All ‘Anomaly’ Games are on Sale on Google Play

All ‘Anomaly’ Games are on Sale on Google Play

Dec 22, 2015

The exceptionally well done “tower offense” Anomaly series of games are all on sale for $0.99. More specifically, Anomaly Warzone Earth, Anomaly Korea, Anomaly 2 and Anomaly Defenders are all marked down for a time.

The games usually range from $3.99 to $4.99.

If the graphics don’t get one — and if they don’t, one might want to seek medical help — the gameplay should. The first few installments take the alien invasion tower defense genre and creates an offensive adventure that the player manages. Additionally, the game story adjusts as the series progresses, allowing the player to see both sides of the digital conflagration.

There’s no firm word on how long the sale will last, so jump on it while it’s hot; hats off to 11 bit studios!

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Because We May Sale Celebrates Developers’ Pricing Independence

Because We May Sale Celebrates Developers’ Pricing Independence

May 24, 2012

Indie developers from all over the world are putting their games on sale in celebration of a cause that some may take for granted: the freedom of developers to price their games as they wish without any outside interference. It’s the “Because We May” sale, running from May 24th to June 1st, and dozens of Android games are going on sale as part of this campaign.

Some notable titles include many of the games in previous Humble Indie Bundles, including Canabalt HD, World of Goo, and Anomaly: Warzone Earth HD, which are available for half-off or more. Shadowgun is available for $1.99 during the sale. Even Android-exclusive Android shmup All My Enemies is available for $0.99.

Worthy of note is that no one decided to do an anti-discount on Android like Michael Brough, who actually decided to raise the prices on his games for the sale as an interesting statement that he explains on his blog. Well, it’s his prerogative to do so!

All the links to download games are available from the Because We May Android page.

Anomaly: Warzone Earth HD Review

Anomaly: Warzone Earth HD Review

Feb 14, 2012

Anomaly: Warzone Earth is tower offense. Originally released on PC and Mac, adapted for touchscreens on iOS, Android gamers can now enjoy tower offense on their tablets. Players control the invading armies traveling along paths with fixed defenses. The basic goal is to take out defenses, collecting money along paths, and deploying counter-measures to divert fire and to heal the units. Players create paths for the units to travel on, though these can be adjusted mid-game to create looping paths, or to change strategy. Levels generally involve reaching the end unscathed, though some involve destroying a certain number of units, or ensuring the safety of escorted units.

Visually, the game is impressive. It’s chock-full of detail, and the game lost no visual fidelity in the transition. For a game that takes place in the Middle East, it is surprisingly colorful – it would have been easy for the game to just use many shades of brown, but there are plenty of splashes of color sprinkled throughout. The game is still refreshing to play, because there are just so many tower defense games out there; having this reversal of it is great to have.

The game is still rather busy visually; it can be very easy to lose track of units’ health, and letting them not die can be a challenge. Path creation is still rather tricky; it can be difficult to figure out where an inadvertent loop begins; perhaps a red arrow where loops begin and end would help?

The impressive thing is, this port feels just like the iPad version did – the game is incredibly smooth and has no gameplay differences with its iOS original. The original port was done in 2 weeks; it would be hard to tell just by playing this. This is a definite must-have for tablets, though phones are also supported. Anomaly: Warzone Earth is a must-have strategy game.

Humble Bundle Comes to Android

Humble Bundle Comes to Android

Jan 31, 2012

The first mobile pay-anything Humble Bundle is here, and Android is the first supported platform. Four games are part of the Humble Bundle for Android:

  • Anomaly: Warzone Earth: This is 11 bit Studios’ take on tower offense, as players control units that invade enemy defenses. The initial release was infamously ported by just one developer in two weeks.
  • EDGE & EDGE Extended: Mobigame just recently launched this game on Android. Players control a cube that has to navigate through isometric mazes. The game became infamous on iOS for being removed and restored to the App Store through various trademark controversies over the word ‘edge’ with Tim Langdell.
  • Osmos: Hemisphere Games’ interesting physics title – not a physics puzzler in the Angry Birds sense – has players controlling an amoeba-like organism that must fire matter at its enemies to shrink them down, while absorbing other, smaller, organisms to collect them up. This game is available in both phone and tablet optimized versions that are both available as part of the bundle.
  • World of Goo: The gooey puzzle game from 2D Boy that released late in 2011 is here in DRM-free form. Read our review for more on the game.

The bundle doesn’t just come with DRM-free Android versions – the PC/Mac/Linux versions are also included. World of Goo is only included in the bundle for those who contribute above the average, which as of publication is around $4.10. The revenue can be either split in any proportion between going to the developers, going to charity, and going to fund future Humble Bundle operations.

Of course, while all the games in this bundle are available on iOS, they can’t be included because of the fact that distribution outside of the App Store is virtually impossible without jailbreaking. However, this does have the drawback of the games only being the current versions, and not versions that will be updated automatically, as the PC/Mac/Linux versions can be when redeemed on Steam.

Still, this is all a fantastic endeavor that supports charity and independent developers, and can get gamers great games at bargain prices. Click here to visit the Humble Bundle website to download the games.

Anomaly: Warzone Earth Ported to Android in 2 Weeks, Now Available for Tablets

Anomaly: Warzone Earth Ported to Android in 2 Weeks, Now Available for Tablets

Dec 26, 2011

When porting games to Android is discussed, there’s always the discussion that it takes a lot of work and time to do it. So much work, that for many developers, Android has become a curse oath they mutter under their breaths. Android haunts their dreams at night. Well, for lesser developers, this is true. For 11 bit studios’ Bartosz Brzostek, Android porting is nothing he can’t handle. This man ported over the PC/Mac and then iOS tower offense title Anomaly: Warzone Earth to Android in 2 weeks.

By himself.

Ported over from the touchscreen-friendly iOS version, this tower offense title has players forming squadrons of units to navigate mazes full of encamped enemy defenses. It’s tower defense in reverse – tower offense. The game features a variety of challenging levels in its campaign mode, as they try to advance deeper into the enemy bases. As well, it features the bonus Squad Assault mode. Bartosz Brzostek was not satisfied just bringing the game to Android – he added two new Squad Assault modes for this version of the game.

While it seems silly to suggest that this game should force other developers to pick it up on their Android port jobs, it is still rather impressive that one developer was able to port this game from iOS to Android in a span of two weeks. All code is different, and it appears as if the code for this game was set up in a way that bringing it to the different architecture of Android was possible. Still, it is remarkably impressive!

The game is currently available as an Amazon Appstore exclusive. The game is only playable on tablet devices for now, optimized for the Kindle Fire, but devices like the Motorola Xoom are able to run it as well. Check out the video below detailing the process of bringing the game to Android; Mr. Brzostek, I raise a glass of vodka to you, sir! Well done!