All ‘Anomaly’ Games are on Sale on Google Play

All ‘Anomaly’ Games are on Sale on Google Play

Dec 22, 2015

The exceptionally well done “tower offense” Anomaly series of games are all on sale for $0.99. More specifically, Anomaly Warzone Earth, Anomaly Korea, Anomaly 2 and Anomaly Defenders are all marked down for a time.

The games usually range from $3.99 to $4.99.

If the graphics don’t get one — and if they don’t, one might want to seek medical help — the gameplay should. The first few installments take the alien invasion tower defense genre and creates an offensive adventure that the player manages. Additionally, the game story adjusts as the series progresses, allowing the player to see both sides of the digital conflagration.

There’s no firm word on how long the sale will last, so jump on it while it’s hot; hats off to 11 bit studios!

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Humble Bundle with Android 7 Adds Three Games and Ticket to Ride DLC

Humble Bundle with Android 7 Adds Three Games and Ticket to Ride DLC

Oct 24, 2013

Halfway through the Humble Bundle with Android 7, the customary addition of games has happened. Those who pay above the average ($6.28 as of writing) will get the classic point and click adventure game Broken Sword: Director’s Cut, The Men Who Wear Many Hats’ zombified take on the classic Oregon Trail, Organ Trail: Director’s Cut, and 11 Bit Software’s Anomaly Korea, their tower offense sequel to Anomaly: Warzone Earth. As well, Europe DLC for Ticket to Ride has been added. Those who already own the bundle and paid above the average have access to the games now, those who purchase by next Tuesday, October 29th, will get access as well.

Anomaly Korea Review

Anomaly Korea Review

Dec 31, 2012

To make it in the Android app game, being able to stand out is the name of the game. This is especially true of tower defense type of games. To call this segment saturated is being somewhat generous.

I did find Anomaly Korea to be a needed breath of fresh air.

Why? We all know the elements of tower defense: destroy moving enemies before they make it from point A to point B. Well, how about switching the paradigm a bit… how about making my units the ones needing to make it to a safe point, with the enemy in fixed positions? No, not as great as inventing the wheel, but good enough to get this game a good look in my book.

The storyline will be familiar to fans of the prequel (Anomaly Warzone Earth): alien invasion, with mechanized machines at street level. With top-down visuals, I had to direct my convoy on a number of missions through hostile streets and pathways, using resources wisely to achieve success. Using a planning tool, I had to design a path to wherever we had to get to (airplane, safe zone, etc). The shortest route wasn’t always the safest, as the driveways were lined with enemy gunners. Additionally, I had to watch damage — I had the ability to change the positioning of my vehicles, hiding damaged ones and protecting my big weaponry. My job was to destroy the enemy before they destroyed us and/or prevented us from getting to the mission point. Power-ups and loot appeared on screen, and I was able to accumulate game cash.

I thought is was more than sufficient graphically. The developer did a good job of rendering a conceptual, futuristic war-torn city, and the planning overlays helped to isolate the goodness of the actual fight screen.

“Tower Offense” isn’t a new concept, but really, Anomaly Korea is well worth checking out. It is a fun game, with well-thought out ideas.