Dragon Land Review

Dragon Land Review

Mar 22, 2016

Platforming is the name of the game in Dragon Land.

The game comes to us in glorious 3D, with a deliberate use of color that permeates the entire experience; it’s a festival of greens, blues and everything in between and beyond. The animations are deliberate with little extraneously useless motion, and it incorporates just enough flash to keep it engaging. At some points, one gets a switch in form (hello 2D) that mostly keeps the game fresh.

The sound is equally cheery, and underscores the overall arcade feel.

The gameplay is set in three flavors: Quick Play, Campaign and Multiplayer; the first and last modes are locked till portions if the middle mode are completed.

Per gameplay, the overarching objective is to guide our adventurous dragon through, over and around platforms, avoiding and/or dealing with baddies while trying to accumulate as many suspended gold coins as possible. The main controls involve a virtual joystick and a jump button to propel our creature into the air — as one gets deeper into the game, one gets additional control buttons as one gains or needs more abilities. A lot of the initial going has to to with jumping from one aerial platform to another in one’s quest to make it to the final coin. Soon, one needs to master gliding in an effort to travel and collect goodies, necessitating an extra aforementioned control button.


Initial impressions do lead one to believe the the game is easy to understand, and it remains that way through the game, even as it gets more complex. The bad guys get a bit craftier, but so do the boosts one can use to engage them. There is an energy requirement, and there are different play pieces (dragons) with different features one can utilize, and one can level up to enhance them. Dig bosses? This one has em.

It comes together nicely. The in-app purchase system doesn’t feel mandatory, and it isn’t boring or formulaic. For most folks, it should be great for long term time investment or quick incursions.

New Game Escape From Zombies & Survive Lands on Android

New Game Escape From Zombies & Survive Lands on Android

Mar 7, 2015

Romale Game Studio just launched an interesting survival game on Google Play and Amazon Appstore — this one with the name Escape from zombies & survive (Escape from Zombies on Amazon Appstore).

The game title seems to let folks know what the game is about: avoid the creepy/roamy/touchy undead, and try to make it to a helicopter to escape becoming a meal.

– Nice and simple design
– 3D animated cartoon zombies
– 3D animated helicopter
– 4 well designed 3d terrains
– 36 levels to complete
– Hours of gameplay
– Reward videos(they bring you extra 30 seconds in next game)
– Japanese oriental background music

The game boasts 36 levels of 3D goodness, and we look forward to reviewing it.

It is free (with incorporated ads) on Google Play and Amazon Appstore.

Battle of Tanks Review

Battle of Tanks Review

Aug 26, 2014

Battle Of Tanks is another entry in the rather crowded online tank battler. Does it HEAT things up?

Screenshot_2014-08-23-11-06-24Battle of Tanks‘ gameplay is too simple for its own good. There are no mission briefings or story; it is just the player in a tank of their choice. The player just drives around a featureless, treeless field (even if the description mentioned an outpost) using one of three weapons to blast enemy tanks into twisted metal. Weapons include the tank cannon, missiles which are very similar to cannons and machine guns, which are nearly useless.

The game lacks any interesting enemies either. There are no aircraft nor tank destroyers nor infantry, just other tanks firing in random directions.

Screenshot_2014-08-23-11-07-39One of the worst parts of the game though is the environments. Comprised of grassy fields with no interesting cover or things to look at, Battle of Tanks loses nearly all of its tactical potential. Without an environment to move around and take cover behind, the game is little more than a contest of who shoots first, which doesn’t make for exciting gameplay.

Battle of Tanks has very poor graphics. While it is indeed 3D as touted in the game’s description, the game just looks really bad. Most tanks are simply dull colored boxes, with nary a detail to be seen and the game’s environments are extremely poor without even a tree to look at. Explosions are simply expanding orange spheres and enemies all look the same. The resolution is low, the animation is nearly non-existent and Battle of Tanks just looks primitive.

The sound isn’t much better. There are no engine sounds at all, weapons all sound the same and the music is very generic.

Battle of Tanks‘ biggest failing however is its extremely imprecise controls. While it uses a familiar twin stick setup with one to control the tank and one to control the turret, these sticks are incredibly imprecise. Just driving in a straight line or rotating your turret in the general direction of an enemy is a huge pain because the game just won’t react correctly to touch.

Battle of Tanks is a difficult game mainly because it is so hard to move the tank with any kind of grace. Avoiding enemy shots is nearly impossible because often the controls won’t respond and the game spawns tanks behind you often and there is no radar to keep track of where enemies are and no cover to be used.

