DatVault Password Manager Gets an Update

DatVault Password Manager Gets an Update

Sep 30, 2016

Cross-platform password safe DataVault is getting a fresh build.

Per Google Play, this one brings fixed permissions and smoothing out of a memory issue, among other things; more details can be found on the Google Play page.

DataVault Password Manager is $9.99 on Google Play; there is also a free build available.

DataVault Gets a Substantial Update

DataVault Gets a Substantial Update

Aug 30, 2016

Popular cross-platform safety application DataVault Password Manager is getting another update, and the developer is packing a lot into this one.

Per the Play Store, the new build packs in:


– Improved usability of adding items using Templates.
– Enhanced login screen layout for changes to Android keyboard.
– Fixed issue of new items not appearing in lookup lists.
– Added localization for German and Russian.
– Switched Settings > Auto-Backup to On by default.
– Decreased sync polling time for faster updates.
– Other minor improvements and bug fixes.

Both free (somewhat limited) and paid versions remain on Google Play.

Ascendo goes big with major DataVault Password Manager for Android refresh

Ascendo goes big with major DataVault Password Manager for Android refresh

May 12, 2016

Well regarded cross-platform password generator and safe application DataVault Password Manager just unveiled some major changes and enhancements.

We have been fans of DataVault for some time, and the new pieces make that much better; it adds fingerprint authentication as an option for master password on devices that support it, and — his is huge — a free version with unlimited items.

The changelog is massive indeed, per Ascendo.

– Released free version with unlimited number of items, in addition to paid version.
– Implemented Fingerprint Authentication for master login.*
– Added Light Theme (default). See menu > Display Settings to switch back to Dark Theme.
– Added master password mask/unmask icon.
– Implemented numeric keyboard for login and added keyboard selector to login screens.
– Added support for Android Marshmallow (version 6).
– Changed List View default to collapsed view.
– Added Security Setting to disable Screen Capture in DataVault.
– Corrected split view issue for certain smartphones.
– Enhanced navigation and usability on main screens.
– Replaced action bar icons with Material Design icons.
– Improved startup time by removing launch screen.
– Enhancements to Dropbox Auto-Sync.*
– Improvements to item icons, login screen, manage categories & types screens, navigation, help text.

We were able to speak Ascendo chief Marc Bolh about the update.

Android Rundown: What is the most important enhancement in this release?

Marc: Support for Fingerprint Authentication is no doubt the most compelling feature in version 6.1. Most of our customers use DataVault several times a day and logging in with a fingerprint will save them a lot of time.

Android Rundown: Why did you decide to release a free version of DataVault for Android?

Marc: DataVault Password Manager brings peace of mind in a complicated world. We want to bring that to as many people as possible. Providing a free version with premium features, in addition to the paid version was the best way to do that.

[via Ascendo News]

DataVault Password Manager Gets Updated

DataVault Password Manager Gets Updated

Dec 12, 2015

Cross-platform security utility DataVault Password Manager is getting ready for the holidays with an update.

The newest build brings “seamless” auto-sync via popular cloud storage service Dropbox. In our testing, this is indeed a fantastic tweak.

Additionally, the WebDAV sync option, which allowed for users to merge data via webDAV protocol, has been deprecated

Finally, we also get the standard bug fixes.

We loved DataVault when we reviewed it some moons ago; it remains a great option for those who want either a standalone option or cloud-supported one.

It is $9.99 on Google Play.

[via Google Play][Our DataVault Review]

My App Addiction: DataVault Password Manager

My App Addiction: DataVault Password Manager

Aug 6, 2015

I grew up on that wild, uncontrollable thing Al Gore created.

Back then, the internet was new, cool and scary. A million places to visit, and then some. I did what a lot of folks did then: I used one password for all my login sites. Don’t judge; it was just easier.

By the time I had gravitated to BlackBerry OS, I had begun to select passwords with more complexity than my favorite meal. One problem though… selecting unique passwords all but meant that I would need to keep a record of all these new passwords I was creating. Paper and pen was out, as was recording it in note-taking application. Thankfully, BlackBerry devices had a stock password keeper app that worked great.

But ah… another problem. For someone who likes to dabble into everything mobile, a proprietary app had its drawbacks. By this time I had determined to use a cross-platform offering for my next password management app, and then I stumbled on Ascendo DataVault Password Manager.

It’s a simple mobile solution: a password vault and generator all in one. Since I can use it on mobile devices and desktop, I have access to all my devices on the go and at home, and better yet, I can really go to town with regards to creating unique passwords with its built-in utility. Further, it can be used to store more than just passwords; it has templates for all sorts of information, from banking data to auto information. I also use it to keep notes.

Now, its syncability is huge. it can be used with Dropbox, and for those reticent about cloud based syncing, it provides folks with the ability to save to local SD or across devices using local wi-fi.

When talking about anchor apps, this one has long since become one of my anchor ones.

With good reason, too.


[Our Ascendo DataVault Password Manager Review]

Ascendo DataVault Gets New Update With Several New Features

Ascendo DataVault Gets New Update With Several New Features

Jul 9, 2014

When we first looked at Ascendo DataVault, it was hard to knock it. As a mobile digital password safe, it mostly had the pieces to be a relevant tool for the professional on the go. As our individual online profiles grow, we need good, unique passwords to maintain safety and security for each footprint. DataVault not only helps to secure and mobilize these passwords, it helps generate them.

Thankfully, Ascendo doesn’t just sit back and rest on its laurels; its recent update to DataVault brings in some pretty cool features.

The basics are still there: optional desktop companion, password generation, the ability to auto-destruct after multiple wrong log-ins, AES encryption, SD card, cloud, WebDav server and local wi-fi backup/sync functionality and more. Version 5.1.16 brings in a refreshed look, with a cleaner menu interface. Most prominently, though, the app now offers additional premium features from within the app.

The first listed new feature is advanced AES 256-bit encryption. It also has a bunch of new icons (200 of them), which help with more accurate labeling, and it allows for linking and backup via Dropbox. It also has better tablet support and bug fixes. The new features more or less create a more vibrant app, and greatly increase usability.

In practice, I did like the updated app; it feels snappier, syncs flawlessly, and retains the basic security functions it is known for. The password generator is one of my favorites, allowing one to randomly select a password based on criteria like length, letter case, numbers, punctuation marks and estimated strength.

I would still love a smoother, more organic sync procedure; tighter cloud syncing (like what is available for iOS) would be definitely welcome. Still, the app keeps on getting better, and is a great mobile tool.

These premium offerings can be unlocked via in-app purchase for $4.99. DataVault itself is available on the Play Store for $9.99.