AccuWeather makes its way to Android TV

AccuWeather makes its way to Android TV

May 25, 2017

AccuWeather is increasing its reach with a new app for Android TV.

The AccuWeather app for Android TV provides users with exclusive patented AccuWeather MinuteCast® minute-by-minute forecasts with precipitation type and intensity for the next two hours, as well as start and end times, hyper-localized to a user’s exact viewing location.

The app gives users access to the most extensive library of breaking weather videos, ranging from on-site severe weather reports to in-studio forecasts. The new app also features customizable hyper-local weather forecasts including RealFeel® temperature, current conditions, and more, as well as severe weather alerts to keep people informed and safe. Users have the ability to tailor their app theme, allowing them to adapt the screen background based on lighting conditions and preferences for the most personalized weather experience. Available in over 30 languages, the innovative app allows Android TV users to access the most accurate, actionable weather information and updates worldwide.

AccuWeather’s Digital Media President Steven Smith talks up the increased collaboration with Google to increase safety. “The new AccuWeather app for Android TV provides viewers with the most accurate, personalized weather experience available in the world,” he says. “AccuWeather is proud to expand our partnership with Google through the Android TV platform, joining together to save more lives.

AccuWeather for Android TV is available now.


Alto’s Adventure Expands to Android TV and NVIDIA Shield

Alto’s Adventure Expands to Android TV and NVIDIA Shield

Aug 4, 2016

Alto’s Adventure is certainly a charming game. It’s easy to get into, has a calming manner and is fun to look at; we certainly loved it when we took it for a formal spin earlier this year.

Developer Noodlecake is expanding the game’s reach; starting today, the game is available on Android TV and NVIDIA Shield.

Additionally, with this version, the game is taking a different route with regards to monetization; the game, like its iOS port, will be premium in nature, and priced at $3.99. This is a single payment, and the experience is ad-free.

Excerpts from the presser:

We’re big champions of mobile play, but it’s hard to deny: there’s something a little magical about playing games on your television. Curling up on a cold night or a lazy weekend afternoon and letting the sights and sounds of an imaginary somewhere fill the room.

Phones and tablets let us take miniature worlds with us on the go, but playing something on the TV? That’s when games take us somewhere instead.

That’s why we’re especially excited for today’s announcement: Alto’s Adventure is now available on Android TV and NVIDIA’s Shield TV! Thanks to the wonderful teams at Noodlecake Studios, fans of Android games on big screens can enjoy Alto at home for the first time – and with full controller support.

Like our other set-top versions of the game, Alto on Android TV will be something you can purchase once, and own forever. We’re proud to offer Android players a premium, ad-free experience, tailored meticulously for big screen play.


[Our Alto’s Adventure Review]

Super Phantom Cat Hits the 400K Download Mark, Gets Android TV Version

Super Phantom Cat Hits the 400K Download Mark, Gets Android TV Version

May 31, 2016

Super Phantom Cat just hit a serious milestone: 400,000 downloads!

Super Phantom Cat is a retro-inspired 2D platformer that pays homage to 8- and 16-bit classics games. In Super Phantom Cat, players take on the role of Chemist White and embark on an action-packed journey through the Phantom World.

Also, the developer released a build compatible with Android TV.

Today, Veewo Games is unveiling Super Phantom Cat for Android TV devices. Perfectly suited to the high-quality controller packed in with the Nvidia Shield TV, the game plays like a dream and somehow manages to be even more impressive in the living room. If you were paying attention, you probably noticed that Super Phantom Cat was previously available in soft launch form. We’re happy to report that the game is now ready for your enjoyment :)

The game remains free (with in-app purchases) on Google Play.

Ice Rage: Hockey is now on Android TV

Ice Rage: Hockey is now on Android TV

Mar 2, 2016

Ice Rage: Hockey just received the Android TV treatment.

#1 Sports Game on smartphone in the US and 70 other countries. Over 2 million players! Players face off across a ice rink, in a hockey duel – one player and one keeper one each side. Play is rapid and rough, with players spending as much time eating the ice as on their feet. There are three different single player modes (Tournament, Quick Match and Deathmatch) and a single-device multiplayer. There are also tons of unique characters to choose from such as lightning fast Antero or heavy-hitting Enviro-Bear. Team them up with crazy goalies like Santa and you’re sure to get the upper hand. Superb animation and charismatic characters make this a game you won’t forget in a hurry. We dare you to take on the championship or challenge your friend in the most intense single-device multiplayer you’ve ever experienced.
• Single-device multiplayer for 2 people
• Awesome 3D graphics
• Tournament mode: Can you defeat the legendary Skar?
• Over 2 million players can’t be wrong!
• The best single-player Hockey game around.

The game is available for $1.99.


Razer Reveals the First Android TV Microconsole

Razer Reveals the First Android TV Microconsole

Jun 26, 2014

With Android TV announced, a few manufacturers were mentioned, but Razer has confirmed that they will release one of the first Android TV microconsoles. While no details are available on specs or price, Razer is known for high-end equipment, so this is most likely to be powerful but pricey. Expect it this fall. Check out an image of the box below.


Bitbop Available for Android

Bitbop Available for Android

Sep 23, 2010

Bitbop seems to have a leg up on rival Hulu when it comes to the Android Market. Bitbop provides streaming mobile video to a number of devices, and has recently announced its support for Android. The app is now available (for certain devices) and can be downloaded directly from their website (you will not find it in the Android Market so don’t even bother looking). Right now they are offering a free trial of up to 3 shows over a 7 day period. After the 7 days you will be charged the subscription price of $9.99, which is comparable to Hulu plus.

Some key features to consider are Bitbops ability to offer full length tv shows (movies to be available soon on a pay-per-view basis) without the commercials and they also offer the option to download for later viewing which has yet to be offered by Hulu. The services works over 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi but the obvious advantage to everyone out there reading this is the fact that it is available for Android. While their library of content is below that of Hulu’s they do offer some exclusive content not yet available to Hulu. As for viewing quality, I would say it was fair (I was viewing on my Motorla Droid) and did an acceptable job of automatically optimizing video quality.

Taking into consideration the fact that Hulu (currently only available for some i-devices) has yet to support an Android app and other major players such as Netflix have yet to even release an app makes Bitbop pioneers of their market. This early multiple device support may be enough for them to gain enough subscribers to further their viability.

For those of you who can’t wait, go sign up for the free trial and see if it’s for you. Personally I use my trusty slingbox/slingplayer combo to watch live tv & on demand content whenever I want so this doesn’t really appeal to me. This also holds keeps me busy until Netflix releases an app which hopefully will allow me to integrate my subscription into mobile viewing. With Blockbuster mobile content, Netflix coming, and Hulu sure to offer support for additional platforms I can’t help but think Bitbop needs a few more tricks up their sleeves to be competitive. With that said, kudos to you Bitbop for supporting us Android users quicker than the rest and for also allowing for added choice. A collective thanks and good luck.

Source: VentureBeat