Tank Hero: Laser Wars – Review

Tank Hero: Laser Wars – Review

Jul 4, 2012

When I was younger, I had an Atari 2600. That thing was pretty awesome back in the day. One of my favorite games was Tank. Well, there is a modern day version of this game and it’s called Tank Hero: Laser Wars. The laser blasts are like a tennis match of death. When the tank shoots a laser, there is one bounce then it is absorbed by the wall if it misses a target. However, if it hits a target, damage is done.

The controls are pretty easy to get the hang of. Initially there is a d-pad on the screen to move the tank around the game board. To fire the laser cannon, tap the target and the tank will aim the laser cannon at the target and fire. If there is something in the way, the tank will shoot at that instead. This means either the target needs to be in direct sight or the angle of a single ricochet needs to land on target. When attacking, tap the screen fast for multiple shots on target.

As the levels progress, there are different obsticles coming into play. Red walls cannot be driven through but the blue walls will as if they weren’t there. The blue walls will not allow lasers to pass through them, where as the red walls will. See how there is a bit of strategy involved? If the level ends in an unsatifactory way, there is a redo button allowing a retry. Sometimes when a new obsticle is introduced it can take a minute to figure out how to use it as an advantage so the retry button can be a big help in that respect.

Have a friend who thinks they have the game mastered? Well how awesome is it Tank Hero: Laser Wars has a multiplayer mode. Two player mode would work best on a larger screen like a tablet. The game is the best of 3, with different power-ups like in the single player mode.