All ‘Anomaly’ Games are on Sale on Google Play

All ‘Anomaly’ Games are on Sale on Google Play

Dec 22, 2015

The exceptionally well done “tower offense” Anomaly series of games are all on sale for $0.99. More specifically, Anomaly Warzone Earth, Anomaly Korea, Anomaly 2 and Anomaly Defenders are all marked down for a time.

The games usually range from $3.99 to $4.99.

If the graphics don’t get one — and if they don’t, one might want to seek medical help — the gameplay should. The first few installments take the alien invasion tower defense genre and creates an offensive adventure that the player manages. Additionally, the game story adjusts as the series progresses, allowing the player to see both sides of the digital conflagration.

There’s no firm word on how long the sale will last, so jump on it while it’s hot; hats off to 11 bit studios!

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Anomaly Defenders Review

Anomaly Defenders Review

Aug 27, 2015

And now, we get to Anomaly Defenders.

About time…

While the series got us going on “tower offense” as a gameplay constant, this one takes it back to more of a tower defense scenario. More pertinently, alien invaders are on the ropes in this one, and humans are the aggressors. Thus, the player takes on the job of saving the home planet of the aliens.

Graphically, it is an interesting projection, clearly futuristic, with a Terminator feel to the dark landscapes. The view is top-down in nature, and the play area generally consists of stretches of land interspersed with defined roads on which enemy (human) attack vehicles travel. The animations sizzle, and it looks pretty good overall.

To begin, one soon gleans the objective of the human belligerents is to make their way to rockets, which are crucial to the aliens survival. The humans want to destroy it.

The player’s job is to build defensive units along the path to thwart the effort. The units can be built only at particular spots, and are susceptible to enemy fire themselves. In its essence, it a continual war of attrition, and the overriding goal is to stop the enemy units before they get close enough to to destroy the launch pad.


Carusaurum is the the currency of note; this needs to be harvested to build and upgrade towers. As one successfully finishes levels, there are better opportunities to expend this resource on. In other words, better defense towers.

To make the game more compelling, there are different difficulty levels, and other in-game rules, like the placement of specific pieces. One can manipulate each tower (stuff like repairing) and destroyed enemy units yield crystals which are useful too. Each level ends when the rocket takes off.

The game does a fantastic job of incorporating several elements, almost surreptitiously, which make it a fuller experience. Yes, you have the obvious tower defense, which is quite familiar. There’s also the concept of asset management; knowing when to allocate what where is important. As the levels and enemy waves get trickier to handle, one has to contend with major decisions: what technology to purchase, what to sell, when to pick a piece and more.

Then there is the raw strategy aspect. The gameplay allows for a degree of craftiness. At the risk of being a, uh, “spoiler” sport, players should enjoy the ability to re-route enemy traffic by using particular tower pieces. Plus, one has to learn how to manage technology points. It is self-contained, intuitive and logical when all the segments are put together.

The Anomaly series flipped the script on a genre, and, and for a finale, it flipped it back in an exhilarating way.

Who knew battling humans could be so much fun?

11 bit studios Announces Anomaly Defenders, a “Reverse Tower Offense” Finale to the Anomaly Series

11 bit studios Announces Anomaly Defenders, a “Reverse Tower Offense” Finale to the Anomaly Series

Apr 7, 2014

11 bit studios, creators of the Anomaly series, have announced that they’re making one last title in the tower offense series: Anomaly Defenders. Described as a “reverse tower offense” game (which may just be tower defense?), players will control the aliens of the series, fending off attacking humans using eight different towers across 24 levels. The game has been announced for PC and mobile for release this spring.