Adult Swim Games Launches Tofu Hunter on Android

Adult Swim Games Launches Tofu Hunter on Android

May 18, 2015

Adult Swim has a new game on Google Play called Tofu Hunter.

Tofu has a face… and you’ve been chewing on it. Open fire on a wide range of soy-based creatures in a hunt around the world. Take on rare bounties, unlock special weapons and put your itchy trigger finger to the test. Don’t turn away. Don’t stop shooting. Become the Tofu Hunter.

– Blast the wide-eyed, unassuming faces off a wide range of adorable, meat-free critters.
– Hunt in a variety of environments, from misty woods to jungle ruins.
– Earn special weapons like crossbows, grenade launchers and the experimental “Omega-3”.
– Tag bounties for extra scores and extra bragging rights.
– Earn achievements for stopping stampedes, sparing Tofu Does, avoiding Tofu Leopards and bagging one of each Tofu variety.

Tofu Hunter is free with in-app purchases.

Robot Unicorn Attack 2 Review

Robot Unicorn Attack 2 Review

Aug 6, 2013

For most of my life, I have been able to blissfully avoid creative trips to the wild side. I was unaware of things like My Little Pony, Care Bears, and any show that featured any colors outside the primary ones.

I have daughters now, so that has all changed. I can’t help but wonder how easier the transition would have been had I stumbled on a game like Robot Unicorn Attack 2 earlier.

Yes, there are unicorns. Yes, there are rainbows. But both elements have plenty of, uh, bass to them.

It’s a left to right runner with a protagonist robot unicorn that coincidentally looks like it moonlights in Old Spice commercials. In this fantasy land, there are plenty of cavernous runways, with plenty of seemingly insurmountable robot1gaps, all lined up on different, irregular levels. Per controls, two fairly forgiving virtual buttons covert that; one for jumping, and one for “dashing.” Dashing is a useful tool that makes the unicorn jet forward at speed and go through objects that could otherwise be dangerous. Our animal runs, jumping across gullies or to collect the various goodies that line the running area.

The running area is no rainbow, either. It is fairly unpredictable; a mistimed jump can lead to dire consequences. Jumping too early can mean jumping down into the hole that is meant to be cleared. But the game is full of surprises, as a failed leap can get the unicorn on a lower running level rather than a run-ending collision with the ground.

There are also obstacles that can stop runs on the runways; using the “dash” buttons fires the unicorn much like a torpedo, blasting through the otherwise lethal obstructions.

This is a freemium game; the unicorn can be upgraded, but part of the charm of this game is that it does not need upgrades to be enjoyed. The music and graphics are great, as is the option for competitive online play (though specific levels have to be achieved to unlock the last feature).

All in all, it a VERY worthy sequel, and I now live for unicorns. Heck, even Ahhnold would approve.

Super Monsters Ate My Condo! Review

Super Monsters Ate My Condo! Review

Mar 28, 2013

Super Monsters Ate My Condo! is a whimsical game from Adult Swim games.

It’s a two-minute color-matching sprint that forced me to combine quick wits and finger dexterity to keep the gang of hungry, freaky monsters happy by tossing them condos from a stack of multicolored structures. In a subtle ode to Tetris, I couldn’t afford to let the stack get too high, or the peeved monsters would topple the unnatural high-rise, ending the game.

It had some interesting backstory for each monster (blue, green, red, yellow). Most of the source material had to do with nuclear exposure and/or experiments gone wrong. Either way, these little nuggets (along with a detailed How To Play section) helped flesh the gameplay out a good deal.

The graphics were interestingly rendered, with emphasis put on the bright colors (obviously); the monsters exemplified the deliberately zany look of the game as a whole. It looked fun, made use of plenty of awesome animations and also did well with angling and shadows. Even the little people scurrying in the cutscenes worked well to add character to the game.

My biggest job, as noted, was to prevent the ever-rapidly formed tower of buildings from getting too high and then pushed over. To prevent this, I had to swipe condos towards one of the two monsters on either side. It was better to get the monsters a condo that matched their respective colors. Additionally, I got points for effecting same collor 3-condo combos that converted to a bronze multiplier. Even cooler, the bronze could be upgraded to Silver, and then to gold, though it took a bit of work to do that.

