DriveSavers offers free data recovery for people affected by Hurricane Harvey

Posted by on Aug 30, 2017

Free service for Hurricane Harvey victims.

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Tower Defense Battle Zone Review

Posted by on Oct 19, 2017

Tower defense action.

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Flyp Review

Posted by on Aug 31, 2016

Multiple numbers on one phone.

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4 Games to try out on the Honor 8 Pro

Posted by on Jun 2, 2017

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Five Noodlecake titles are on sale for a limited time

Five Noodlecake titles are on sale for a limited time

Jul 30, 2017


This is one of those few times when we actually reported good news when we should have reported GREAT news!

Noodlecake is quite the cross-platform fountain, and several of our favorite games have the studio’s imprint. Right now, it’s possible to pick up a few of those games at a steep discount.

We did notice that two well-regarded Noodlecake titles — realMyst and follow-up Riven — were deeply discounted. Delightfully, we subsequently learned that there are few more titles to add to the list.

And yes, the discounts are deep all the way round:

Wayward Souls
Regularly $6.99; on sale for $0.99.

Ah this one is all about platforming adventure though procedurally generated levels.

Lumino City
Regularly $4.99; on sale for $0.99.

An award-winning graphical feast that packs in an enviable dose of adventure.

Last Horizon
Regularly $2.99; on sale for $0.99.

A genteel yet fun planet-hopping caper that is easy on the eyes.

These are all in addition to the previously mentioned Riven and realMyst. Potentially, it adds up to more than $20 in savings.
Not bad.

Reality check: this sale ends on Tuesday. Get to gettin’!


[via Noodlecake Blog]

Bandai Namco launches ‘Tales of the Rays’ on Google Play

Bandai Namco launches ‘Tales of the Rays’ on Google Play

Jul 29, 2017

Great news!

Major mobile publishing house Bandai Namco has a new one out and available for Android users; this one is called Tales of the Rays.

In Tales of the Ray, the player gets to indulge in an expansive RPG with creative environment, merging dungeons, monsters and treasure. Our heroes, Mileena and Ix star in this one, and we hear the new Linear Battles system is something to look forward to.

But wait… there’s a bit more…

To mark the launch, the game has a cool engagement promo: players that log in every day for 20 days straight will get a reward of 1000 mirrogems. Mirrogems serve as in-game currency.

In any case, it’s live and ready to go, for free (with in app purchases). Check out the trailer:

[Google Play link]
[Developer site]

While on sale, realMyst gets an update

While on sale, realMyst gets an update

Jul 28, 2017

We just pointed out that realMyst, the full-fledged mobile port of popular PC game Myst is on sale. Now, right in step with that promo, the game itself is getting an update.

But wait… we do wanna note, again, that this one is on sale. For only $0.99, down from $6.99. Not a bad price for an excellent game at all.

Simple stuff, really… one pertinent change involves gamepads; the inversion feature no longer flips on the x-axis.

The Play changelog also notes the patching of a major save bug.

And yes, it’s still on sale. It’s our civic duty to encourage y’all to get in on this. While you’re doing that, check out our game review.

[Our realMyst Review]

PC Port realMyst (along with sequel Riven) is on sale!

PC Port realMyst (along with sequel Riven) is on sale!

Jul 27, 2017

We try to be circumspect with our proclamations, but we feel it is fairly safe to say that Myst is an iconic game. It’s had plenty of valiant imitators, but the official Android port — realMyst — was a fun iteration that brings the desktop experience alive via Google Play.

And now, realMyst is on sale. At a sharp discount: $0.99.

As in 99 cents.

As in discounted from its regular price of $6.99.

Not that y’all really need to be sold on this one.. great graphics, first-person gameplay and a whole hos of puzzles to keep folks on their mobile gaming feet.

We got along just fine with this one when we took it for a gander earlier this year; we figure you just might like the sequel Riven, which (gasp!) is also on sale for $0.99, down from its regular price $3.99.

Check out the trailer to both games below, as well as our review of realMyst.