Battle of Tanks is a very poor game and it is clear from its title it is trying to emulate World of Tanks, but it is little more than a knock off. There are many, many better choices for tank based combat on Android. Check out Iron Force for super fun online tank combat with far better controls and actual environments.

Time Tangle – Adventure Time Review

Time Tangle – Adventure Time Review

Aug 25, 2014

Adventure Time is spawning so many game adaptations, it’s getting ridiculous. Not only that, but they all have different genres and seem to have different developers as well – it’s like Cartoon Network is giving out the license to everyone asking. Not that I’m against that, but you really never know what to expect when you get an Adventure Time game.

Time Tangle is an endless runner – and that’s the problem. It’s a runner that costs three bucks to play. It’s a decent title, but only when you compare it to other, free-to-play runners. And even then, there are some runners that exceed Time Tangle in some respect. I’m the last to defend free-to-play model, but come on – there’s not a single reason for Time Tangle to not be free, or almost free. It’s not entirely endless, and there’s a story advancement, but from the gameplay point of view, it’s just another runner with some action bits and cutscenes.

You play as Finn who runs forward and fights monsters and bosses, trying to restore the time totem that he shattered, because he’s prone to do that. The player can shift Finn Time Tangle 3sideways and jump, hit stuff to kill it, and activate a superpower if he “picked up” one of his friends on the way. Fighting is rather simple, but varying enemies and bosses make good use of it. The running part isn’t that exciting either, but since the player needs to fight and run at the same time, the gameplay manages to be rather entertaining. While running, Finn needs to complete missions that are assigned randomly and mostly require killing something, or getting somewhere in one piece. Again, they are just enough varied to be enjoyable. The awards for completing missions are time shards that need to be collected to advance the story. The more missions the player completes in a single run, the more shards he gets.

Two great things about Time Tangle are its writing and graphics. Although voice actors are very obviously not the ones from the series, the writing is pretty funny and the actors do a nice job. There’s not much talking in the whole game, though. The graphics and animation are also great, although Adventure Time’s design sets hard limits on 3D graphics. I think the game would look a lot better if it stopped trying to fit into Adventure Time’s heavily-styled 2D pants.

A word about items. There aren’t any. I still can’t grasp the need to collect gold from fallen monsters, as there’s absolutely nothing to purchase in the game. There’s a great and fun album that has information on every creature and item you encounter, but it has no real value and doesn’t require spending a virtual dime on.

Overall, I’d say Time Tangle is a disappointment. It’s a nice game, and it handles the Adventure Time trademark without issues, but it’s just not worth spending 3 bucks on. Unless you’re a big Adventure Time fan, you probably won’t find much of value in it. Most fun part about it is the Adventure Time world itself.

Sonic Dash Released On Android

Sonic Dash Released On Android

Nov 27, 2013

Sonic Dash 2

A new Sonic-themed free-to-play endless runner is now available on Android devices. The game features fully 3D rendered environments, recognizable runner gameplay, and of course, Sonic The Hedgehog himself. It really looks quite marvellous, and is available for free from here: Sonic Dash on Google Play.

Free Game Rundown – Golf Games

Free Game Rundown – Golf Games

Nov 26, 2012

Golf is a great recreational game as long as it isn’t taken to seriously. Getting out there with a couple of friends and having a few beers is a great way to spend an afternoon. On the days when the weather doesn’t cooperate with the tee time, just pull out the trusty Android and play a virtual round of golf. Or, practice putting with a game of mini golf.

Mini Golf Stars 3D: Putt Putt

Even for the most dedicated golfer, can get frustrated playing a difficult mini golf course. Because of the 3-D nature of this mini golf game, it can get pretty difficult. Using the 3D view it’s easy to swing around and see elevation and the full course in a different way than a 2D game would allow.

Download Mini Golf Stars 3D: Putt Putt

Golf 3D

Golf 3D is another 3D game. However, this is a full-size golf course. Many the same views are available in Golf 3D as there are in Mini Golf Stars 3D: Putt Putt. Spin the course around to see what the best possible angle to shoot is. I like this game because the ball can be maneuvered while in flight. There’s also a career mode which is nice for coming back and playing it over and over again.

