Is Android L going to be “Lollipop?”

Is Android L going to be “Lollipop?”

Sep 28, 2014

First world problems…

True Android adherents know that guessing Android version code names is discipline to be enjoyed. Since Cupcake, gaining bragging rights by figuring the name of the next alphabetized sweet is serious stuff.

Of course, Google wrecked many a bet by usurping the last fan favorite (Key Lime Pie) with KitKat.

Well, where up to “L” now, and Google fanned the flames by putting out the next developer’s preview — code named L — and Android geeks worldwide are in a naming frenzy. Licorice? Lemon Drops? Lemon Meringue Pie? Something with Lemon in it?

No doubt, there is a pooled bounty going on somewhere.

The eagle-eyed folks at Phandroid just might have figured it out.

Phandroid notes the atypical lollipops at the top of the cake. Yes, that looks like a good sign right there:


Phandroid, quite familiar with Google’s penchant for red herrings, is careful to hedge its bets. Layer Cake maybe? In any case, hats off to Phandroid if this guess is indeed correct.

I could get used to Android Lollipop…

[Source: Phandroid]