[Our realMyst Review]

Deliveries Package Tracker update brings fixes and more

Deliveries Package Tracker update brings fixes and more

Jul 27, 2017

Deliveries Package Tracker is easily one of our favorite apps; with modern conveniences like two-day shipping and the like, it pays to be able to know when what will be here. Or there.

The developer usually does a good job of refreshing the app, and its latest update looks to make usage smoother, especially for the users of some specific services.

Version 5.3.3 brings a host of fixes for specific services, including UPS, HongKong Post Post Switzerland and a bunch more:

Fixed issues with Australia Post, Boxberry, Chronopost, Correos Express, Delhivery, DHL Active Tracing, EspeedPost, Hongkong Post, Mondial Relay, Parcel2Go, Post Polen, Post Switzerland, TNT, UPS and Zásilkovna

The app is free and ad-supported; said ads can be removed via in-app purchase. If you’re so inclined, the site has a web service that can be synced to the Android app.


[Our Deliveries Package Tracker Review]

Hello Kitty joins PAC-MAN for a limited time

Hello Kitty joins PAC-MAN for a limited time

Jul 19, 2017

For a limited time, Hello Kitty is joining gaming icon PAC-MAN on Android courtesy of Sanrio and Bandai Namco.

The cool iteration will shop up as an update; and features the aforementioned Hello Kitty, with themed levels, customized icons ghosts and special in-game integrations.

Global icon Hello Kitty is joining PAC-MAN to chomp dots and get the Ghosts! The limited time event features supercute new mazes and specially designed tournaments to celebrate everything Hello Kitty!
• New content
• Game Improvements
• Loading optimizations!

Sanrio’s Brand Management and Marketing Senior VP Jill Koch talks about the venture. “Hello Kitty and PAC-MAN are global icons with a crossover fan base,” she says. “Merging Hello Kitty into the pixelated world of PAC-MAN is a gift both for fans that grew up with the brands and new fans alike.”

This time-limited event is available now through August 19th.

Last Day on Earth adds tweaks via update

Last Day on Earth adds tweaks via update

Jul 15, 2017

You’ve survived the zombie apocalypse. Yay! Now, civilization has broken down, and you have to battle the elements, other aggressive survivors, wild animals and, of course all manners of zombies.

Welcome to end of the world. Welcome to Last Day on Earth: Survival.

it’s a fun game, still in beta, but keeps the update trail warm nonetheless. It’s current update adds some changes and tweaks.

One change is the Quick Slot, which allows one to switch weapons quickly on the fly. This is great for those battles that involve multiple bogies, or when a well-used weapon breaks. There are also changes to Choppers, and getting sprayed by the green, vile Toxic Spitter increases one’s odor — thereby increasing one’s need for a bath.

One “realistic” change is that the burning torch now burns out, even when not used in attack/defense; if it is equipped, it will eventually burn down to nothing.

Did we mention the new icon? There’s more…

For more details, check out the


– Bravo bunker updated. Now more enemies there.
– Recipe of assembling Chopper slightly changed.
– Chopper repaint opportunity (10 options!) and 5 new colors added. Gasoline drop increased.
– Now you can put on and take off weapons and armor with a double tap!
– Now you can quickly switch weapons from Quick Slot.
– Now the torch burns down in your hand. Everything as in real life!
– Toxic Spitters’ spits now decrease your cleanliness, dodge better!
– Joystick lagging issue solved.

The game remains free (with in-app purchases) on Google Play.


Sailcraft launching next month

Sailcraft launching next month

Jul 15, 2017

SailCraft is an upcoming game that is set for an August release:

SailCraft is a 3D naval warfare mobile game that re-invents the classic turn-based gameplay of the Battleship-style board game. The fun and nostalgia of guessing and attacking the location of enemy vessels is now available with the added challenge of over 60 warship types that can be optimized for a variety of tactical combat styles.

