Relic Rush Review

Relic Rush Review

Apr 17, 2013

Relic Rush is an 8-bitish platform puzzler from Crescent Moon Games that packs a lot of fun.

It is an archaeological thriller that packs in jungles, temples, spooky beings and our protagonist with the ethical beliefs made popular my the whip-carrying here of the Raiders of the Lost Ark.

I’m a complete sucker for retro-looking graphics, and Relic Rush delivered. There is some skill to creating the oldish look, but i think the developer did a good job. I especially liked the jerky, purposely pixelated look of the animations. the different characters all had a certain charm to them. The game background mostly consisted of platforms and ladders set in an equitable combination of height and width. My job was to navigate to the top of therelic2 specific screen, retrieve the idol, and advance. With regards to controls, I had one on screen control: tapping and holding caused my player to stop for the duration of the hold. Otherwise, my character kept moving forward.There were jump spots that automatically hoisted my character into the air.

The gameplay started out easy enough, with a minimum of obstacles. The simple object was getting to the top with a minimal loss of life. Running into an obstacle knocked me off and expended a life, so I had to be careful. As the game progressed, the obstacles became wilier, incorporating recurrent horizontal sliding, jumping, projectiles and shooting fire. They sometimes worked in groups to cover paths of egress. I found that the stop control (along with a sharp sense of timing were particularly invaluable. There was plenty of fun play to be had, and the game had a decent soundtrack to go with it.

So, go ahead and picture Harrison Ford. I’m sure Indiana Jones did not always play video games, but when he did, he most likely played Relic Rush.