Download Golf 3D

Let’s Golf! 3

Let’s Golf! 3 is the third edition of Gameloft’s version of a golf game. They have really well-made games with cartoony looking characters. Because it’s not trying to be super realistic game, the courses are a little out of the normal realm of what most people golf on. Let’s Golf! 3 is multiplayer game that can be played on the same device or with up to four players on the same Wi-Fi or Bluetooth network.

Download Let’s Golf! 3

Tiki Golf 3D FREE

Some of the most fun mini golf courses are the ones with a theme. Tiki Golf 3D is just that kind of mini golf game. While playing the 18 normal holes or 19 alternative holes, there are some lockable worlds and difficulties.this is another game where the phone can be tilted to control the ball all its moving towards the hole.

Download Tiki Golf 3D FREE

Golf Solitaire Free

Golf Solitaire is for the people who are not necessarily into golf, but get stuck going to the golf course in writing along the cart. Play a Solitaire while the others play a round of golf. Also a great time killer for those times when there is a slow group of people ahead.

Download Golf Solitaire Free

Friday Free Game Rundown September 28th

Friday Free Game Rundown September 28th

Sep 28, 2012

People like to fight; it’s in our nature. Sports like hockey and boxing are popular because of the aggressive nature and well, the fighting. This week’s 5 pack of free Android games are all about laying fist to face. Or at least hitting the opponent in the face with something. Those fantasy fighting games can throw in some magic attacks.

Kung Fu Do Fighting

Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting… um..yeah. Sorry about that. The song popped into my head when I read the title of the game. Anyway, Kung Fu Do Fighting has the graphics of a lot of early 90’s fighting games. The two different modes offer different challenges making it fun to play over and over.

Download Kung Fu Do Fighting

Fists For Fighting

I’m not sure what else fists are for really. Fists For Fighting shows how much damage a fist can really do when applied to the face of a fellow boxer. Get in the ring and knock around the opponent Rocky style in this story based boxing game. Try the different arenas and boxers. While the Eye of the Tiger won’t be playing in the background, boxing matches still get the blood pumping.

Download Fists For Fighting (F*3 Free)

Fighting Tiger – Liberal

While 2D martial arts games are fun, 3D movement makes for a greater challenge. Having the 3D movement opens the door for a lot of cool moves and combos. And let’s be honest, isn’t that what these games are all about? Fighting in the coolest way possible. Pick up some weapons along with the fighting skills: punching, kicking and scratching.
Download Fighting Tiger – Liberal


This is a game without a rating. There IS blood and gore. Check out BLOOD AND GLORY Clean Version to not let the blood show. That being said, BLOOD AND GLORY is a 3D gladiator fighting game. All the weapons and scary opponents are right on with the time period. Accumulate a grouping of death wielding weapons to better fight the other gladiators in the ring. Learn a few combos and defeat the enemy with ease.

Download BLOOD & GLORY (NR)

Battle Arena FREE Avatar Fight

The movies showing the mystical powers being used during a fight are pretty awe inspiring. Battle Arena FREE Avatar Fight is an Android fighting game bring those mystical powers to the small screen. Building up or creating an avatar to fight in the Battle Arena is the ultimate challenge. Create new weapons and armor, play against others online and build a clan. The story mode is less of a vs. style battle and more or a career mode type game.

Download Battle Arena FREE Avatar Fight

Aces 3D Brick Breaker Review

Aces 3D Brick Breaker Review

Sep 19, 2012

For the uninitiated, it may take a while to understand: Brick Breaker is a way of life. The original game cut its teeth in boardrooms around the world as a stock staple on modern BlackBerry devices, and has spawned a loyal following of paddle-sliding, brick-smashing aficionados world-wide.

There have since been many iterations on different platforms, but Aces 3D Brick Breaker from Concrete Software is one that I found is worth a second look. Or two. Or twelve.

The concept is mostly the same. I use a paddle to direct a ball to break bricks, while also preventing the ball from getting past the paddle. However, the Concrete Software version does the unthinkable; it creates a realistic 3D environment. In one scene, I was in what looked like a construction foundation with a transparent bat smashing at bricks. And there are more themed scenes to enjoy as the game progresses.

In this version, the ball came right at me, which changed the perspective of the game way more than I could have envisaged. It did take some getting used to, but the developers did a good job of using simple artistic perspective (like gradually increasing size of a returning ball) to make the game more life-like.

I found the power-ups to be innovative; they made the original BB port fun. But these ain’t your Uncle Hank’s basic power-ups . No sir. The power-ups range from staccato-sounding Shotgun to reflex-resting Force Field. The power-ups added a challenging — yet achievable — level of difficulty for me, which was good. Besides bricks and power-ups, there were high-scoring gems that yielded points too.

