EVO 4G Update Does In Fact Remove Framerate Cap

EVO 4G Update Does In Fact Remove Framerate Cap

Sep 28, 2010

A few days ago Sprint released its latest firmware update for the EVO 4G to take care of a few pesky bugs. In all, a total of 4 issues were to be resolved (Calender Edit Event, Multiple Gmail Sync, 30 FPS cap, GPS Reboot). Interestingly enough Sprint only decided to mention 2 of them (perhaps to avoid unwanted questioning). One of the unmentioned issues was that of the 30 FPS cap. Originally the story floating around was that the frame rate cap was software imposed due to Evo’s hardware support of HDMI-out and could not be rectified through software updates (even though hackers proved differently). Naturally this left the Evo community speculating about whether or not the recent update could indeed undo the cap. Guess what? It did!

The guys over at Engadget have confirmed that the cap has indeed been lifted and now the Evo is uncontrollably gushing streams of FPS into the Gulf of Gaming Graphics. Great news for EVO owners who have had to endure ridicule over the FPS debacle. What now? Time to take those once chained EVO’s and smack all the non-believers in the face with some 4G fury.

Users claim it, benchmarks prove it and screenshots solidify it. Now stop procrastinating and go to Settings > System updates > HTC software update and feel the FPS freedom.

Source: Engadget