Notepad+ Review

Notepad+ Review

Aug 14, 2014

For the mobile-centric person, it helps to have a quick method of entering notes. Notepad+ looks to be a intuitive solution.

The opening interface is fairly simple, and the developer does a good job of making the app feel intuitive off the bat. After installing, the huge plus (+) sign within a larger rectangle rests to the top left of the screen, and tapping it opens the main notebook/album page. Here, one can choose to enter a note by handwriting by finger or typing entries via device keyboard. The notebook title can also be selected, along with paper style from several offered types.

The handwriting feature is great for quick entries with a minimum of prior touches, and is quite easy to note1manipulate. It allows for several different colors and line thicknesses to be used, so one can “write” with different colored “ink” too. As most hand/finger-writing tools, block lettering is probably easier to decipher than cursive. Of course, one can draw objects with this entry method as well.

One unique feature is said method of entering typed text. When the text icon is selected, the user is prompted to tap on a free part of the screen, and, when performed, an adjustable text box appears in which the typed text can be placed. For customization feens, Notepad+ covers the bases: text font and colors can be adjusted via the adjustment tools that appear above the keyboard.

A notebook or album can have multiple pages within; to enter a second page, just swipe across the page to start a second note, and so on and so forth. This is useful for blocks of ideas, or categorized groups of entries. As an added bonus, notebooks can be assigned a four digit password for privacy.

The app provides share functionality, and incorporates the expected tools: email, bluetooth, messaging and more. It gave every share possible app on our test device as an option to send with.

The app is pretty good, but this leads to my biggest gripe: the lack of sync functionality. It begs to be used across devices, and I would have loved a common repository of notes. The share functionality somewhat alleviates this concern.

As a standalone app, I works well, and feels quite worth the $1.99 asking price.

Weather Live Review

Weather Live Review

Jan 2, 2013

Probably one of the most organic uses of a smartphone is using it as a personal, portable weather keeper. Android, as a platform, is blessed with many, many weather-related apps; Android users are a tad spoiled, and to be noticed, it takes some moxie.

Weather Live from, Apalon, might just have the gumption to pull it off.

My first impression was the clean-looking interface, and how it looked placed against the background animation. The stark white worked well to project the information, and the two blocks of data complemented each other nicely. On hand, I had access to my local weather, with visual and text representations of the conditions in the top half. There were notations for precipitation, pressure, visibility and humidity and wind direction, as well as high/low, average temperature and a current “feels like” reading along with the date and time. The bottom half showed me the current days weather in three-hour intervals, and a 4-day high/low temperature and generalized weather conditions.

The settings had display and layout options. Using them, I could change units, play with look of widgets and even toggle “Nightstand Mode” from there. There was a reasonable degree of customization, but I felt it could use some more.

As noted, the app comes with widgets, and offers them in three different sizes. Each retains the clean, functional look off the app itself.

I would have liked added functionality in the widgets, like transparencies and the ability to open other apps from within Weather Live. As noted earlier, this specific niche is clogged up, so added on functionality would be very welcome for folks looking to be wowed. I also would like to see even more widgets, and maybe some themes.

All in all, I thought that Weather Live was a gorgeous software application with plenty of upside. As-is, it does provide great functionality, and I am eager to see if the developer is looking to add even more stuff.