As in the original, I completed a level by disposing of all the bricks, regardless of score. Still, points are the name of the game, because my rep is based off my high score, and there is an online chart where I could compare my prowess to other brick damaging geniuses.

I was fairly impressed with this re-imagined version of brick breaker. While the controls did take some getting used to (even though, as noted, the developers made a valiant effort to include options to make tracking the ball easier), overall, it is a pretty cool interpretation of the game that makes it ever new.

Friday Free Game Rundown August 31

Friday Free Game Rundown August 31

Aug 31, 2012

3D gaming is not quite to the level we thought it would be in the 21st century. I mean, look at all the old TV shows talking about all kinds of fantastic technology we would have in our homes. Sure, some of it is real, but not quite there on our mobile devices. That being said, here is a list of some fun games labeled as 3D. What 3D games currently consist of is not simply moving from side to side. There is an option to move in any direction.

Smash Fruit 3D

Ever have a bad day and think it could all go away by smashing something? Me too. Smash Fruit 3D is the cure for a bad day. Using a quick finger swipe will throw a rock ar various fruits. When hit, the fruit explode like they are hit with a sledge hammer.

Download Smash Fruit 3D

aTilt 3D Labyrinth

Back in the day there was a wooden version of this game. The wooden tilting maze was a pretty difficult child’s toy. Imagine the digital version. Multiple levels getting progressively more difficult. Remember it’s just a game, don’t get mad and throw the phone at the wall in anger.

Download aTilt 3D Labyrinth

Babel Rising 3D

Have a God complex? Well Babel Rising 3D is the battle of God getting back at the ungrateful humans. Use the power of nature to put the fear of God into them again. (Pun intended.) The cocky humans are building a tower to get closer to heaven. I’m not sure why they are making a tower, everyone knows the way to heaven is a stairway. Anyway, be a vengeful God and show them who’s the creator.

Download Babel Rising 3D

Helidroid 3D: Helicopter RC

Using either an on-screen joystick or the gyro in the phone or tablet to fly the little RC Helicopter from point A to point B. Like piloting a real chopper, controlling the lift is also important when flying around the courses. The courses become more difficult. Obstacles like walls and moving landing pads are added into the mix.

Download Helidroid 3D: Helicopter RC

Light Racer 3D

Just like the light bikes in Tron. Pretty bad-ass game actually. Race against another bike. When the bikes are driving around on the grid, they leave a light wall behind them. As the race progresses,the grid is more and more full leaving less room to maneuver. Good luck!

Download Light Racer 3D

Theme Thursday: Regina 3D Launcher

Theme Thursday: Regina 3D Launcher

Jul 19, 2012

The easiest way to customize an Android phone is to install a custom launcher. I have my beliefs about custom launchers, most of which are a need for speed. Having an older phone, by tech standards at least, is kind of tough as most new-fangled launchers have increasing visual splendor that tax my aging processor. I must note that I have used a myriad of launchers for most of my time with my Droid and I never had major problems, but after having to hard reset my phone I was surprised at just how much quicker HTC’s stock SenseUI was in comparison to what I had been using. So seeing this I opted to take a Apple-like approach and stuck with an “outdated” UI in order to preserve a swift and quality experience.

With this in mind I ventured out into the jungle that is the Google Play store in search for a new, unique launcher. Something the world had not been exposed to and something that would probably be rough around the edges. What I found was Regina 3D Launcher, and, honestly, it is not so much rough around the edges as undeveloped. I actually prefer an app being underdeveloped as opposed to having a ton of features that are broken and buggy. It is easy to see that with the level of detail and quality in each feature of Regina 3D future expansion updates are inevitable. That is not to say that Regina 3D is a bare cupboard, but unfortunately most of these radiant features are offered as separate downloads instead of simply being included in the actual app. For example, just to have the local weather display on the clock widget there are two separate apps that need to be downloaded; both of which could easily be combined into a single app, or better yet, into the actual Regina 3D download.

Regina 3D obviously tries to bring further dimensions to that simple 2D home screen. Unfortuantely, while certain effects are executed wonderfully, there are simply not enough effects here to make this app something to write home about. The impression I got after scanning its Google Play store was that I’d be having 3D home screens where each widget is slightly at an angle above the wallpaper, giving a great orthographic three-dimensional view. Unfortunately, my experience using Regina 3D was ho-hum at best, and other than an interesting app drawer screen there was nothing here that I couldn’t pull out of another launcher, say GO Launcher. To set a launcher apart in this top-heavy app market there must be something revolutionary and amazing that will give people a bona-fide reason to switch. Unfortunately, Regina feels incomplete right now, and while the parts that are there are of very high quality, the lack of a multitude of true 3D effects is very disappointing.

