Dawn of Titans Adds new Content via Update

Posted by on Jan 14, 2017

Dawn of Titans update.

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Cartoon Network Superstar Soccer: Goal!!! Review

Posted by on Dec 31, 2016

Basic soccer.

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Flyp Review

Posted by on Aug 31, 2016

Multiple numbers on one phone.

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Game of Dice’s brand new winter update looks like its best yet

Posted by on Dec 16, 2016

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Stickman Basketball 2017 Review

Stickman Basketball 2017 Review

Dec 14, 2016

It’s a stickman world, and few entities do it better than Djinnworks GmbH. When it comes to stickman-based sims, we generally like what it puts out.

It’s done basketball before; now we get Stickman Basketball 2017, a continuation of the legacy.

The tutorial is very useful in getting players familiar with the game; it runs an abbreviated 5v2 scrimmage with the numbers in the players favor. The action takes place on a basketball court with the expected stick figures taking the stage.

Using virtual controls, the game runs a jump ball sequence, and then the action commences. On the offensive side, passing mechanism is simple in theory, but not exactly easy to use without a bit of practice. The joystick allows users to guide the highlighted player, and shooting is intuitive for anyone who has played a basketball sim with virtual buttons: there is a degree of feel required to get the perfect shot off.


Defensively, one can block or steal shots, and again, switching off players is key to doing this effectively.

The scoring goes as one would expect: three points for shots from beyond the arc, and two points for dunks and closer field goals.

After mastering the controls — or coming close to this — the player can then select from any number of game modes: Quick Game (for a simple, no strings attached session), Seasons (get in on an adjustable length “S”BA season), National Team Cups (adjustable length international play), WBCBL (an admirable mode based on female teams) and Party Mode (local multiplayer battle for bragging rights).

There are different difficulty modes; the games, at the base level, are enjoyable, and fairly competitive. The different modes are a great addition, as they allow players to find their own engagement levels. The rewards system is a nice touch, allowing folks to unlock more content and rewards by achieving specific action thresholds.

The game does have an in-app transaction to kill ads and unlock all rewards, but the game can be played without this.

Fun addition to the stickman world. Well worth a look.

Nova Launcher Adds Tweaks via Update

Nova Launcher Adds Tweaks via Update

Dec 13, 2016

Nova Launcher is getting a bunch of tweaks via an update that is rolling out now.

Per the Play Store

Swipe to open drawer (a la Pixel Launcher)
New Pixel style searchbar
New search view, with tabs for Frequent, Recent and New/Updated apps
New “Timeout” screen lock method
New double-tap-swipe gestures
Android 7.1 launcher shortcuts
Dock backgrounds to draw under navbar
Quick start to easily change major settings (Nova Settings > Backup > Quick start)

Nova Launcher is free on Google Play; premium features are available for $4.99.

Colt Express Adds Private Multiplayer and More

Colt Express Adds Private Multiplayer and More

Dec 13, 2016

We reviewed Colt Express fairly recently, and happily proclaimed it as a game to try; the card strategy game has plenty of action, and it it easy to get addicted to very, very quickly.

It also helps that it is based upon a popular board game. Now, the digitized version is getting an update.

The updated build brings two great features: most notably, the game now allows players to get into multiplayer rounds with friends. Fantastic, really, as this makes the game as personable as the physical version.

Also, the game now features a complete lobby so players can browse and join open games. Again, another great addition.

And of course, we get the ubiquitous bug fixes.

Colt Express remains available on Google Play for a one-time price of $6.99. Check out the trailer below.

[Our Colt Express Review]

Monster Super League Gets “Winter Wonderland” Update

Monster Super League Gets “Winter Wonderland” Update

Dec 13, 2016

Monster Super League dropped on the Play Store earlier this year, and has down relatively well thus far. It’s latest update brings in some interesting new stuff while keeping up with the season.

Per the press release, this Winter Wonderland update allows players to:

· Participate in the ‘Winter Wonderland’ Event: Welcome the winter season by clearing various in-game missions, for awesome rewards;
· Uncover and beat the Winter Wonderland Missions: Clear the story mode (Hard / Extreme), using energy, clearing dungeons, ascending Astromon and clearing all missions;
· Earn rewards: Beat the missions to win rewards such as the Legendary Secret Egg, the Lightstone, gold and other items. Rewards can only be claimed once per account after clearing a mission in the inbox within seven days of clearing the mission.

