Red Bull Launches Alert App to Folks “Beat the Snooze”

Red Bull Launches Alert App to Folks “Beat the Snooze”

Jul 14, 2015

Red Bull is helping folks start the day with a greater disregard of the snooze functionality on their alarms with the help of the new app. Dubbed the Red Bull Alert, it looks to motivate users to get out of bed faster with the use of themes, leaderboards and feedback.

Per the press release:

Key Features:

· Instant Feedback: Innovative Snooze and Dismiss interaction, instant feedback on the lock screen, motivational background images

· Detailed Stats: Set goals to motivate yourself, track your progress, detailed history data

· Alarm Themes: Choose from nine different sports themes (Snowboarding, Skateboarding, Surfing, Aerial Sports, FMX, Rally, Formula 1, BMX, and Mountain Biking) with exclusive wake-up sounds and amazing imagery

· Social Leaderboards: Compete with your friends, find out who wakes up first and fastest, and share through Facebook, Twitter and Google+

· Localized in 6 languages: German, English, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Turkish and Russian

For efficacy, the new app is available for free on Google Play for Android and Android Wear devices.

Sleep Time Tries to Make Waking Up Easier

The alarm clock is my greatest enemy. After a while, my body learns to ignore it, or just go right back to sleep because what is it going to do? Nothing, that's what. So, Sleep Time tries to be intelligent in figuring out how to win the war on waking up in the morning. By using the accelerometer and research on how the body moves when sleeping, it is possible for the app's Sleep Lab too calculate what kind of sleep the body is undergoing at a certain time, if the user has their device next to them while they sleep. After learning the user's sleep pattern, it can time the alarm to go off right at the end of a sleep cycle, to increase the odds of a pleasant wakeup.

The app also has over 20 alarms to choose from, so people like me who learn to ignore their alarm sound have a new challenge to conquer. The alarms even ring in silent mode, for those who leave their phone on silent – or do so stealthily in the night. There's even the ability to set the alarm with just one gesture. Huzzah! Sleep Time is available as a free download from Google Play.

Be Pressured Into Waking Up With “I Will Wake Up” Alarm Clock

Be Pressured Into Waking Up With “I Will Wake Up” Alarm Clock

Jul 4, 2012

"I Will Wake Up" Alarm Clock has an interesting method to try and get people up. No, it doesn’t try to figure out sleep cycles to find the optimal time to wake up, nor intellectually stimulate a person into not going back to sleep nor any of that mularkey. No, it relies on peer pressure. See, it posts to Facebook the user’s declaration that they’re going to wake up at a certain time. Wake up at that time, proving to sleep who’s boss? Then it posts about the success to Facebook. Fall victom to the sandman’s gentle hand for just a bit too long? Then it posts that to Facebook as well, allowing friends to shame those who dare sleep for too long.

Now, as a freelance writer, I can wake up pretty much whenever I want, and do. However, I do like to try and be semi-human by waking up in the morning. Or at least, before noon. So this app would be perfect for me, maybe peer pressure would work! But then it would also work as a brilliant way to taunt my friends that I can sleep in to way after they have to wake up because they have real jobs. Muhahahaha.

Ahem. "I Will Wake Up" Alarm Clock is available from Google Play.