1941 Frozen Front Review

1941 Frozen Front Review

Aug 6, 2014

When looking at the 1941 Frozen Front page on Google Play you may notice a few 5/5 ratings in the game’s description that aren’t actually attributed to anyone. They aren’t real. This sets the tone for Frozen Front, which looks like a strategy game, but actually is anything but.

Screenshot_2014-07-29-07-15-24The coolest thing about 1941 Frozen Front is that it allows the player to play as Germany, instead of the umpteenth game about the Allies in WW2. The game covers the invasion of Russia by the Germans and the player will use tanks, Stormtroopers and halftracks among others to wipe out the Russians.

1941 Frozen Front has all the trappings of a strategy game. The game is turn based and uses a familiar hex system for movement. Combat uses a rock paper scissors system where heavy tanks beat light tanks, which beat infantry. Anti-tank infantry counter tanks to an extent. Forests provide cover from attacks and units run out of ammo and fuel unless they are resupplied regularly.

Screenshot_2014-07-29-06-55-03Other than that though, 1941 Frozen Front is less a strategy game and more a slugfest. There is just little to the game’s combat except rushing in units until they or the enemy are blown up and then doing it again and again until one side wins. The enemy gains reinforcements quite quickly and there is just not enough of a difference between units to use effective tactics. Anti-tank infantry for example still die from a few tank attacks and take multiple shots to destroy even the weakest tanks.

Jarringly, the game includes a freemium resource, gold which is required to do just about anything in game. The player needs gold to buy new units or repair existing units. A small amount of supplies for repairing units is provided for free, but this is never enough to finish a mission easily and every unit that is destroyed must be replaced with gold. Gold trickles in very slowly from supply camps the player can capture, but this is never enough to win the battle.

A huge black mark against the game is its reliance on ads. A huge banner ad dominates the top of the screen at all times during gameplay, making it difficult to enjoy the game. Often during gameplay a pop up obscures a portion of the screen, asking the player to watch a video for gold. This happens every few minutes and cannot be dismissed. It removes any atmosphere the game might have had by reminding the player that it’s a game.

1941 Frozen Front looks pretty good. Tanks and infantry are drawn well and the environments look nice enough. It is difficult to appreciate the graphics with the continual ads blocking the view however.

1941 Frozen Front has a lot of levels and online multiplayer but the game just isn’t any fun to play and its reliance on in app purchases makes it less like playing a game and more like pay to win.

1941 Frozen Front is less STG44 and more Luger and should be avoided.