Empire Run Review

Empire Run Review

Sep 26, 2014

Will Empire Run be different enough to stand out from all the other endless runners out there?

Endless runners need to pack some great content to be noticeable in the Google Play Store. Either that or they must have a great theme or graphical appeal to have a chance to be downloaded. Because there are lots of endless runners out there. Perhaps to much – but that is for another rainy day. The endless runner Empire Run is a game that does things right: it has a very nice graphical style and offers some nice gameplay tweaks, in its attempt not to be overlooked by the public.


Empire Run offers three gameplay modes with three layers of difficulty each. As a player, the goal is always to complete a stage, but the sub-goal differs from one another. In the first, players need to win from another character in a one on one match. In the second, they need to defeat a certain amount of enemies and in the third, it is necessary to survive the level. That last one is a classic endless runner mode, but even than the game keeps his own appeal.

The character on screen needs to collect an amount of coins to get access to his superdash. With that dash, players can defeat enemies and break stuff that would otherwise slow of even kill them. Collecting those coins isn’t just for the sake of it – it has some meaning to the gameplay, and that is something I can really appreciate in a video game. There are also special history coins: they give players little did-you-knows about the period of history the player is playing in. It’s great!

The runner in the game is a student that is learning for his history test. During his studying, he falls asleep and dreams of the stuff he just learned about. This gives the developer the chance to put many different styles in the game – the levels are based on different real-life history periods and leaves us with colorful and vibrant levels. If there would be one endless runner to download right now, I would say that this game is my number one pick from now on.

Ice Road Truckers Review

Ice Road Truckers Review

Feb 15, 2013

It is becoming almost commonplace to see major entertainment houses getting involved in mobile gaming. Disney brought Ralph and Merida to the small screen, and we also saw Bear Grylls reincarnated as a handheld protagonist. It makes sense to expand on one’s brand, so I’m sure the trend will continue, as Ice Road Tuckers seems to show.

It’s named after A&E’s reality show based on the harrowing work of truckers tasked with traversing the icy roads of frigid, remote Alaskan wilderness.

Ice Road Truckers is an infinite driving game that pitted ever-increasingly treacherous roads against mental reaction and physical dexterity. My job? Keep the big rig moving. Avoid obstacles. Collect coins. One button on the left or right pulled the truck in either direction, and tapping both buttons at the same time caused a boost of speed that revved the truck up, and was perfect for the ramps that appeared on either side of the world. There were also rock formations and huge trees that did their part to increase difficulty in the game.

The coloring was fairly stark, in that the developers were able to recreate the frozen desert one would expect with plenty of whites and light blues. This game didn’t have “wow” animations, but the landscapes looked fairly authentic. The sounds were okay, though the narrations were a bit drab, and I could probably have done more with sharper driving-type effects rather not the relatively subdued ones that came with the game.

The store had a bunch of stuff to buy with accumulated coins (including coins themselves, with real cash); there were different drivers, with different skills, temporary and permanent powerups and such.

For an infinite driving game, Ice Road Truckers is a cool time waster. The name recognition definitely does not hurt, and the pros mostly outweigh the cons, enough to make it quite enjoyable.