Freaky Friday – Girl Fart

Freaky Friday – Girl Fart

Sep 23, 2011

We’ve all been in that predicament where a little gas pressure builds up and needs to be released, yet there is some sexy person standing not too far away. So, we do our best to relieve said pressure in the most inconspicuous manner. This is not a fun situation in real life, and why anyone would think this would make a great game is well beyond comprehension, but apparently there is a market for this kind of stuff.

You see, Girl Fart is all about that embarrassing moment in a women’s life when she has to pass a little gas, yet doesn’t want to be ashamed of doing so in front of some creepy, balding, short, fat, gawking man. So, the player must time their farts with the oncoming traffic. No joke, this is literally the mechanics of a game that has been downloaded some 500,000 times.

There are just a few things that scream totally wrong with this app. First, the girl is wearing almost nothing, and the dude undressing her in his mind is….well, pretty darn creepy. If the visuals don’t cause nightmares, the gameplay should. Sure, this is not some dull, uninspired, and totally useless, fart machine, but c’mon, developers are capable of delivering something with a bit more quality. Do people really need yet another fart centric app to clog up the marketplace? After all, these adolescent shenanigans only makes it harder to find quality apps like the Pimple Popper or Moon weight apps we have covered in the past.

Listen would-be game developers, gamers deserve better than this. Fart jokes are to be left to college dorm rooms and children in the first grade. The bulk of people looking for entertainment on the marketplace deserve better than this. Besides, nobody can truly enjoy a quality silent-but-deadly on a phone. The technology is just not there yet. If wasted talent is going to go to making a pointless game, at least give us another boring match three game….PLEASE!