Theme Thursday – Lil Monster

Theme Thursday – Lil Monster

Aug 25, 2011

They’re here, there and everywhere! But what are they? Why, they’re lil’ monsters, and they’re taking over your Android! But, wait. Before you run off screaming, know this: the lil’ monsters are harmless. In fact, they’re quite helpful, holding up your icons for you so can quickly tap them! They’re also part of this week’s featured theme, Lil Monster.

Lil Monster is a theme for ADW Launcher, a customizable home screen replacement utility that allows you to quickly and easily customize your Android device’s graphical user interface. You can easily change entire icon sets, wallpapers and more. You can mix things up even further by using only the icons or wallpapers you want to use along with icons from other themes. It’s all so easy to do, with just a little tinkering around in ADW Launcher’s menu system.

The main attraction of Lil Monster is, of course, the smiling little monsters standing behind each of your icons. It’s a practical solution with an extra dash of whimsy to keep the theme entertaining. In addition, the theme sports several dock styles such as a brown, bushy background, a brick wall and more abstract, conventional designs. There’s also an array of wallpapers to choose from that add a little extra bit of color to the interface.

There’s only one other thing you need to know about Lil Monster, and this may or may not come as a relief to you, but, this theme has absolutely nothing to do with the 1989 movie Little Monsters, starring Fred Savage and Howie Mandel. I know, that’s a real bummer; I was shocked, as well. It’s just one of those things you’ll have to get over.

Lil Monster is available in the Android Market for US$0.99.

Theme Thursday – Bumblebee Yellow

Theme Thursday – Bumblebee Yellow

Jun 9, 2011

What’s busier than a bee? Your phone! Chances are, even when you aren’t using it, it’s refreshing your Twitter feed, checking Facebook statuses, downloading email and doing a bunch of other things at the same time. If your phone is a workaholic, even when you’re just chilling out, why not show it off to the world? Take a look a this week’s theme, Bumblebee Yellow.

Bumblebee Yellow is another custom theme by ADDesigns for ADW Launcher, a highly customizable home screen replacement. ADW Launcher allows you to quickly and easily customize the way your phone looks and works by adding custom wallpapers, icons, dock bars and more. You can change your icons’ layout and the way the app drawer looks with just a few quick settings adjustments. Using a custom theme like Bumblebee Yellow makes that process even easier.

This theme features more than 300 custom icons and over 170 extra app icons for use with ADW Launcher’s custom shortcuts. Each one comes decked out in a striking mix of yellow, black and gray in a Honeycomb-inspired look.

Along with that, you also get 5 theme-matching wallpapers featuring a buzzing, bumblebee’d Android, complete with wings and stinger.

For ADW Launcher EX users, you can switch between 6 different dock designs for quick launching your most used apps in style. Each one trimmed in yellow and helping to pull the theme together.

ADDesigns usually go above and beyond when it comes to delivering a custom theme, and this one is no different. It can quickly take your Android device from dull and drab to bright and exciting. Bumblebee Yellow is a delightful, fun color scheme that adds a bit of whimsy to your Android device while proving what a hard little worker it is.

Bumblebee Yellow can be found here in the Android Market for US$1.49.