APC, the $49 Android PC

APC, the $49 Android PC

Jul 30, 2012

Cheap hardware is defining Android in a big way, but APC wants to take it even further. APC is a low-cost PC that runs on Gingerbread. This is designed to be as stripped down as possible: it’s an 800 MHz VIA processor with 512 MB of RAM. There’s 2 GB of onboard storage, with an SDHC slot for expansion, It supports up to 720p output through HDMI or VGA.

Sure, the hardware isn’t exactly sexy, but the price sure is: $49 plus shipping from the APC website. There isn’t even a case shipped with the APC, but it is compatible with Neo-ITX cases. As well, the power consumption of this device is meant to be very small.

While this is not a device meant for power Android users, this does appear to be designed for opportunities in low-income communities, developing nations, and even just for those that want cheap-but-capable PCs. It does not come with Google Play support, so those looking for software to use will have to find other app stores, or someone will have to come up with a way to get Google Play on the device. It’s not impossible.

The first wave of preorders is shipping from APC, with software such as bootloaders available, though new orders are not being accepted yet.