The Legend of the Holy Archer Review

The Legend of the Holy Archer Review

May 9, 2013

The Legend of the Holy Archer lets us know why we want more non-English titles.

It had an interesting translation job, but I was able to gather that the earth was in danger of being overrun by a swarm of otherworldly demons. I had to stop then with my bow and and arrows.

The gameplay was fairly straightforward. I (as the archer in abbreviated first person) was armed with a big red button at the bottom of the screen. Tapping/holding that button put me into a shooting stance. At this point, I could drag and pull to adjust the projected flight path of my arrow. Removing my finger from the screen fired the arrow. Now, the perspective changed; in essence, I became the arrow. I could tap and hold the screen again, and drag my finger toarcher1 control the flight path of the arrow, kind of like I was literally riding the arrow. The goal was to guide the arrow into the demon monster, and reduce its life bar to zero. Different monsters had different weak spots, and I learned that head shots did a lot of damage.

To make things even more challenging, there was rarely a direct, unobstructed view of any particular monster. There were things like building ruins, mountains and more that made it straight on direct shot close to impossible. So, the act of picking a good flight path and the ability to dart around objects was a skill I had to develop on the fly.

Levels were unlocked with the beating of prior levels. There were special treasures to be procured, and successful outings earned me gold, which could be used to upgrade gear. These upgrades almost became required to beat higher levels.

The 3D visuals were good, and the developer did a good job of simulating a diverse set of environments. I thought the animations were well done, and the writhing of the struck monsters was gorily realistic. Still, there were some raw edges to the graphics that i thought could be refined, but overall, it was a fine-looking game. I also thought the map view could have been more informative.

Bottom line? I liked it a lot.