Exorcist Review

Exorcist Review

Jul 10, 2012

Exorcist is a game where the character being controlled is out to stomp out some evil creatures. With the overhead view, it is easy to see the fast moving spiders, bats and other attacking creatures. The hard part is attacking before they do. When enemies attack, they are do so in waves. Each wave is a bit stronger or there are more creatures attacking.

When the enemies are terminated, they leave behind some gold. The gold is used in the store to buy more and better weapons, armor, potions and magic. All of which have a limited number of uses. If in the middle of attacking a wave of evil all of the arrows from the crossbow are used up, more can be bought without leaving the game. Crystals can also be used to purchase items in the game. However, the crystals are a more difficult to earn. When a wave is completed and almost no damage is taken on, crystals are awarded. Crystals can also be purchased in-game with real world money.

The controls for Exorcist are an onscreen joystick and buttons. These controls are more accurate than similar controls in others games I have played. While moving the player around, there is a little arrow to guide the way. Just head towards the way the compass looking arrow points and there is sure to be a battle waiting in the midst. The control type can be changed in the settings to a “tap and run” kind of control. Just tap the part of the screen where the character should go and she will head there.

Starting out, there is only access to one of the 5 areas of the game. The Entrance is where the game begins. Once more levels are completed, other areas are available like the Cemetery and Hell. As the game progresses, Exorcist does get quite challenging.

Pig Rush Review

Pig Rush Review

Dec 9, 2011

I love pigs. It’s hard to explain why, it’s been the case for a long time. But it’s certainly a big part of why I decided to try out Pig Rush. It also seemed like one of those easy pick-up and put-down games that I like so much for my commute. And long story short that is exactly what it is. But this isn’t meant to be a short story, so:

Pig Rush is a side-scrolling platform jumping game. Except that the platforms are all at the same level, with the variation being the distance between them, which changes at intervals. The pig (which begins by being named Jumpy, but you have the option of renaming him) is an adorable little guy who just seems to like running. He trots along briskly at an even clip with no signs of slowing down, and it’s up to you to make sure that he doesn’t fall down into a ravine. The landscape is cartoonishly pastoral, with little fluffy clouds in a clear blue sky. Jumpy passes by little red barns and apple trees, flowers and picket fences. The only alarming thing about the world is that it is all hovering high in the sky with nothing supporting it. There are bees chilling out in the air above the platforms, and jumping into them earns point bonuses. Jumpy also has a few obstacles in the way of fires set along the way, but he can ward these off by jumping into and claiming a fireman’s hat, which must apparently be made of asbestos. And finally, a game about a pig would not be complete without a set of wings for him to earn, and become a flying pig. The wings can give you sustained, but not indefinite flight, and bring to mind the Tanuki suit from Mario 3.

The game’s largest draw is honestly the graphics: the designers have combined dimensions in a visually interesting way. Jumpy the pig, the trees and bees, are all 2D, but exist on the land platforms which are 3D. It’s almost a big confusing to look at, but still quite impressive. The music is also nice, with an almost Latin quality. It certainly sounds like the music of a pig running quickly.

The downside of the 3D graphics is that the game can lag quite a bit while rendering the background. This becomes a large issue quickly as it is a quick game that relies on the accuracy of your timing. A micro-second pause can mean a fall into a ravine and the end of your turn. This is compounded by the fact that ever death means that you go back to Level 1. There is the possibility of earning continues, but it comes at the cost of downloading additional programs. And the game itself suffers after time being being repetitive. I was intrigued when I first loaded it up because I was shown an assortment of variations of the theme (run as the Easter Bunny, or as a reindeer), but these side games can only be unlocked by earning a depressingly large number of points in the main game. I just don’t feel motivated to play so much of this game that I can unlock another version of the same thing and keep playing.

And this may seem like a random aside, but I was quite a bit disconcerted by some of the ads that run across the menu. I have no issue with a free app using ads to generate some revenue, but it’s a little strange that a game ostensibly aimed at young people is running ads for Mexican obesity clinics. I don’t know if it’s worse if no one is screening the ads, or if they are and that was allowed to pass.