ShadowArc Review

ShadowArc Review

Aug 5, 2013

ShadowArc is an interesting game from Free The Robots Inc., and is probably one of the most unique speed gesture games around.

The playing area is a simple circle. Circumferential arcs (like pieces from a smaller circle) emanate from a small hole at the the center; these pieces get larger as they pulsate outwards towards the big circle, until they literally fit the big circle perfectly at the moment contact is made. At this point, it disappears. And oh yeah… it costs a life, because the whole object is to stop those arcs from making it to the bigger circumference.

A paddle of sorts serves as the main tool to prevent these arcs from doing damage. This paddle is anchored at the center hole, and pivots around the circumference. When placed in between the arc and the larger circle, it “absorbs” the arc before it can do life-sucking damage. The game is basically a race to get round the circle before the arcs take all shadow1the lives.

The kicker is that the arcs start to get really, really fast. Also, the arcs start sliding around the circle (as opposed to expanding directly outwards), making the blocking sweeps that much harder. Also complicating matters are the coins that appear on the circumference, and generally tempt you to be as quick as you can be to get them and get back to arc-blocking. Down the line, arcs of multiple colors appear, and I found dual paddles were necessary to make the grade. As the game progresses, there is clear increase in the level of difficulty, and I appreciated this.

To complete a level, the requisite amount of blocks must be made before all lives run out, and each level is also scored on a three-star system similar to that featured in Angry Birds.

The coin system is fairly straightforward. There are plenty of upgrades that can be purchased with the virtual cash, and real cash can be used as well.

It easy to understand, hard to put down and easy to share. What is not to love?