Players will also be able to meet our new holiday-themed Astromon Snowee, an Astromon made from snowflakes:
· Available for a limited time: Snowee can only be captured in the story mode stages during the special event, so don’t miss out on adding this Astromon to the collection (available 12/08 – 12/22);
· Where to find Snowee: Randomly encounter Snowee in one of its three forms, Snowee, Snowena and Jill Frost, in the Normal, Hard and Extreme stages of the story mode.

Monster Super League is available for free (with in-app purchases) on Google Play.


Vaja New Agenda Case Review

Vaja New Agenda Case Review

Dec 13, 2016

Almost as far back as I can remember — along my gadget-owning timeline — Vaja had been an accessory presence. The name mostly invokes classy quality, and even today, it looks to continually prove that smartphone protection need not be a completely utilitarian “p” word.

We figured it would be the perfect manufacturer to toss into our case roundup.

We asked Vaja to surprise us. They obliged with the New Agenda, custom made for the Samsung S7 Edge.

The review case underscores Vaja’s attention to detail, with deliberate wrapping. The case itself looks and feels good right out if the box, sporting premium Argentinean leather bound on a minimalist polycarbonate core. Said core commands most of the back of the case, and allows for a form-fitting snap-on system; it also had a getting flap that is intended to cover the front of the phone, and which gives it its “agenda” styling. It has the necessary camera cutouts, and the edgeless sides allow for manipulation of the host device’s signature panels.

It attaches to the device easily enough by snapping on, and the whole solution is quite intuitive, and just as easily removed. The fit is tight without being overly restrictive, and the four-corner design does an equitable job of keeping the case on securely.


The leather exterior culminates in the aforementioned flap that provides adjustable cover for the front of the device; the inner part is in felt, and houses a magnet to facilitate secure closure.

In usage, the case had a small profile, such that it provides close to complete coverage without too much added bulk. The seams are well stitched, which allow it to reside in the pocket without causing discomfort. All buttons and ports are easily accessible, and the case can even be positioned to hold up the phone in landscape orientation.

The case does prohibit wireless charging in our testing, but, in another vein, does work with wet-applied screen protectors. Big bummer on the former, yay on the latter. This probably won’t provide the protection that a hardcore case would, but it does help provide insurance against wear and tear and small bangs while managing to look good while doing it.

All in all, it’s a fine looking accessory that has added benefits. For an expensive daily driver, it definitely is a great complement.

The case is $49 on Vaja’s website.

LEGO Speed Champions Review – a Studtastic Experience

LEGO Speed Champions Review – a Studtastic Experience

Dec 13, 2016

LEGO’s imprint is everywhere, and with its increased attention to mobility, we get to enjoy output like LEGO Speed Champions.

The controls are as ready as they come, really: one virtual button for leftward movements nestled in the left of the playing area, and a matching one on the other side.

It feels like a tabletop game, and the controls are a big part of the reason this game might appeal to folks. The fluid car movements braced against the challenge of the racing area make for a relatively engaging experience.

The race environments are Indy-ish, quite windy, and the arcade quotient is high, with gold studs, speed boosts, hazards and more. The oil patches, for instance, work quite well, and working to avoid is an engaging aspect of the game. The raceways are lined with the aforementioned collectible studs (which serve as game cash). Visually, the game reflects the LEGO creative mindset, and the color and sounds are just about right for this type of game.


At the beginning of any one race, the player gets to select from a host of cars, ranging from Mustangs to more exotic porsches. Some vehicles are more retro than others, but each has it’s attributes, so it makes sense to try them all. The different vehicles also increase the gameplay available.

Working the controls, as noted earlier, is key. It’s all about steering and correcting, and figuring out how to drift when necessary to get around the monster curves. When racing against the 4 or 5 AI vehicles, it feels like a virtual episode of bumper cars.

The action is about as straightforward as it comes: each race has three varying challenges (like winning or drifting thresholds). The ultimate goal? Win, collect gold pieces along the way and by completing goals, and move up the ladder and unlock new content. All self-contained.

There is also an online leaderboard feature, which is accessible with a LEGO ID.

My kingdom for multiplayer functionality. Weirdly enough, the game comes up as a Chromecast-compatible game, but we couldn’t get it up and running.

It’s a fun game; a one trick pony, yes, but it does the trick very well. For a free game, it ain’t bad at all.

