Endless Ducker Review

Endless Ducker Review

Sep 30, 2016

When it comes to the Dude Perfect crew, crazy is a way of life. One gets the feeling that Endless Ducker is tailor-made for them.

The main control system involves tapping on either side of the screen; tapping to the left invokes a forward slide, while tapping on the right makes our runner jump. This gives an idea as to the type of action involved.

Right off the bat, the action starts, with an incorporated tutorial. Almost immediately, one has to leap over stuff and the duck, and definitely not always in order. The obstacles are everyday interior objects, like toys, doorways and the like, so it mostly feels a bit natural.

Every avoided object scores a point; as one progresses, the challenge ratchets up somewhat. Timing is everything; I found that getting past a moving object is a bit different that handling a stationary one. The spacing between obstacles affects action, and I did hit the wrong side (like jumping instead of sliding) more than once.


One element is to go so far (and get enough points) so as to open up a new “scene.” Now, there are different types of obstacles that fit the theme — watch out for the humongous linebacker on the football field — and quicker actions are needed. Then, combo actions can be performed, like invoking a slide while one is jumping.

Heady stuff.

And the game goes on and as such. It’s not rocket science, but is able to provide a bit of a challenge, since the right/left tapping mechanism to jump or slide can be a bit tricky, especially as one goes further on in the game.

The lack of complexity can be becoming or disconcerting depending on the individual playing the game; it does feel like a lot of the same. That need not be a negative though, because Endless Ducker does well in a pinch.

Apocalypse Runner Review

Apocalypse Runner Review

Apr 14, 2015

Running away from danger is a fundamental human right, and in many ways, Apocalypse Runner, a 2D atmospheric runner, promotes this right. For the good of all.

Looks-wise, it’s a simple affair, with subtle darkness as the general motif. Even in the simple graphics, the developer is able to convey lightheartedness, and it works.

The gameplay is simple here; our protagonist runner is lollygagging along his way, when a sudden gaggle of evidently spooked birds gives him the only warning of an imminent danger. Hot on the heels of the birds is what can charitably be described as an uncontrolled tsunami. Running right-ward is the the only way to survive, and the ultimate goal is to avoid being swept away by the tidal wave.

The running area has gaps created by “natural” growths, creating holes that need to be jumped across to continue moving; this is probably the main element. The developer does a good job of tweaking it within that paradigm; as a run continues, the running area becomes a bit more treacherous, forcing the player to have to jump up to reach a cliff, or down. Such variations can wreak havoc on timing. Then, there are the secondary obstacles, like the well-known rotating blades and even rocks. Running into one of these pretty much ends the run. There are goodies to collect too, though focusing too hard on the gems can be foolhardy. Enough gems can open up powerups.


Jumping is effected by tapping anywhere on the screen; double tapping creates a double jump. These have to be harnessed well, because an errant jump can have unpredictable (and non-optimal) results. As distance is accumulated, the obstacles start to come quick and often, and then the game starts to get a twitch-reaction feel. The quick pace is a great touch.

There isn’t a ton of variation, but it should be commended for taking an easy road and looking to do it well. It’s an enjoyable romp with a clear premium implementation that, well, works.

Agent, Run! Review

Agent, Run! Review

Nov 10, 2014

There is a secret agent in all of us. Agent, Run! proves it.

It’s a 2D runner, with the familiar paradigm of action progressing from left to right. The graphics are a bit witty in nature, with purposefully gappy animations and frenzied characterizations. The visuals change as the running is done, from interior spots to outdoor environments, and the obstacles are fairly easy to understand. Our agent is appropriately tuxedo-ed, and the developer does a decent job of incorporating fun sequences within the gameplay.

As far as action, it is based heavily on the control set; in this game, gestures rule roost. To begin, our secret agent man parachutes into the running area and gets moving as soon as his feet hit the ground. This is smart, as there is an ever-present group of goons hot on his heels for as long as he runs. These goons can’t catch our hero unless he slows down or falls, but the kicker is that there are quite a few obstacles in this lethal environment.

The obstacles are interesting, and the initial run doubles as an interactive tutorial. There area lot of doors to get through, for example, and swiping on these doors open them so that our guy can get through without being slowed down. Then, there are guard dogs that fortuitously have bones hanging by ropes above their heads. The dogs can be distracted by swiping to cut the ropes so that the dogs pay more attention to the bones than the intruder. There are boxes too, that can be swiped for the gold collectible coins that they divulge. Running into too many obstacles ends a run, with the distance run being a measure of success.


As the game goes on, the obstacles get a bit sneakier: bomb drones, weird vegetation, slide-up doors and more. Quick reactions are a plus, and the swiping gets frenetic. The game also incorporates an in-game shop for items that can be purchased with accumulated coins, and such items are necessary to progress. The achievement system is a fun diversion within the game, and in some senses, heighten the fun factor by encouraging players to live on the edge.

I liked the interaction system; focusing on the obstacles rather than the runner is quite refreshing, and I like the simple bonuses and the straightforward premium pricing (needed to get past the first level). The review build does feel a tad repetitive in spots, but nonetheless, it is the perfect time waster.

It might not be the most sophisticated looking spy thriller around, but I suspect it isn’t trying to be… and even Bond can appreciate that.

Agent, Run! Looks to launch on Google Play Next Week

Agent, Run! Looks to launch on Google Play Next Week

Nov 4, 2014

We love Indie developers, we love runners, and above all, we like it shaken — not stirred.

On paper, we should really, really love Agent, Run!, which is a new 2D endless runner that looks to put some secret agent intrigue in our lives. Excerpts from the press release:

In Agent, Run!, players take on the role of square-jawed, stylish Agent Robert Robertson in order to defeat the villainous Professor E. Vil and his horrific (and pixel-perfect) “Doomsday Machine”—which has the potential to end the world as we know it.

The game includes all the staples of the Connery-era Bond flicks as obstacles–including shark tanks, irradiated rooms, mustache-equipped bad guys, menacing guard dogs, falling logs . . . you name it :)

Agent, Run! is a fast-paced 2D endless runner with sharp gesture-based controls and a unique look. Swiping the screen allows players to destroy drones, open doors and even freeze sharks (!) The game also includes cool unlockable gadgets such as a Hazmat suit, bazooka, and much more (see Key Features below). Finally, the soundtrack punches above its weight with a sly mix of jazzy beats and ‘60s electric guitar sounds.


* Charming graphics reminiscent of classic James Bond films
* More than 60 missions and 9 different achievements
* 4 levels with randomly-generated challenges:
– Jungle
– Villa
– Basement
– Bunker
* Endless/non-endless modes
* 24 interactive objects
* 8 gadgets:
– Hedge trimmer
– Rope
– Helmet
– Freeze ray
– Zipline
– Jetpack
– Hazmat Suit
– Bazooka
* No ads!
* Online leaderboards (Google Play Game Services, Game Center)
* Agent ranks and cloud saves (Android-only)
* Supports English, German, and Spanish


Agent, Run! is free and comes with Level 1 unlocked. The three remaining levels can be unlocked for $2.99.

We are looking forward to checking it out; as noted, the game will be free with higher levels requiring in-app purchasing to be unlocked. The game will be launched on November 11th.