KickStarter Spotlight: playGO AP1

KickStarter Spotlight: playGO AP1

May 23, 2012

Love them or hate them, it is hard to argue against Apple’s AirPlay; with the tap of a button any song is now playing, wirelessly, on the living room speakers. Making an entire house’s media work together is something that Apple really prides itself on, and for good reason. Having an Apple TV, iPod Touch, and a MacBook Pro I can attest to the ease of use and incredible convenience of sitting back and wirelessly listening to my music on the stereo while my laptop and I remain comfortably seated on the loveseat. Delivering an experience like AirPlay is something that Apple competitors have been trying to accomplish for years now, and while semi-viable solutions have emerged, it is still a frustrating and very flawed experience.

The solution for non-Apple subscribers remains tied to DLNA. Unfortunately for phone owners, there is not a lot of DLNA support in Android and it is up to a 3rd party app to get it to work. Assuming this is not too much to handle, playGO from Monroe, CT has developed a worthy replacement for any set-top wireless audio streamer dubbed the AP1 for it’s native AirPlay support. A major complaint of other routers is that they are tied into a questionable sets of speakers and can be horrifically expensive.

The playGO AP1 connects directly into any existing stereo system and includes multiple input and output types. This level of flexibility has yet to be seen from this market and playGO has made it a mission to ensure that this product is both future and backwards compatible. The sleek white with blue trim router is firmware-updatable and offers support for wired connections; including legacy iOS models.

I know that setting up home audio with an Android phone in mind is tough, but assuming that dealing with DLNA is not an issue then the playGO AP1 is something that should not be missed, and as like all KickStarter projects, these projects are not funded without support from the internet.