Five of the coolest games on Android now (Feb 21)

Five of the coolest games on Android now (Feb 21)

Feb 21, 2018

Here we go…

Welcome to the first installment of our list of some games you’d do well to check out now.

Why? Well, we know there are so many games — good ones, even — and so little time for you to check them out. It is our civic duty to help you find the ones to check out right now.

The ground rules? Refreshingly few, we think:

  • Premium on free games: we know you like freemium, and so do we.
  • We reserve the right to update this list every week.
  • Rebuttals (and suggestions) are welcome. Mostly.

And we are off… in no particular order:

Mad Skills BMX 2 (freemium)
Here is us trying to pass on our addiction with you. We just got into this off-road biking gem, and feel obligated to share. It can be played in bits or for long periods, and doesn’t necessarily require cash to go far. You’re welcome.

Hero Hunters (freemium)
If you like cover systems, this will be right up your alley. If you’re one of those weird folks that does not like cover systems, then this game should bring you back to the land of the living. It has more than one trick up its sleeve, and you get to take down a power-hungry madman.

Nitro Racing GO (freemium)
Clicker. Racing. Yes. So, this is, uh, non-legal street racing for the faint at heart.

Hostage Negotiator ($3.99)
A board game for those looking to live the topsy-turvy life of a negotiator? Dice plus procedural for the win.

Sonic CD Classic (freemium)
Like this needs any preamble. C’mon…

That’s it for this week. Do you have a recent game that you figure can knock off one of these? Let us know.

Our 10 Favorite Accessories That Can Fit In the Palm of Your Hand

Our 10 Favorite Accessories That Can Fit In the Palm of Your Hand

Oct 14, 2014

At Android Rundown, we get quite a lot of accessories to try out; it’s one of the more interesting aspects of writing about technology. Seeing what companies come up with to extend the functionality of mobile devices is a fascinating endeavor.

Android-enabled accessories come in all flavors and sizes; some of the best transcend size though. Here are some of our favorites that can easily fit in one’s hand. We also link to our reviews of said item. The list started at five items, and, true to form, we couldn’t condense it to only five accessories.

Fair disclosure: each of the following items were provided to Android Rundown for review purposes.

Kingston DataTraveler microDuo

We love this piece; it packs the collective functionality of a regular jumpdrive and a mobile device OTG puck. It comes in several different sizes, and is just about as portable as a quarter.

Our Review

Antec Smartbean Bluetooth Receiver

Yes, we love our wireless accessories, but wired pieces still pack a punch, and are hard to retire. For folks looking to give wired audio accessories a wireless feel, the Smartbean is the perfect tool.

Our Review

KERO Micro-USB Nomad Cable

In today’s mobile world, micro-USB cables are GOLD. This Kickstarted item is affordable, portable, and cute and rugged at the same time.

Our Review

Automatic Auto Accessory

Outside the box ideas are always fantastic, and the Automatic Auto accessory defines this concept. It plugs into a car’s OBD port and reads and interprets data, syncing said data to one’s Android device via the companion app and bluetooth. Pesky check engine light? Driving performance? Speed Check? Distracted driving prevention? Yep.

Our Review

Rocki Wi-Fi Music System

More kickstarter goodness… this one in the manifestation of a wi-fi based music sharing tool. Slick shaped, portable and well designed o bring one’s Android device to musical/audio life.

Our Review

RAVPower Qi Charger

Sleek, simple and (most importantly) functional, this unit brings one’s Qi-enabled hardware the charge it literally needs.

Our Review

Eye-Fi Mobi 8GB Wi-Fi SD card

The Eye-Fi is not new, but its utility is evergreen. It brings devices with SD card slots wireless functionality via local network. It works with cameras, PDAs, (my personal favorite) mobile scanners, and more. It comes in different sizes, and the optional cloud functionality is pretty cool too. With the companion Android app, data can be manipulated and shared Fortune 500-style.

Our Review

iRig MIC Cast

This little contraption converts the audio jack of Android devices into an equitable audio recording portal. With the companion app, audio can be manipulated. Podcasters, musicians, speech makers and pranksters rejoice!

Our Review


Google changed the game with this mirroring tool; the insanely competitive price is somehow not the best feature of this little media monster.

Our Review

BlueAnt Pump Headphones

These powerful, wireless headphones are made for exercise, but are sedate enough to be used in other instances. Sweat-proof, hardy in hand and comfortable in ear, now you can stream inspirational words from Mr T while out running or reading up on Android development at the library.

Our Review

Android Market Updates Galore: Larger Apps, New Top Lists, Recommendations, Editor’s Choice, and More


Google today announced a huge set of changes to the Android Market site and a new Android Market app all aimed at helping users discover new and better apps.

The changes to the Android Market were announced at Google I/O and focus on raising the discoverability of new apps and apps that might match a users preferences. Most of the changes were launched today on the Android Market site, though the new Android Market app has yet to be released.

From tuning the lists that are there to including new ones, the top app lists are getting an overhaul. New lists will include recent top free and paid apps — newer apps that are selling well, top grossing app lists (taking a cue from Apple on that one), and overall trending apps. The current lists will be tuned to take into account more of what apps people are actually using.

In addition, Google has started an Editor’s Choice list of apps. These are apps chosen by Google as the favorites of employees. Also a distinguished developer tag has been applied to the listings from developers that Google deems the best developers on the market.

Google made the announcement that US downloads have fallen overall to just 50% of total downloads. This underscores the importance of international markets to app developers. In addition, 99 new countries will get access to paid downloads.

App size has been an issue for some developers such as GPS and game developers. But now Google has upped the size limit to a whopping 4GB. That should be enough for just about any GPS app.

(Ed. note: This should be the end of apps on the Market that are just frontends for downloading the necessary game data, like EA’s games and Dungeon Defenders: First Wave)

We should see the new Market app launch soon. We don’t know what exactly will be included or when it will launch, but there’s plenty of room for improvement for the Market site and the app, so any change will be welcome.