Game Giveaway! G5’s The Cursed Ship Goes Free on Google Play and Amazon Appstore

Game Giveaway! G5’s The Cursed Ship Goes Free on Google Play and Amazon Appstore

Dec 13, 2016

Another G5 giveaway…

Yep, every one’s favorite generous app publisher has The Cursed Ship, Collector’s Edition available for free on Google Play and the Amazon Appstore — for a limited time, that is.

The Ondine, the biggest and most luxurious cruise ship ever built, departed on her maiden voyage. But her enormous pools, ornate casinos and grand ballroom were never seen again. Now the Trident Corporation has sent you to locate the ship and rescue the remains. During this dangerous mission, you lose all forms of contact, discover a mysterious mirror and find yourself in a very odd place, where everything happening around you is somehow occurring in two parallel worlds!

Which world is real, and which one is just a hallucination? Are the people you meet really alive … or are they ghosts? Search every deck of the gigantic ship for clues, solve challenging puzzles and master entertaining mini-games on your way to the breathtaking truth!

● Over 100 quests to solve
● 66 amazing locations to search
● 43 fun puzzles and mini-games
● Six enigmatic characters to question
● Two game modes: expert and regular
● Google Play game services support

The sale is on now, and runs through December 18th. Check out the promo material and trailer below.


Google Messenger Gets Redesign and More

Google Messenger Gets Redesign and More

Dec 12, 2016

Messenger, Google’s messaging standard, is receiving an update.

The update is fairly pertinent; on top of the list is a simpler design. It also adds in features that make use of wi-fi, some carrier specific tweaks, unread message indicators and Android N compatibility.


Messenger has been completely redesigned to make conversations easier, faster, and more fun.
Here are a few of the new features:
• Simple design, quick photo sharing, and top contacts one tap away
• Enhanced features that let you send messages over Wi-Fi or your data network, see when friends are typing, and more (some carriers only)
• Unread messages indicator on your Messenger’s home screen icon (some Android phones only)
• Android N compatibility

Messenger remains free on Google Play.

Mint Adds Bill Pay Feature

Mint Adds Bill Pay Feature

Dec 12, 2016

Mint: Personal Finance & Money is a well-rounded offering from Intuit; it helps folks have a live feel of their financial states right on their smartdevices.

Now, in an update that it is dubbing as its biggest ever, it is adding a nice new feature: Bill Pay — from within the application.

Per Google Play, the new update allows folks to sign into supported services and pay bills; this is in addition to the already existing ability to sign into supported accounts.

Mint remains free on the Play Store.

Hill Climb Racing 2 Review

Hill Climb Racing 2 Review

Dec 12, 2016

The sequel is here! Say hello to Hill Climb Racing 2.

The graphics hearken to the original iteration: fun, with a hint of exaggerated physics and hilly, 2D racing and smooth animations.

The control mechanism should also be somewhat familiar to purveyors of the original version; again, two main controls to controls to control the vehicle as it bounces of hilly paths as it races from left to right. The trick is figuring out how to use both pedals in tandem. The right pedal moves the car forward and keeps it a bit front-side up; the back pedal, in essence, does the opposite. Now, the dichotomy becomes apparent when the vehicle goes airborne (and yes, it will). If you keep that forward/gas pedal mashed, the jeep will tend to tip backwards, up until it tips over — ending the run.

Conversely, being overly ambition with the back/break button can make the jeep flip over the front. With a little practice though, one might be able to manage the vehicle’s forward progress by judiciously using both buttons.

Actual gameplay comes in two flavors Cups pits you against other AI racers in a points driven series of races. Adventure is more idyllic — but just so; this is a self-indulgent high distance experience. The friend challenge allows you to take on friends in a battle to the finish line. All have their merits, but we did. lot of work in the cups.


The race ways are lined up with gold coins and valuable gas fill-ups. The latter are important, and are one reason one doesn’t want to get caught between obstacles after, say, an errant jump. The gold coins (and the rewards for good performances) are valuable when it comes to upgrading the vehicle.

And vehicle upgrades are a huge part of going further into the game, because the raceways do become pretty tough to conquer with only the bare basic start car. It’s also possible to soup up the car and driver with better paint, clothing and hairdo. Hey… you do you.