Players build their fleets from a wide selection of vessels that include classic warships, as well as a variety of unique new crafts like powerful alien starships, tough dwarf submarines, and magical elf ships. The vast array of possible fleet combinations, battle formations, and other tactical options ensure that the true key to victory isn’t luck, but strategy.

Check out the trailer:

Hulu keeps busy with yet another update

Hulu keeps busy with yet another update

Jul 14, 2017

Hulu for Android is having a busy summer; on the heels of it’s recent update, it has yet another new build out now.

The current update brings tweaks to the app UI, bottom navigation and more:


*Persistent Bottom Navigation Icon Labels
*Modify Captions Settings from Playback & Chromecast Playback
*Bug Fixes
*UI Enhancements

The app remains free on the Play Store.

Valerian: City of Alpha Review

Valerian: City of Alpha Review

Jul 12, 2017

When it comes to movie-tie in projects, it’s safe to say they are closed to standard; when a major motion picture drops nowadays, you can almost always find a mobile game companion.

And we love that. New ways to increase mindshare, and even a way to pull in new fans. We all win.

Now, we are even getting to see interesting games like Valerian: City of Alpha. This one is pieced out from and based on Luc Besson’s upcoming futuristic space thriller Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. This one takes even a step further, as it looks to help develop some backstory for the game.


It’s visually pleasing, with an uncanny ability to invoke a sense of deep space. The game utilize engaging colors, with pulsating effects and effective animations that help the gameplay along and even frame it. The use of stills also buttress the action, and the sounds work well along with the looks.

Our location is Alpha, an erstwhile metropolis looking to expand to humans and other species. From a timeline perspective, it’s 600 years before the events in the movie, but still way out from where we are now. The gameplay tutorial is extensive, which is helpful; it leads players on some of the basics of world-building. There is a symbiotic feel here, because it takes a bit of give and take to ensure positive outcomes result.


Without spoiling too much of the game, one aspect that stands out is the CYOA — choose your own adventure — element. During play, you can and will face scenarios with multiple options. Each has an element of risk and a corresponding reward. Your job is to figure out which path is best, and deal with the results. There is a crafting element as well, and simple stuff like re-aligning habitats help facilitate this. The game also has objectives and achievements.

In the end, the exploration, creation of partnerships and strategic moves is all about creating a space city worth being proud of. The movie looms large in this one, as it may feel as though it is a bit open-ended without its source material to lead into. Still, it mostly works.

Quite well.

Ketchapp’s graphical thriller ‘Rider’ adds content via update

Ketchapp’s graphical thriller ‘Rider’ adds content via update

Jul 12, 2017

When we took a look at Rider, Ketchapp’s latest, we weren’t ashamed to note that we enjoyed the gameplay and visuals.

Thankfully, it looks as though its developer isn’t satisfied with just resting on its laurels; judging by the recent batch of updates, we are sure the game will be relevant for quite some time.

It’s latest update adds new content, including new bikes, stars and more.

Here are the details:

– Win Stars by completing Levels
– Collect 5 new Special Bikes
– Play new obstacles in Endless Mode
– Various improvements and fixes

Great stuff that should keep us all engaged.

The game remains free (with in-app purchases) on Google Play.

[Our Rider Review]

Street ballin’ “Dunk Nation 3X3” launches on Android

Street ballin’ “Dunk Nation 3X3” launches on Android

Jul 12, 2017

Halcyon has a new gaming adventure that takes advantage of the interest in 3v3 basketball.

Introducing: Dunk Nation 3v3!

Here are the game details courtesy of Google Play:

A massively multiplayer online sports game and with stylish graphics. It is a fast paced, arcade styled representation of half court street ball, self-described as being Hip-Hop.

The game emphasizes real street basketball match between friends. hip-hop style 3D graphic, selected music originated from street, make your phone become street ball half court (street ball field). Various freestyle skills, Tons of different outfits and wearable items to uniquely personalize the character and express yourself.

The game is free on Google Play.


Dawn of Titans update brings a multitude of tweaks and fixes

Dawn of Titans update brings a multitude of tweaks and fixes

Jul 11, 2017

Dawn of Titans has been on a bit of a roll of late; it continues to get better via updates which are fairly regular.

