Jan 15, 2014

UDLR:SWIPE is one of the simplest (yet addictive) games around.

Gestures rule the roost in this one. It’s all about swiping the right color in the right direction. Quickly, that is. Think of a digital Simon Says on steroids.

More specifically, at the simplest level, there are four colors: green, yellow, red and blue. Yellow needs to be swiped up, green down, blue to the left and red to the right. As hinted at, speed is of essence, because taking too much time ends the run. After the intro mini-tutorial, the game gets going, spitting out singular colors, to which they have to bes wiped off in the right direction. One mistake, and it’s done. The game intelligence does an interesting job of making it difficult, and forcing the brain to meld with the fingers to be successful.udlr1

A little bit of success opens up advanced functionality; soon the gameplay doesn’t send in just one volor ber screen; it begins to send in the colors in quarters. Swiping away one segment can open up a completely different color “underneath” it, and a swipe might not move a quarter or half, either. At times, the screen broke up into long thirds. The geometric changes combine with the color changes to create some major gameplay challenges that are insane in their ability to be quite addictive.

Length of life is measured in success, and the game mechanism makes group play almost a given. My son and I spent hours going at the record — I mean “testing” the game — and this review itself was delightfully interrupted by squeals of joy from a broken record.

The game graphics are bright, and convey what is needed very adequately. The swipe mechanism is especially clean, and the bigger he screen, the better the game looks.

I’ve said it before: simplicity of play is the key with regards to Android gameplay in 2014, and this one displays the concept very handsomely.