Hills of Glory 3D Review

Hills of Glory 3D Review

Oct 28, 2013

Hills for Glory 3D evokes feelings of the Alamo, as one bunker stands alone, against a tide of enemies. But how does it play?

Hills of Glory 3D is a tower defense game. The player occupies a bunker somewhere on the battlefield and must use all the weapons at their disposal to avoid getting destroyed.

Battlefields are nice and varied with houses, bridges and other obstacles dotted about. Battlefield terrain affects combat a great deal, as houses block direct fire weapons and bridges can give enemies different dynamic routes to attack from.

Hills of Glory 3D features a decent selection of enemies. Attackers include different kinds of infantry, from slow, easy to kill grunts to fast, tough sniper rifle armed infantry. Tanks also rumble onto the battlefield.

Weapons are fun to use and require a fair bit of skill, like any good tower defence game. The rifle is a basic weapon that shoots single bullets at soldiers. Mortars can be used to nail enemies hidden behind houses and to destroy bridges, forcing enemies to take lengthy detours. Napalm can be dropped from helicopters and heavy machine guns can spray an area with gunfire.

Screenshot_2013-10-25-22-01-10With these weapons, the player works their way through a long single player campaign. The campaign features a sort of overarching strategic map, although most of this is window dressing for a simple series of increasingly difficult levels, where careful use of weapon capabilities is critical for success. Thankfully, an in depth tutorial helps the player learn the game quickly.

Hills of Glory 3D includes in-app purchases. Packs of coins can be bought and coins are used for pretty much anything in the game, from upgrading weapons to repairing armour. The game hands out enough coins for doing well on missions that these aren’t really required. There is only one freemium-style timer in the game and that’s the one for the bunker’s armor. As enemies attack the bunker, its armor drops until it is destroyed. Over time your armor regenerates.

Screenshot_2013-10-25-21-15-49Hills of Glory 3D looks nice enough. Enemies are well-animated, but it’s a shame the game can’t be zoomed in a bit further to really show off the graphics. As it is, infantry is a bit too small and indistinct to have any kind of personality. Weapons look impressive and the highly visible bullets help gauge if enemies are being hit or not. The game’s environments are also very nice, with lush green fields and well detailed houses.

Soundwise the game is quite impressive. Weapons are loud and boomy just like they should be and enemies chatter and rumble their way around the battlefield. What music there is suits the game well.

After the smoke clears, Hills of Glory 3D is a fun tactical game with strictly optional IAP. It’s a great, well balanced game and a good play for any tower defence fan.