Ant Raid Review

Ant Raid Review

Feb 13, 2013

I wasnt really sure what to expect when I downloaded Ant Raid. I thought it might be another bug smasher game. There is a little of that in there, but there is also some other strategies needed to beat the levels. The overall plot of the game is to keep the ant’s home save from the other insects. The insects have been infected and are pretty much zombies. Okay, that right there grabbed my attention.

The controls are pretty easy to use. Most of the controls are tapping the screen in one spot then another. Some times a press and drag is required to gather a larger group of ants. When the divine power is all powered up, tapping the enemy bugs will shoot lightening at them or other times a tap on them will squish them. Pressing and dragging a finger on the screen will help look around and see some of the enemies coming farther away.

As the ants are fighting the evils snails and bees, the good ants will get hurt. When this happens, healthy ants need to be sent to out to get them and bring them back to the base camp to be healed. The strategy comes into play when there are a lot of enemies on the screen. There are only so many good ants to fight.

I thought the game was pretty easy, then all of a sudden they drop the hammer and it gets pretty challenging. They have all kinds of enemies coming out of the woods and attacking. The goal is to kill enough of them to be able to use the divine powers. If this doesn’t happen they will overrun the base. The enemies don’t really move all that fast but some of the bees will move around making it more difficult for the ants to attack them.

Bug Village Review

Bug Village Review

Jun 21, 2011

There’s a trend at the moment for cutesy god games, simulators where you take control of a cartoon farm, city or shop and try and make it successful. To do this you manage resources, keep away dangers and make sure that everyone in your little conurbation is as happy as can be.

Bug Village is a new entry into the genre from Glu Mobile, originally released on iOS, which tasks you with the building and upkeep of a village for ants and bees. Because as everyone knows, bees and ants are the best of friends and like to live as close to each other as possible. You also have to right fallen ladybugs, but they’re not allowed to live in the village, because that would be weird.

After a brief tutorial, you’re left to manage the village on your own, building new houses for your ever increasing population, leaving them resources and food to find and making sure that none of those evil stink bugs stay too long around your precious huts and fences.

Whilst the game is free to download, you’re only given a certain number of coins to start off with. You don’t need the coins to play the game, but they speed things up a good deal, turning tasks that will, quite literally, take hours, into tasks that take a matter of seconds. If you want more coins, you have to pay, via an in-app purchase system.

The control system is simple, you use your finger as the cursor, tapping on things you want to do. The game looks and sounds almost exactly like you’d expect it to look and sound, all cute insects and twee songs with the odd tinkle and tone thrown in for good measure.

Bug Village is a perfectly passable little sim. It’s not particularly groundbreaking, and the in-app payment scheme will likely put some people off, but if you’re looking for an easy, time consuming game that’s not going to tax your brain or your reflexes, then it could be just what you’re looking for.