Granny Smith Review

Granny Smith Review

Oct 9, 2012

Granny Smith is a spry old woman. First of all, there aren’t to many chances in life to see old ladies on rollerskates chasing apple thieves. The goal of the game is to get apples before the thief does. Along the way there are also coins to collect. collecting the coins will pay for upgrades like different characters and power ups. Power ups are weapons to help keep the thief from getting the apples before granny does.

The upgrades consist of a banana peel, a helmet and a baseball. The helmet helps when grannies landing is not quite right. When Granny doesn’t land quite right she loses all the coins she’s picked up along the way. When she is wearing the helmet and lands funny, she keeps the coins. The banana peel helps when grannies ahead of the thief to slow him down. The baseball helps when the thief is ahead of granny.

Granny Smith starts out by simply chasing the thief. Using the two buttons, one being her cane and the other being a jump button, if Granny does not get ahead of the thief he will get all of the apples. Holding the jump button down longer will make Granny flip. There’s some larger jumps where flipping is okay otherwise shorter jumps she landed on her face or back.

Progressing through the levels, Granny will need to be a little more skillful. She will need to start using her cane more. She starts to use her cane as a tool. The wires above her head will be used like a zip line. Some parts of the game require players to use this zip line while in other parts, the zip line speeds up her travels.

Unlocking the characters requires completing a level for unlocking a previously locked character. The levels can be played over and over until she gets all three of apples before the pudgy little thief.

Doodle Grub – Twisted Snake Review

Doodle Grub – Twisted Snake Review

Jun 29, 2011

It’s fair to say that if some Swedish mega-genius hadn’t decided to include Snake on Nokia’s early mobile phones, we might not be in the position that we are today. That simple act turned mobile phones into more than just phones that were mobile, and paved the way for the jack-of-all-trades multimedia devices we carry around with us today.

It seems fitting then that things have come round almost full circle. Doodle Grub is an attempt to recapture the glory days of 2D mobile phone gaming, with a bit of up-to-date polish and some rather more modern ideas about control than Nokia were able to implement in their clone of a clone. The question is, is this nostalgia gone mad or a welcome blast from the past?

First things first, Doodle Grub’s main difference from the original Snake, other than the way it looks, is the way it handles. You’re not pushing buttons or sliding your thumb around on an imaginary D-pad; instead you’re moving your snake, or grub, around using the accelerometer in your phone. In other words, to make the snake go left, you tilt your phone left.

It’s a system that almost works, but it’s not quite subtle enough to deal with the quick changes in speed and direction that the game calls for. Whilst you no longer have to dodge your own tail, there are plenty of other obstacles getting between you and the tasty apples you crave, including giant bugs, and the tilt controls just aren’t good enough when you need them most. It’s a shame, because the game’s other ideas all work really well. Some of the fruit you go after is rotten, and will lose you points if you eat it, and ladybugs act as Pacman style power pills, turning you into a spiky, bug killing machine.

Doodle Bug is a nice try to do something new with an old favourite. Sadly, it doesn’t quite pull it off, but it’s still worth a look if you fancy reliving the good old days when phone games were simple and sating the hunger of a four pixel wide snake was the only thing that mattered.