Anime Tank Battler ‘Panzer Waltz’ Steams onto Android

Anime Tank Battler ‘Panzer Waltz’ Steams onto Android

Jan 20, 2016

Happy Universe is bringing its whimsical tank RPG Panzer Waltz to Google Play.

Set in a world at war with experimentation gone awry, humanity must fight against what they had created! Discover the story behind the madness as you set off to defend your fellow compatriots. Their future is in your hands! Join Zoe and friends as you discover the reasons behind the appearance of mysterious antagonists and set the world right!
Network connection required

★「Epic Ever-Evolving Stories」★
In a world where WWII takes a different direction, Metal Maidens fight mysterious Machine Beasts! You, the commander, experience troublesome setbacks with these naughty girls as you lead them through life!

★「Gorgeous Anime-Style Fantasy」★
Experience the Live2D visual combat system! Over 200 Metal Maidens, with character-voices, to collect and more to come with regular updates! Obtain Maidens through stories, forges, and research. Feed them, equip them, enhance, and promote them! G-Milk will be your only way to quickly reduce their fatigue!

★「Choice-Filled Explosive Strategy」★
Command multiple attack and defense teams… Your strategies are key to obtaining victory. Take out all you have and faceoff in 6V6 combat; fight through scouting, shelling, contact, and more stages! Watch sparks fly through the unbelievable visual combat system!

★「Deep Technology System」★
Metal Maidens have special technology trees; enhance and promote their combat capabilities through upgrades. Develop and upgrade your HQ, Vaults, Mines, Ports, and other Stations; be comprehensive! Upgrade your ammunition, armor, chassis, engine, and more technologies; Unlock the mysteries of it all!

★★ The trumpets of war sound again! Lead your Maidens into Battle! ★★

The game is free (with in-app purchases).

Natsu Runner Review

Natsu Runner Review

Jan 30, 2015

Natsu Runner is a step above the average runner. With varied attacks, a copious upgrade system and enemy filled gameplay, is it a recipe for success?

While it is never mentioned in game, Natsu Runner is based on an anime called Fairy Tail. The main character of that anime is known as Natsu Dragneel and that is who the player plays as. I have never watched the anime but this is hardly important to playing Natsu Runner, which is a strange hybrid of a beat ‘em up and an endless runner.

Screenshot_2015-01-31-03-50-21While sprinting along a landscape and jumping over gaps, poor Natsu constantly comes under attack from various enemies. Whenever it’s flying mini dragons, large enemies with axes or huge purple fireballs, everything in the game wants him dead. Luckily, Natsu has access to three attacks as well as his basic punch combo. He can unleash either a powerful fireball which wipes out any enemy in front of him, a huge burst of fire that kills anything around him or even turn into a fireball and shoot forward into enemies.

This depth is a nice change from the recent glut of simple endless runners. With three attacks and endless enemies to defeat, Natsu Runner is quite engaging and interesting.

A few technical problems really work against Natsu Runner. For starters, the collection detection is just awful. You’ll constantly be injured by enemies who somehow damage you before they touch you or simply ignore your attacks and take a huge chunk off your lifebar instead if you try to fight them. It is difficult to get very far in the game at all because of how easy it is to die. The lack of any kind of block button exacerbates this. Natsu Runner is often chaotic and it often feels like its pure luck whenever an enemy kills you or not. The graphics are a bit too indistinct for such complex combat.

Screenshot_2015-01-31-03-51-21The game is also very laggy. For some reason the game scrolls along very jerkily making it slightly awkward to play and everything in the game just feels off due to the strange scrolling. The game also lags quite a bit when a lot of enemies are on screen and often I couldn’t get a playable framerate without restarting my device first.

Natsu Runner also had a lot of very annoying ads. After every death (and you die often) a full screen ad appears that must be dismissed. Very annoying.

Natsu Runner looks nice. It looks a lot like the anime in question and Natsu looks like he should. The sheer number of enemies on screen is impressive and they are colourful and varied. Compared to most runners Natsu is very impressive. The sound is poor however. Just about every attack in the game produces a dull “bonk” sound and the music is unexciting.

Natsu Runner is a decent enough runner but its technical issues ruin it somewhat. Fans of the anime should enjoy themselves with this one but the laggy gameplay and poor collision detection will annoy most players. This is a shame as Natsu has a lot of good ideas.

Montowers 2 Review

Montowers 2 Review

Dec 17, 2014

Before moving on, it has to be said that Montowers 2 is really little more than a semi-automatic game about looking at cute girls with few clothes and in sexy positions. Whenever its goblin girls on their knees licking daggers or spell slinging wizards showing off their panties, Montowers 2 is not a game for kids. Lacking much real gameplay, most of the fun of the game is seeing what sexy or strange monsters will turn up next. If this kind of thing bothers you, avoid Montowers 2.

Screenshot_2014-12-14-09-30-58Montowers 2 is a sort of mix between a card battler and a collection RPG. The player begins by harvesting a few gems from a “field” which is simply a menu option with things to tap on. These gems are ingredients used to summon monsters. Despite their name, these after often not so monstrous and range from dwarven warriors to a large selection of various girls bereft of clothes.

The player then uses these warriors to fight their way up a tower, which is simply a series of battles. Each battle is more difficult than the last and a boss waits at the top of each tower. Finishing a tower unlocks the next one. There are also daily towers that change each day to finish and “raids” which are battles that involve multiple players to take part in.

Combat in Montowers 2 is very simple and mostly automatic. The only input the player has is to tap at the right time to stop a slider. Stopping it at the right time allows the player’s team to attack first and adds bonus damage depending on how close to the centre it is stopped. Battles don’t have anything in the way of strategy and are simply slugfests of the player’s team vs the enemy one.

The crux of Montowers 2 is buffing up your team of monsters to defeat harder opponents. New monsters can be created from gems and monster coins gained during battle or from events can be used on monsters to train them. Monsters can also be evolved into stronger forms using rarer items. This isn’t really different from any other game of this type. What makes it fun is seeing what kooky monster design will appear next.

Screenshot_2014-12-14-09-35-55Montowers 2‘s art looks really excellent. The art for monsters and enemies is top notch and as said above is overtly sexual, which may or may not be a good thing depending on the player. The game doesn’t have much in the way of animation however and battle is a boring affair with coloured flashes and not much else.

The sound however is pretty basic; some rather nondescript music hums away in the background and combat sounds are limited to generic thudding sounds.

Montowers 2 isn’t much of a game, but it does have very nice graphics and plenty of cute girls if you like that sort of thing. Players looking for actual gameplay should look elsewhere however.

Wallpaper Wednesday — VR Tunnel, Anime and more…

Wallpaper Wednesday — VR Tunnel, Anime and more…

Jan 26, 2011

Who doesn’t love a good wallpaper? They’re one of the first things we customize on our mobile devices. Some people pick one and stick with it, others change them like they’re TV channels. Wallpapers are as unique as the individuals who use them. They represent our moods, thoughts, ideals, and just plain insanity. I mean if it weren’t for wallpapers, app markets wouldn’t have the ludicrous numbers they so proudly boast.