Free App Recap December 18 – Ringtone Applications

Free App Recap December 18 – Ringtone Applications

Dec 18, 2012

Having different ringtones and notifications for individual contacts or applications makes it a lot easier to determine if the notification needs to be dealt with immediately or can wait. There are many applications and websites out there to download free ringtones from. Sometimes though, other complications may arise such as not being able to find that the particular ringtone desired or not being able to add the ringtone to an app or contact. The apps in the list should cover finding a ringtone, adding it and also creating a new ringtone.


Zedge is the ideal Android app for downloading ringtones, notification sounds and even wallpapers. There are tens of thousands of ringtones to choose from. Some of them are better quality than others. Many times a particular scene from a movie or TV show can be found with a quick search. Zedge also allows for ringtones to the uploaded and shared with the community. One tip when searching on Zedge is to try a few different ways of phrasing what you’re looking for. People can label ringtones as some really weird things.

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Tone Picker – MP3 Ringtones

On some phones, it’s not always the easiest task to find an intended ringtone. Tone Picker is a great app for finding and applying the desired ringtone or MP3 to a contact or application notification. To use Tone Picker, it’s a matter of selecting Tone Picker as the application of choice in the pop-up window when changing ringtones or notifications in any app. Then search for the desired ringtone.

Download Tone Picker – MP3 Ringtones


Sometimes it’s a chore to find the specific section of a song are made into a ringtone. Ringdroid is THE app to use when making a ringtone from scratch. Not only is it easy to make ringtones from existing audio file, a ringtone can also be made from a voice recording. The interface it’s pretty easy to use and allows for quick creation and application of the new ring tone.

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