The developer also incorporated level-topping Goals into the game. The goals were things like point thresholds, or doing an activity while a particular monster’s power was active. It was possible to unlock Boosts, and I thought the spinning wheel was a great touch. The in-app store could be used for stuff as well.

SMAMC was a lively game that stimulated my competitive juices and had me enjoying it immensely.

Major Mayhem Review

Major Mayhem Review

Aug 7, 2012

Major Mayhem is a shooter for fans of the action games and movie culture of the 80’s and 90’s. Players control Major Mayhem, who is out to save the world from baddies from all across the globe, who also kidnapped his girlfriend. His bloodlust is only matched by the number of bullets he has, which is a lot. Tapping and/or holding on the screen fires at enemies, and letting go gets back behind cover.

This is definitely a game for fans of the woebegone light gun shooter. In particular, fans of Time Crisis should find a lot to love here with the cover mechanic and the ability to shoot down incoming red bullets. There are also sections where players run, and can jump to dodge bullets and hazards. Coins are earned, and objectives can be completed to get more coins as the player’s rank increases. Many ranks are references to famous action movies, and the whole game has am ‘action movie’ vibe to it.

The game has options for high and low resolution graphics for different quality devices. It looks great at tablet resolutions, and runs smoothly on modern devices. There are a variety of modes to play, with a 45-level mode, a 60-second high score fest, along with a pair of modes where the “Classic” mode levels are played in random or fixed order.

The free to play aspects of the game are such that while playing for free does require some patience and grinding to unlock the good weapons, they don’t require a lot of money. In fact, the game feels like purchases are designed for those who want to use the consumable items like powerups and continues on a regular basis. Case in point: the most expensive weapon is 10,000 coins – $0.99 buys 10,000 coins. It’s a fair enough system.

However, it really feels like the scoring is designed around supporting those who do shell out for the good weapons as scoring is based on damage as well as good shooting. The ‘Hero Time’ poweup that slows down time makes it easier to keep those high-scoring combos going. Also, aiming can be difficult because it feels like everything is being shot at an angle.

Major Mayhem is a free game that fans of shooters will definitely enjoy for its nonstop action and levels that will last a long time.

Robot Unicorn Attack Review

Robot Unicorn Attack Review

Apr 27, 2011

Be honest, we’ve all dreamed about being a magical robot unicorn, who jumps, gallops and excretes rainbows. Nothing would be greater than rushing through a magical world, stained with a lavender hue, traversing islands of ground and butting your way through the star-shaped boulders that block your path. Luckily, thanks to Robot Unicorn Attack, all of our dreams can finally come true.

Already a huge hit on iOS and as a web-based flash title, Robot Unicorn Attack is the latest in a reasonably long line of side scrolling run ’em ups. Your robot unicorn constantly sprints from the left to the right of the screen and you control the horned horse’s leaping and rainbow thrusts. Each game grants you three lives, or wishes and your final score is a total of the three runs.

The game is almost exactly as garish as you’d expect, full of rainbows, bright colours and twinkly, tinkly sound effects. A single song plays in the background of everything you do, “Always” by Erasure, which you’ll either find utterly hilarious or massively infuriating. Robot Unicorn Attack is camp, funny and only ever hits a single, high-pitched and utterly bonkers note.

Whilst Robot Unicorn Attack is a perfect example of pick up and play gaming, it does lack depth. Nothing changes, save for your unicorn gradually running faster as you progress through the randomly generated level. For brief gaming stints, that’s not too much of a problem, but if you’re looking for a game with a bit more meat on its robot bones, you’re looking in the wrong place.

Robot Unicorn Attack blasts along like a glittery fireball and because the gameplay is so simple, it’s easy to get caught up in its wake. It’s by no means a perfect game, but what it does, it does spectacularly well. It won’t change your life, it won’t reinvent the wheel, but for 99 cents, you can’t really complain.