It’s latest update, which is live now, brings back some control of the Titans, fixes critical damage during battling, reduces lag and more.

Here are excerpts from the full changelog (courtesy of Google Play):

Titans rejoice!
This update provides a huge array of bug fixes, stabilization and performance improvements, including;
· AI IMPROVEMENTS which make Titans follow orders again!
· Performance improvements to reduce reported lag
· CRITICAL damage working in battle again
· Fixes for issues seen using the RAGE spell

And yes, NaturalMotionGames’ battling thriller is still free (with in-app purchases) on Google Play. In the mean time, check out our review and our tips and tricks.

Wordscapes Review

Wordscapes Review

Jul 10, 2017

Yes, yes… if we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a million times: we love “simple.” After all the hustle bustle of a zillion game types, sometimes, we all can do with a simple, easy-to-understand brain teaser to cool the brain off on.

A word game, perhaps? Something like Wordscapes, maybe?

Wordscapes uses simple graphics set in portrait orientation. The layout is simple enough, with the solved word section taking up most of the screen. Towards the bottom is a circle containing a word jumble, and then there are virtual buttons that serve as the controls around the main pieces.word3

It comes together much like the love child of a word search game and a crossword puzzle. It’s a leveled game, and each level starts with a set of letters, jumbled up. The idea is to glean words, and form them by tracing over the letters to correctly form the word; if the formed word is a correct one — and correctly spelled — it then automatically is applied to its spot in the crossword grid. The idea is to keep on going until the crossword area is completely full.

It starts out easily enough, with relatively short words that probably won’t tax the brain too much. The crossword element helps move the gameplay on, because the words overlap on the grid, and as such, with more correctly guessed words, there are more hints. The strength of the game, really, is the wealth of anagram sets, especially deeper in the game.

As one plays on, you might have to use the helpers: there is one for scrambling and one for hints. The former is great for re-mixing the letters, and the latter for filling in gaps. There are bonus squares, and some levels give you credit for finding words that are not part of the solution.

Again, simple does it. Words are fun again.

Hulu Streaming App adds signup options, sports event info and more

Hulu Streaming App adds signup options, sports event info and more

Jul 10, 2017

Hulu: Stream TV, Movies & more just received an update that should make it a bit more useful to streaming customers.

Some of the update covers adding airdate info to sports events in the My Stuff section and Live TV subscription info.

Per Google Play:

-Link to additional content at the end of collections on home
-Original airdate in sports events in My Stuff
-Live TV subscription via sign up
-Bug fixes and performance enhancements
-UX improvements

The app is free on Google Play.

Toast Wood Cover

One of the cool aspects of the Android devices is the diversity of the ecosystem. When one puts it against the relative conformity of the biggest alternative, this really comes to bare. You can find an Android-powered device of just about any size, shape and price range.

Choice rules.

But even then, as Android reaches more hands, the bigger OEMs are grabbing bigger pieces of the pie. Fair, as the economies of scale allow them to make arguably the best devices for less. In any case, a slab is slab is slab, so how does one “make” a device that is unique.

That’s what Toast covers look to, by providing unique, exact real wood covers for devices.

The review package reflects the unit in it’s retail stylings, with the unit components and documentation.

The case cover comes in two pieces, one that covers the front frame and the other for the back. Together, the whole solution is pretty light and thin at first glance. The application of the pieces is intuitive: peel the backing off the back piece and front piece, line them up, and stick them on.


It does make for a pretty unique look without making the phone look emptily ostentatious. The cutouts are right were they are supposed to be, and the phone is completely functional with them on.

Now, this case isn’t made to protect against extreme drops or collisions; it does well to guard against usage nicks and the like, and even the bothersome scratches that might happen carrying a device in one’s pocket. If the goal is to go big on personalization, it does the deed quite well.

The ordering process is easy enough; head to Toast’s site, pick your device and select the options. We went through the process formally, and had our piece in under a week.