Google ‘O’… what’s it gonna be?

Google ‘O’… what’s it gonna be?

Jun 27, 2017

So, it’s about that time…

What is Google O going to be official called?

Yes, this is serious business, y’all.

Oreo? Orange Cream Soda? Ontbijtkoek?

We hear it might be something related to groats.

Android N is… Nougat!

Android N is… Nougat!

Jul 2, 2016

As is usual at this time — when a new version of Android is nigh — the world gets into a frenzy with regards to the new nickname that Google assigns to it. Even with the alphabetical convention and tendency to name them after sweets narrowing down the choices, the guessing is still usually wild and… well… interesting.

This time, Google even had a cyber suggestion box to spur discussion.

In any case, it’s official: Android 7 is Nougat.

Let the debate about Android O. Oreo? O Henry? Orange Julius?

Time will tell…

In Celebration of All That is Cheap

In Celebration of All That is Cheap

Jun 27, 2016

You get what you pay for.

It’s a maxim that more or less rings true. Better made products created from better sourced raw materials tend to command higher prices than competing merchandise made with less care, exacting standards or less exotic materials.

Other things come into play of course. Some brands command more of an asking price than others, be it based on reputation, or location, or an immeasurable metric held in esteem by the purchasing public — doesn’t really matter; positive mindshare is like gold. Nordstrom acolytes are used to hearing the fable of the returned automobile tire, and it’s the basis of Nordy’s legendary customer service. Just as well, because the stuff on its racks ain’t exactly cheap.

But it arguably has earned that privilege.

Still, I love getting a lot for a little. Ethically, though. It’s so enjoyable to find legitimate discounts and special sales… heck, even previously owned gadgets and make the most of saved cash. I feel an unquenchable joy that, for instance, I am typing up this article on a cheapie RCA tab with keyboard case, and will be doing the heavy lifting editing on an Unbranded (no, this is the true brand name) Windows Tablet. Both cost less than $100 together (albeit with Swagbucks and Bing-derived Amazon credits).

But that’s where Android really made headway. The open nature allowed (and continues to allow) OEMs to look to pack in a lot at bargain prices. The result is an OS with a true range of hardware across a competitive range of prices.

It’s a mixed bag, of course. There are some devices that are not worth pennies, and others that are wildly over-priced. Still, for folks who are willing to look hard to gain a lot, Android almost has to be the platform of choice.

Got to run. Slickdeals is humming…

Is Android L going to be “Lollipop?”

Is Android L going to be “Lollipop?”

Sep 28, 2014

First world problems…

True Android adherents know that guessing Android version code names is discipline to be enjoyed. Since Cupcake, gaining bragging rights by figuring the name of the next alphabetized sweet is serious stuff.

Of course, Google wrecked many a bet by usurping the last fan favorite (Key Lime Pie) with KitKat.

Well, where up to “L” now, and Google fanned the flames by putting out the next developer’s preview — code named L — and Android geeks worldwide are in a naming frenzy. Licorice? Lemon Drops? Lemon Meringue Pie? Something with Lemon in it?

No doubt, there is a pooled bounty going on somewhere.

The eagle-eyed folks at Phandroid just might have figured it out.

Phandroid notes the atypical lollipops at the top of the cake. Yes, that looks like a good sign right there:


Phandroid, quite familiar with Google’s penchant for red herrings, is careful to hedge its bets. Layer Cake maybe? In any case, hats off to Phandroid if this guess is indeed correct.

I could get used to Android Lollipop…

[Source: Phandroid]

Samsung’s Android-Campatible Competing OS Tizen More Likely to Materialize Soon Thanks to Unity Support?

Samsung’s Android-Campatible Competing OS Tizen More Likely to Materialize Soon Thanks to Unity Support?

May 28, 2013

Samsung and Intel’s Tizen OS may not have materialized in any real form, but a recent announcement means that for the common person, it’s likely to be a real possibility. See, Unity has announced that they will support exporting to Tizen. This is a huge deal because Unity is a cross-platform game development engine that supports PC/Mac/Linux, the current-gen consoles, and iOS/Android. If the powers that be behind Tizen are striking deals to ensure that developers can easily put their apps on the platform, then the odds of Samsung heavily pushing a Tizen device in the near future seems more likely.

While Tizen’s Android compatibility layer will mean that games will have a support leg up from the outset, getting native content will be a boon for support. And if developers have ways to easily export to Samsung’s newest phone on Tizen, it may well be worth the push. It seems to be a similar initiative as 100% Indie – entice developers with a juicy fruit to go to their store and to ensure that they have a bigger library.

So, if and when the first Galaxy Tizen phone materializes, and it could be in a month at Samsung Premiere 2013, then there would be no excuse for it to not have content. Be prepared.

Androids Mobile Web Consumption Shares Continue to Rise

Androids Mobile Web Consumption Shares Continue to Rise

Sep 7, 2010

According to the latest published statistics by Quantcast, (a company that loves charts more than Ross Perot) Android continues to increase its share of the mobile web consumption market while Apples iOS cotinues to decline. The month of August brought with it Androids largest gain since November 2009 bringing its total mobile web market share to 25%.

The mobile web content leader is still Apple with a total of 56% but the way things are going I don’t think it will be long before Android levels out the playing field. This past year alone we have seen Android gain 18.6% while Apples iOS dropped it’s shares by 11.4%. So what does this all mean? Well, it means that the Android OS and the newest barrage of Android powered phones are just plain AWSOME!