by Garth Brooks

§ Save 50% off annual subscription for UFC FIGHT PASS
§ 50% off Annual Plex Pass (savings of $19.99)
§ Receive $10 towards an Amazon Music Unlimited subscription, the new on-demand full catalog streaming service – Only new subscribers are eligible for this deal

Dollar Deals – Favorites for under $1
§ Popular kids apps including Sesame Workshop, Dr. Panda and Toca Boca titles all discounted to $0.99
§ Popular Digital Comics series such as Runaways Vol. 1: Pride and Joy (List price $8.79)

Best of 2016 – Top rated items at great prices
§ Up to 75% off eBooks from top 2016 Kindle Authors including James Patterson, Michael Connelly, and Nicholas Sparks
§ 95% off OfficeSuite Premium Subscription (regular price $19.99)
§ $10 off your first three rides with Lyft ($30 value)

Family Time – Great deals for the whole family
§ 33% off subscription to Amazon Rapids – a new app that offers a playful approach to children’s reading (introductory monthly price $1.99 per month)

Game On – Get your game on at prices you’ll love
§ New and existing player discounts and exclusive IAP item for Game of War and Mobile Strike
§ Enjoy 33% off popular console games including Titanfall 2 and FIFA 17
§ Up to 80% off on hundreds of video game titles such as Saints Row IV and Fallout 4
§ 200% extra coin bonus in House of Fun Slots and other great casino game deals
§ Up to 83% off life points in The Sims Freeplay & 60% off New Year’s buildings in SimCity BuildIt

50% off or More – Twice the entertainment, half the price
§ First month free and 50% off next 5 months subscription of Daily Burn exercise channel on Fire TV ($37 savings)
§ Marvel Collections Sale: Up to 75% off more than 300 graphic novels – Wolverine: Old Man Logan, Dr. Strange Vol.1 and more.

Sounds like an interesting selection.

Amazon Appstore Director Aaron Rubenson talks about Digital Day’s usefulness. “Amazon Digital Day is designed to help customers find great digital content from videos and music to games and apps,” he says. “Whether you received a new device this holiday, or just want to update content on your current devices, Amazon Digital Day is one of the best times of the year to shop for must-have digital content.”

As noted, December 30th is the day. In true Amazon fashion, there will be some early specials starting on December 24th, but the bulk of the goodies will be available on the 30th.

Additionally, customers can visit the Digital Day link to sign up for updates.


Civilization Revolution 2 is on Sale

Civilization Revolution 2 is on Sale

Dec 20, 2016

Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution 2 is a fun game published on Android courtesy of 2K, Inc; now, it can be had for relatively cheap.

The game usually goes for $9.99, but can be had right now for $2.99.

DevolverDigital’s Hit Game Reigns is on Sale

DevolverDigital’s Hit Game Reigns is on Sale

Dec 20, 2016

Popular game Reigns is on sale.

This one, from DevolverDigital, lets you be the king you want to be; it’s all about being king, dealing with requests and making good decisions.

Usually, game costs $2.99; for the time being, this game is $0.99.

Twin Moons Society Gets a Holiday Update

Twin Moons Society Gets a Holiday Update

Dec 20, 2016

More G5 news… this time, a timely update.

Twin Moons Society: Hidden Mystery is getting in on the Christmas/holiday season with an update rolling out now on Google Play and the Amazon Appstore.

The game is a hidden mystery adventure that takes the player to Halfworld; the player takes on the persona of a person whose dad researches portals.

When Dad goes missing, the game starts.

The update brings:

NEW HIDDEN OBJECT SCENE – The Dark One has cast a spell on Santa and his helpers! Visit Santa’s Workshop and help save Christmas.

JOLLY NEW CHARACTER – Finally your childhood dream comes true! Meet Santa Claus, talk to him and even take part in the creation of a Christmas miracle.

“CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY” EVENT – Complete 30 challenging quests and five festive collections to get a charming Avatar, Sun Stone Statuette, Christmas Talisman, Holiday Event Rarity and much more!

MORE QUESTS AND COLLECTIONS – Solve 77 new quests and assemble 10 new collections to get two unique rarities.

FIXES AND IMPROVEMENTS – Experience these important optimizations for yourself!

Twin Moons Society remains free (with in-app purchases) on Google Play; check out the trailer below:

Pinpop VEGAS: Extreme Pinball Launches Worldwide on Google Play

Pinpop VEGAS: Extreme Pinball Launches Worldwide on Google Play

Dec 20, 2016

NEXON Korea is out with a new game: Pinpop VEGAS: Extreme Pinball. With this, we get a real-time PVP action game based on an arcade favorite.

