WordPress for Android Gets Massive 2.0 Update

Anyone who’s worked from WordPress on their mobile devices, both phones and tablets, know that its something of a hot mess at times. From the browser, there are occasional issues with WebKit browsers that populate the mobile landscape, and the app has had its issues at times, particularly in that it works differently from the web in how photos are posted. However, WordPress appears to be trying to improve at least the interface of their Android app, as they have a new update for their app.

In particular, this app adds a new interface for both adding posts and for editing text. In particular, rich text formatting options are more expansive – not just standard bold/italic/underline options, but strikethrough options for being an intelligent and witty writer of humor amateur snarkster, linking, quotations, and page breaks so posts can be expanded “after the fold”. As well, there are new image adding options, with the ability to align images from the app itself, not just from the web. Comment notifications are now available as well.

Many common features are not in the app – the ability to add post excerpts or other metadata categories, for example. Images still can’t be uploaded and added to the gallery without posting them in articles directly. There’s no word count display either, which is a problem for people who have to work on word limits. This still feels like an app for more casual bloggers, those who want to use it to post an occasional photo or short post to their personal blog. It’s not as robust as it needs to be for serious bloggers and reviewers like myself. The tablet-optimized interface is a huge help, though.  This update is a nice step forward, but it still leaves me wanting for what I and many other bloggers who regularly work with WordPress need it for. The free update is available now from the Android Market. This update is not available for iOS yet, though many of the same features are available in that version of the app, such as rich text formatting options.