The other play modes are easy to get into; Adventure Mode is a great way to accumulate coins in a relatively self-paced environment, while Friends looks to tap into Facebook relationships.

The game incorporates in-app purchasing for those that like to expedite processes. There are goodies chests and achievement bonuses as well.

All in all, it is a fine sequel, but one that easily stands on its own. The different modes are enjoyable as standalones, and the challenge is engaging without being infuriating.

Colt Express Review: Wild West Card Trip

Colt Express Review: Wild West Card Trip

Dec 12, 2016

Frankly, I didn’t know what exactly to expect from Colt Express. Yes, it is spawned from a fun board game, but how on earth would it translate to mobile?

Spoiler alert: surprisingly well.

Hold that thought…

The artwork is fun with a bit of the whimsical; the fast-moving backgrounds and card characters invoke the old west quite adequately. The continual might be distracting for some, but the gameplay hopefully nullifies this for most.

It took a bit to get used to the card and their permutations, but with a little bit — okay, a lot — of practice, it began to come together. The tutorial did help a great deal, but it could be said that nothing beats actually playing.

The action takes place on/in the “moving” train as described above; when playing against the AI, the player takes on the persona of a train bandit. At the onset of a game, one gets chance-assigned actions cards, and one also gets so many opportunities to use them in the round, in turn with the other players.


The cards are straight-to-the-point: they initiate stuff like movement, punching/shoving, shooting, picking up goodies and even summoning the big bad marshal. The idea is to outwit each and out-accumulate the other bandits, avoid the marshal and end up with the most cash at the end of all the rounds.

One can move around, towards loot and away from others, on top of cars and through them, and so on.

In each around, the players have to select cards in advance; thus, there is a big reliance on planning ahead, because to succeed, one has to take into account the opponent moves. The game throws in a toughie every now and then too, so there is plenty of challenges available.

The game is smart enough to have multiplayer, though this is random.

All in all, it was fun — once I figured it out. It is a great diversion, and the board game elements really work very well.

Bowmasters Review – Mayhem Unlimited

Bowmasters Review – Mayhem Unlimited

Dec 11, 2016

Bowmasters definitely catches the attention, but not in the way want might think.

Old Palm heads may liken it to Sid Meier’s Civilization IV: A War of Two Cities, what with the arcing barrage-based gameplay. This one is decidedly more lighthearted though; dispensing pain shouldn’t be fun, should it?

The artwork is quite zany. At first glance, it’s clear that this game refuses to take itself too seriously, and that decision works quite well. The characters are all loose-limbed and ragdolly, and exhibit cheerful dispositions. The backgrounds are all bright and engaging, and altogether, the visuals border on the comical.

Simply put, Bowmasters is a war of attrition. In the core mode, the main idea is to take out the enemy before you are taken out. The combatants are placed across from each other, and basically fling deadly projectiles in turn till one of their life bars is completely drained.

The true skill is in landing a hit. See, the enemy is shown at first, but then pans out of sight; you (the player) has to deduce how much power and distance — while accounting for simulated gravity — to put on the shot to strike the opponent. Too much or too little, and it flies high or drops short. You don’t want to miss too many opportunities, because the opponent probably won’t. Yes, fight to the death. And by the way, a direct hit might move the target, so you might have to adjust aim on the fly.


The physical result of hits are gruesomely funny; the invitation to “finish” defeated opponents with a final shot has to be seen, as do the breadth of characters and weapons (hello, flaming football!).

The game also incorporates friend play and other mini-games, like going for apples and birds. Doing well yield game coins, and extra characters can be unlocked with this (or real cash).

This one is a fantastic timewaster, and the free-to-play nature makes it well worth a try.

Oz: Broken Kingdom Receives Winter Update

Oz: Broken Kingdom Receives Winter Update

Dec 11, 2016

NEXON is keeping it festive with an update to Oz: Broken Kingdom.

What does the update bring?

The Winter Wonders update in Oz: Broken Kingdom turns the Emerald City hub into a snowy wonderland, adding frosty new content, including:

Chapters 8 and 9 – Two entirely new chapters adding more than 48 new dungeon modes and four new enemy types to battle. Advance into Chapter 9 – Ruggedos Mines and prepare to make a startling discovery about Dorothy and the Wizard’s fates.

New Player versus Player (PvP) Features – A new PvP season has been added bringing new arenas and battle companions along with it. Battle and earn exciting new rewards every two weeks!

