Ace Tales Review

Ace Tales Review

May 22, 2014

Ace Tales is a doggie trip shaped in a 2D endless flier.

Traveling is the name of the game in this one, and travel is not the easiest endeavor either. The plane moves in typical fashion from left to right, and there are several obstacles that appear. To avoid these obstacles (and/or to pick up the the valuable goodies that appear in the flying area), the control mechanism is important. It can be configured in several ways, but the default gestures to make the craft rise or lose altitude work fine.

The action builds up very quickly, with a the playing screen getting more packed with objects as progress is made; the first few “feet” mostly do with biscuits and diamonds that can be collected for use later. Soon, there are ace1birds that need to be overtaken carefully, because crashing into them ends the run. This is so for other dangers, like dropping objects and hot air balloons and do on.

In between all these are aforementioned diamonds and cool power-ups that might be unlocked… cool stuff like slow down effects, a sidekick, smart bombs and more. These are usually encased in a bubble that floats in the air. Weaving up and down and through to collect or avoid stuff is quite enjoyable.

There are other elements that appear, like the need to fly low to collect gas so that one doesn’t run out of fuel. The game also incorporates quests, and the ability to donate doggie biscuits. the in-app store allows one to use jewels to increase the duration of bonuses and to buy additional craft. Of course, more diamonds can be procured with real cash if one wants to, but I was able to enjoy the game without it.

I did not like the energy requirement, but this fuss is somewhat tempered by the fact that more play time can be purchased with extra jewels, which provides an incentive for playing well.

All in all, it’s a game built for enjoyment, and it mostly delivers. Even better, it is a game with a conscience, as the developer use tokens to effect donations to underprivileged kids and dogs.

Does it get better than that?