Chuck’s Challenge 3D Review

Chuck’s Challenge 3D Review

Aug 30, 2013

Chuck’s Challenge 3D, from Niffler Ltd., makes it easy to like it.

In this puzzle caper, Woop, a curiously toothed purple alien serves as our cocky protagonist. Apparently, Woop likes a challenge, and in a bit of clever development, he gets to interact with gaming icon Chuck Sommerville and get all sorts of solvable riddles to test his powers of deductions.

The playing area is usually a grid made up of a surface of cubes; on those cubes was a rally point of sorts, and the simplistic goal is to get our guy from the start point to the end point, which signifies the successful end of the attempt. Movement is effected by a virtual joystick that controls movement one square at a time.chuck1

Of course it’s never that easy for too long. Advanced levels introduce newer twists to the gameplay… stuff like boxes, motile organisms and things like switches. For example, one cool level has a gap, a square and what can be described as a proxy robot that can only be controlled by standing on av area with a special control spot on the board. It takes a bit of doing, but finally being able to use the proxy to create the ad hoc bridge is more gratifying than I thought it would be. The creativity of the puzzles, from the jetpack to the switches were really good. Completion times are recorded, so, in essence, it is a race against the clock.

I also liked the little touches. In every level, there was a square with red and white floral shirt on it; navigating to that square invokes Chuck, who gives some tongue-in-cheek pointers about the level in question. It was simple and whimsical, just like the game overall. It is also cool that it’s possible to create levels and play ohter user-submitted levels.

Rich graphics make up the visuals, and the 3D is not a misnomer; the extra dimension does bring valuable aspects of the game to life.

Great game, simple concept, and enough whimsical features to make it appealing to different age groups. Yep: easy to like. Toss in controller support and SHIELD compatibility, and we’re at potential love.

Expendable Rearmed Review

Expendable Rearmed Review

Nov 26, 2012

Games based in the future are always a lot of fun. they can be really fantastical and let the imagination wander. Games where there is a need to shoot pretty much everything moving are also a ton of fun. Expendable Rearmed fits in both categories. The year 2463 is when Expendable Rearmed is set. Mankind has reached into deep deep space. The problem is, space has reached back.

This futuristic shooter is not at all short of action. Some graphics and effects are made just for the Tegra 3 hardware like the Nexus 7. The game is mostly an overhead view to show all of the surrounding areas so the aliens cannot sneak up from dark places.

The weapons… oh the weapons! The weapons in Expendable Rearmed are as futuristic as the story line. Everything from lasers to some sort of light orb kinda thing to mini guns and grenades. When there is something on the screen moving, it needs to be shot so it stops moving.

The on-screen controls are pretty easy to use. While I have said over and over how I’m not a fan of on-screen d-pads, these are pretty easy to use. The reason these d-pads aren’t too bad to use is because they aren’t locked to a specific spot on the screen. The gun control is on the right side and the character movement is on the left. To use the d-pads just make the motions pretty much anywhere along the the appropriate side. As long as the action isn’t to high to change weapons of fire a grenade the d-pad will work great.

Keep an eye out for naked hostages cold and shivering behind some boxes. If the words Mercy Killing pop up on the screen, that was a hostage who just got shot. Sometimes in the heat of the moment they get caught in the crossfire because of their hiding place.

Grabatron – Review

Grabatron – Review

Dec 16, 2011

Retro nostalgia never seems to get old. No matter how advanced video game technology becomes there will always be a place in our hearts for old-school art and stories. At first glance Grabatron seems designed to tug on those heart strings by appealing to both a love of 80’s arcade games, and old 50’s space monster movies. The music is an interesting mix of that old UFO “oooooOOOOOOoo” musical saw tone (you know what I’m talking about), and that 8-bit sound that never dies in popularity. And the graphical style is also a nice nod to the 80’s era games that did so well in arcades. But look closer and you’ll see that Grabatron is more than just a knock-off or an homage. It’s a really entertaining game in its own right, and the graphics are actually quite captivating. But more than all of that it is hilarious!

You play a UFO/alien that I must assume is actually named Grabatron. It’s not actually clear if the UFO is piloted or sentient, but it definitely has glowing evil red eyes, and a maniacal laugh (especially when it is killing civilians). It even mutters its own name from time to time, which is awesomely creepy. Grabatron is your standard flying saucer shape, but all dark metal and sharp edges, as though the spaceship from Flight Of The Navigator went bad. And it has this giant claw, for grabbing, hence the name. Grabatron loved nothing more than to fly around rural towns, hurling objects around with the claw, or snatching up farm animals and people, and squishing the ones it doesn’t decide to abduct. The controls are fairly simple; it uses the tilt sensors to steer in four directions, tapping anywhere on the screen drops the claw, and swiping will cause the claw to throw whatever it has in its grasp. There are power-ups in the form of advanced armour and bigger claws, and abducting lifeforms will restore your health. There are mini missions to gain point bonuses, such as abducting a set number of Cows or Farmers or Rednecks.

But it’s not all fun and cow-hurling, there are enemies to contend with. Local farmers and police are armed with guns, the rednecks are armed with beer bottles (that they hurl from atop their trailer homes) and the government is armed with some pretty serious weaponry. You’ll be faced with helicoptors, RPGs, and SAMs. But luckily for you, any one of those can be disabled with a well-aimed boulder or truck. And just to make things even more interesting you can get bonuses for killing opponents in style. Take that giant concrete doughnut sign off the roof of the diner, roll it down the road, and watch the points rack up as the tiny humans squish like water balloons.

This game makes me laugh the whole time I am playing. I know that it’s wrong to enjoy throwing sheep into cliffs so much, but it’s the same sort of dark humour that makes games like GTA so popular. Every time Grabaton makes his digitally distorted chuckle while devouring a farmer, it makes me laugh too. The game is fun both for the wanton destruction, but also for actually challenging yourself to the larger goals (destroy a nuclear power plant!)

I only encountered one issue while playing, and it was sudden and very powerful lag at one point when I was pretty far into the level. I ended up having to exit the game to get around it, and it took me out of my grove a bit. But once it was sorted out I went back to human-tossing fun and everything was fine.