iDevices Unveils SweetBlue Android Bluetooth API

iDevices Unveils SweetBlue Android Bluetooth API

Mar 6, 2015

iDevices is a well known entity with regards to connected mobility, and it is making another splash with the release of SweetBlue, a Bluetooth Library for Android developers.

iDevices, the preeminent brand and development partner in the Internet of Things (IoT) market, launches its unique Android Bluetooth® Smart library, SweetBlue. This advanced library allows developers to create Bluetooth Smart enabled apps, with extremely reliable and robust connections between the product and smart device. SweetBlue significantly cuts down development time by eliminating the need to learn the complex library offered by Google.

“Android developers know how difficult it can be supporting the plethora of different phones out there. Working with Bluetooth Smart is even harder due to the combinations of native software and hardware involved, all with their own little quirks and idiosyncrasies. SweetBlue lets you focus on what’s most important: your app,” said Doug Koellmer, iDevices App Developer.

SweetBlue Features:

An API designed from the ground-up to be simple, predictable and robust.
Transparent fallback, retry and correction mechanisms for a multitude of failure conditions both transient and permanent.
High-level constructs like transactions, state tracking and polling that make common use cases a breeze to implement.
Open-source codebase, full-coverage API documentation, sample projects and support.

Pricing is varied:

SweetBlue is available on the iDevices website today. Pricing varies depending on what type of project the library will be used for.

  • Free Version – Evaluation and development purposes, non-commercial use only.
  • Standard – Commercial use with basic technical support.
  • Professional – Commercial use with priority technical support.
  • Premium – Multiple application use and/or repackaging for other commercial libraries.

SweetBlue is available now; more info can be found on the website at


Amazon Launches Cloud Drive API

Amazon Launches Cloud Drive API

Nov 11, 2014

Cloud Drive, Amazon’s cloud storage solution, is announcing the launch of its API for third-party developers.

This allows developers to integrate Cloud Drive functionality into their apps; now, with such tools taken advantage of, app users would be able to manipulate files and such that are stored in Cloud Drive from within said apps.

On paper, this is great news for developers and consumers.

For developers, Cloud Drive eliminates the worry about the complexities of storage, conversion for multiple devices and screen resolutions, metadata management, indexing, search, and sync functionality. Cloud Drive is also plugged into developer tools like Filepicker and Temboo, making it even easier for developers to integrate across cloud services. We’re excited to be working with these developers and we’ll keep you posted as new apps are released.

The initial press release lists the following apps as already being integrated with Cloud Drive:

· OfficeSuite

· Perfectly Clear

· FreePrints

· Photo Gifts by MailPix

· ScanCafe

· FileThis

· CloudHQ

· File Commander

· Jumptuit

· Secrata

· Wappwolf

The changes are part of great changes Amazon is making to its cloud services.

[Source: Amazon Cloud Drive Blog]

Amazon Mobile Associates API Will Allow Developers To Include Offers On Real Goods In Their Apps

Amazon Mobile Associates API Will Allow Developers To Include Offers On Real Goods In Their Apps

Aug 30, 2013

Amazon announced a release of special API add-on that will allow developers to sell some real stuff from Amazon via their apps and games. This feature could be an interesting proposition for developers trying to make money off of their apps, though how much it will appear in non-Amazon-Appstore apps is to be seen. For the curious developers and users, the information on soon-to-be released extension is here: Amazon Press Releases