All-Star Basketball Review

All-Star Basketball Review

Nov 28, 2014

To be honest, I’m not a big fan of basketball, meaning that I have no idea how the game is structured, what the player positions are, and even how long the rounds last. And that’s fine, because All-Star Basketball doesn’t require that kind of knowledge. Because it’s not a damn basketball game, it’s a free throw simulator. And it doesn’t actually have any stars – well, there are star shapes, which I guess is technically correct.

All-Star Basketball gives the player control over the loneliest basketball player in the world, whose pastimes include throwing a ball in a net in an empty stadium, throwing the ball in an empty field, and in a range of other equally empty locations.

The actual technique of proper throwing in All-Star Basketball is still a matter of guessing for me. To throw the ball, the player simply needs to flick the finger up the screen with proper speed. But the player changes positions every fourth throw, just when you get the correct way to throw, and then you have to guess it all over again. It’s not that difficult, of course, but it’s barely impossible to actually master it to get long series of throws. And it’s a requirement, All-Star Basketball 2since the longer your hit streak, the more gold and points you get. The gold is required to purchase levels, modes, other stuff, and play in multiplayer, and points are worth literally nothing.

The game modes, that are absolutely impossible to unlock, slightly change the throwing circumstances. I can only guess if they are more interesting than the original mode, since in two hours that I’ve played the game, I couldn’t even get closed to the sum required to unlock one. There’s also a multiplayer mode, in which the poor sod shares his seclusion with another guy. Both parties chip in for 25 gold, and whoever wins the series of free throws, gets the money.

All in all, All-Star Basketball is actually not a bad game, although it does take a whole lot of loading time to start playing, and the throwing mechanics could be more varied from “swipe at the right time and speed”. It’s got okay physics and what looks like a fair difficulty, as well as a great amount of gear to unlock, and even several game modes. I guess that it’s going to be fine for people who like simple sports sims, and aren’t put off by the ads.

All-Star Basketball Makes Its Way To Google Play

All-Star Basketball Makes Its Way To Google Play

Nov 6, 2014

After a successful and exclusive iOS stint, All-Star Basketball has arrived for Android devices courtesy of Renown Entertainment.

The game is the love child of EA Sports Developers, and with such pedigree, it isn’t odd that we expect a good deal. Per the press release:

With an average 4.8 star rating, as well as being the most downloaded basketball game in it’s debut weekend on the Apple App Store*, All-Star Basketball is now available for Android devices on Google Play.

The team at Renown utilized additional polish time for the Android version of All-Star Basketball to ensure its new legacy as the top rated, best playing arcade hoops shooter in the sports game category. The Android version is more than a straight port, offering an improved experience compared to previous platform releases.

Additionally, this release introduces cross-platform matchmaking for Online Versus. Test your skills against both Android and iOS players in real-time shootouts to win gold for in-game rewards and claim court supremacy.

Experience the most realistic 3D basketball shot physics with customizable player avatars, arcade power-ups, console quality graphics, cloth simulation, and many other next-gen features for the first time on your Android device.

Enjoy single player in a variety of game modes ranging from Moving Hoop to the ever popular 3 Point Challenge based on the annual NBA All-Star Weekend. Climb the ranks through Google Play Services leaderboards and aim for the top spot.

Win gold points with each game to redeem a variety of items including power-ups with vibrant kinetic visual effects to compliment your play style, defeat opponents, and maximize your high score. Customize your player avatar in 3D with pro gear and swag to show off your personal baller style. Sharpen your skills in immersive global venues from Canada to Southeast Asia and prove that you’re the king of the court!

All-Star Basketball was created by former EA Sports developers who have previously contributed to the NBA Live, NBA Street, NCAA Basketball, FIFA, FIFA Street, Madden NFL, NHL, and PGA Tour franchises. Drawing on their experience in AAA game development and popular mobile titles such as Ball-Hopâ„¢ and Waves Survivorâ„¢, Renown sought to create a quick and fun, pick-up and play experience tailored for mobile devices with next-gen visual quality.

Install it now for free and get your BBall game on!

As noted, the game is free, with optional in-app purchasing.