The game remains free (with in-app purchases) on Google Play.

Boomzap’s Legends of Callasia Launches on Google Play

Boomzap’s Legends of Callasia Launches on Google Play

Dec 11, 2016

Boomzap’s latest, Legends of Callasia, is fantasy-bound turn based thriller, and it is now migrated from iOS to the Play Store.

The game, which is a tablet-exclusive, packs in what is referred to as a simultaneous gameplay mechanic; the developer is not averse to comparisons to games like Civilization, Risk and Heroes of Might & Magic.

– Three Factions to choose from: Hundred Kingdoms, Faeborne, and Revenant
– Over 25 Heroes with different classes, traits, and bonus cards
– 30 Single-Player Campaign Levels worth almost 40 hours of gameplay
– More than 35 tabletop-style Skirmish/Multiplayer maps playable up to 8 players
– Pay once and play

The game is free to download; $14.99 gets you the full game, and there is a $7.99 expansion pack.

Check out the trailer:

[via Boomzap Press Release]

My App Addiction: Chrome Remote Desktop

My App Addiction: Chrome Remote Desktop

Dec 10, 2016


I am a huge fan of mobility. When it’s all said and done, the ability to do most things unencumbered by stationary desktops is invaluable beyond measure. I’m able to manage most aspects of my daily life reasonably well from my Android-powered smartphone. Outside of wi-fi connectivity, the internet connectivity is great to have, and opens the doors to being able to things far, far from home.

I don’t even fear provider outages anymore. It’s all about pocket power.

Still, every now and then, it is necessary to get on Ol’ Trusty. The desktop still manages all sorts of peripherals (like wireless hard drives and the like) and there are some apps that just don’t translate to Chrome OS or Android.

That’s where one of my favorite applications, Chrome Remote Desktop, comes in and fills several gaps admirably.

What this app does is to, in essence, link Chrome browser on Windows and Mac machines to Android and/or Chromebooks. When set up properly, it is possible to pipe in to one’s desktop remotely. In practice, this allows me to access my main desktop from my Chromebook and my Samsung S7 Edge and iPad, if I so need.

You see, there are some operations that are still a little more fluid on a desktop. Other times, it is a unique problem; for example, the other day, I needed a particular account password on the road. I do have a password vault with both mobile and desktop clients, but I had entered this new password in the day before, and hadn’t synced both clients. One quick CRD session later, I had the password I needed (and then synced the password vault clients for good measure).

Another scenario is the occasional need for an alternative browser when using my Chromebook. I sometimes find it easier to just pipe in to the home desktop.

With the right resolution, I feel like I am right at home, sitting at my desk.

Chrome Remote Desktop isn’t perfect; I’m not that big a fan of keeping a desktop machine on and running indefinitely, but hey, it is a simple solution that has the benefit of being relatively lightweight and cross-platform.


Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery becomes a winter wonderland in latest update

Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery becomes a winter wonderland in latest update

Dec 8, 2016

Siberian developer MyTona gave mobile gamers a new installment in its hidden object series last year, challenging us to lift the curse from a troubled town in Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery. As an early Christmas present, there’s a brand new festive update to keep us tapping our way around the enigmatic city of Darkwood.

If you’ve played MyTona’s previous game The Secret Society, you’ll be at home with the gameplay here. Scouring 28 charming and detailed locations for clues, you’ve got to solve puzzles and quiz locals to uncover more about Darkwood’s history and its dreaded curse. If you get stuck on a puzzle, you can request help from a friend – they can leave objects in-game to help you, and you’ll receive an added research reward once you’ve solved it. You can then return the favour when a fellow ‘seeker’ gets stuck. There are 1200 quests to tackle, along with 222 collections to find.


The first thing you’ll notice with the latest update is that Darkwood has transformed into a winter wonderland. But the frost has brought with it some unwelcome visitors. There’s an ice queen, a penguin who is a right scamp, an evil snowman called Sir Tubby, and they’ve brought company. You have to banish these nasty neighbours by solving puzzles and using items you’ve found. Each time you’re successful, you’ll get a haul of festive goodies including candy and toys, as well as more practical items like fixers. But once the season of good will is over, Darkwood will revert to normal and the newbees will disappear along with the potential rewards. So be quick or miss out.

Download Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery for free from the App Store, Google Play, Windows Store, and Amazon Appstore.

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