Angry Heroes Review

Angry Heroes Review

Nov 9, 2012

I love games that are a little different. When things have a little twist to them or kind of a parody of how things normally would be. That’s how I see Angry Heroes to be. Watching the promo video below was what gave me that impression. That same feeling is throughout the game too. Angry Heroes is more about fun than serious hardcore action.

Initially there is a character setup. Each type of character has its advantages and disadvantages in battle. Each of the character types can be male or female. Their look and outfit can be customized to make a unique character. Keep in mind this game is an online game and all of the online players are the opponents in the arena, not the computer.

There is a brief tutorial explaining the basics of how to buy some of the ridiculous weapon and armor upgrades. I mean really, a paper bag and a plunger will really help in the arena of battle? The answer is YES!

Angry Heroes is a MMORPG game so that means there are A LOT of people who are willing to battle at any given time. When entering the arena, there are 3 different categories of people opponents; weaker, equal strength or stronger. When fighting a person equal or stronger, bonus points are awarded. The battles are not all that involved. Once the battle with an opponent begins, things are pretty hands off. It’s a turn based battle so just sit back and watch.

There is a really different way to make extra money in the game; guard duty. Basically the job is to stand guard for an hour. The beauty of guard duty is it can happen in the background. A notice will show up in the notification bar when guard duty is done.

Angry Heroes is not just an arena battle game, there are also quests to go on. The quests are similar to guard duty and another way to earn money besides fighting.