HeyZap Introduces New Add Players Feature

While HeyZap has been used to help Android gamers connect with their fellow Android gamers and to share what they’re playing, for some of those multiplayer games, especially turn-based ones, finding players can be difficult. That’s why HeyZap is introducing a new feature to help make discovery easier: Add Players, the ability to add usernames for various games in order to help find new players. This means that players can add their Words With Friends and Hanging With Friends names to HeyZap, and then friends and other HeyZap users can find their name to play them.

HeyZap CTO James Smith says “We saw a lot of
latent demand for ‘Add Players’ prior to its
implementation, so it’s no surprise that this has been a
popular addition to the app.” As well, he says that “On average, each user adds 2 new players through the ‘add player’ system.” This may not sound like a lot for developers, but that’s two new players to regularly play the game with, meaning that users are spending more time playing the game. The update is available now from the Android Market.