Features? Per Google Play:

· Hyper realistic gameplay: real-time physics give players the look and feel of pinball mechanics complete with sound and vibration effects;

· Real-time pinball battles: up to four players for high intensity pinball battle;

· Dynamic stages: visually appealing levels evolve with environments in the story mode, providing players with a unique experience each play-through;

· Unique and collectible pinballs: play with a diverse set of beautifully designed pinballs available at every stage, including special ‘Android balls’ for Google Play users.

The game is free (with in-app purchases) on Google Play.

Seven Guardians Gets a Major Update

Seven Guardians Gets a Major Update

Dec 19, 2016

4:33’s Seven Guardians is getting a pretty weighty update.

We do mean “weighty” too; check out the developer produced changelog:

· Unlock the game’s “Special Chapter”: Clear Stage 3-30 on the World Map to unlock the Special Chapter, which allows players to challenge any stage regardless of the chapter order for free if previously cleared or with a ‘Special Chapter Ticket’ for uncompleted stages (Special Chapter will reset each week for multiple paythroughs);

· Command Three New Legendary Heroes: Obtain the spear-wielding, crow-master Morrighan; quick footed, Golem class hero Macha; and the magic wielding Neamhain from the Auction House;

· Dominate the Battlefield: Summon all three heroes to the battlefield for a power boost to dominate the undead enemies;

· Christmas + 200 Day Anniversary Event: Log into the game each day for exclusive rewards, such as a Five Star Rune Box, Rare Orb, and a Six Star Hero Summoning Stone (available Dec. 18 to Dec. 25).

The game remains free (with in-app purchases) on Google Play.


Hill Climb Racing 2 Gets New Content via Update

Hill Climb Racing 2 Gets New Content via Update

Dec 18, 2016

Hill Climb Racing 2 hasn’t been out too long, but already seems to garnering quite the appreciative following; Fingersoft’s physics racing sequel is currently one of the most popular new games on the Play Store.

Not content to rest on those laurels, the game is getting better with an update that is rolling out now.

The new build brings on a bunch of stuff: a new vehicle, the opportunity to beat Santa for prizes, Google Play cloud save functionality, new outfits, and improved server handling with bug fixes.

Per the Play Store:

-New vehicle: Monster
-Xmas Cup: Beat Santa and win special goodies!
-Fixed vehicle physics issues in adventure mode
-Improved server connection handling
-Google Play Games cloud save
-New driver outfits
-Bug fixes

We certainly enjoyed our time with the game; it remains free (with in-app purchases) on Google Play.

[Our Hill Climb Racing 2 Review]

Brutal Swing Launches on Google Play

Brutal Swing Launches on Google Play

Dec 18, 2016

Brutal Studio’s newest, Brutal Swing, is now available on Google Play.

This one definitely possesses the home studio’s, well, brutal sense of humor. We get burger-pilfering aves and the quest of swinging revenge. It packs in different, unlockable characters, all the tapping a mobile gamer could want, in-app purchases and the zany graphics Brutal Studio is known for.

Per Google Play:

Tap anywhere on the screen to swing from bird to bird.
Swing as high as you can and share your record with your friends!
You can unlock funny new characters such as The Granny, The Fisherman, The Warrior and The Caveman!
Buy special items that will help you get even higher or help you attract more

The game is available for free (with in-app purchases) on the Play Store.


Connected Reality Game Qurius Sheds Beta Status

Connected Reality Game Qurius Sheds Beta Status

Dec 18, 2016

Qurius, a new “connected reality” title from icejam, is an interesting game that has just come out of beta on Google Play.

The game is a 3D world-building game that taps into real-world weather to drive gameplay.

Once the weather is connected, the game becomes uniquely personalized for every single player, so if it’s snowing where the player lives; it’s snowing in the game. Throughout their journey, players collect characters and weather gems, and use them to rebuild the lost magical world of Qurius.

Furthermore, the sound, atmosphere, characters, flora, fauna and quests found in Qurius are all dynamically generated based on the player’s weather, day/night cycles and other data-drivenfactors; making every single game a uniquely, personalized experience for that particular player.

Stuart Duncan, icejam’s founder and chief is pleased with the game’s reception. “Two years ago we had the audacity to believe we could harness and integrate freely available streams of big data into gameplay. Today, that vision is a reality and we are extraordinarily pleased with the positive response from players across the globe,” he says. “But this is more than technology, this is a game full of loveable characters, beautiful landscapes and unique gameplay features that have come together in a fun way that players are enjoying, and that’s the real reason why we started this in the first place.”

Qurius is free (with in-app purchases) on Google Play. Check out the trailer: