Askem Now Available on Android

Askem Now Available on Android

Sep 16, 2014

Q&A app Askem, originally launched on iOS last year, has made its way to Android devices.

The self-described image-based social application works to help get feedback on questions with the use of image and applied pop-up text. It also breaks down the statistics from the answers.

Askem chief Itai Herman talks about the engagement aspect. “Social Media is about crowdsourcing information and opinions to enhance our own lifestyle, and people enjoy both contributing and receiving input within this setting,” he says. “Askem gives people the opportunity to reach out to their circles in a fun, highly engaging, and useful way. We are excited to expand our reach into these new markets and offer users a creative and unique way to ask any question and get the answers they need quickly.”

Excerpt from the press release:

Askem, the Israeli startup that developed the leading visual question and answer (Q&A) app, announced today that the platform is available for Android Google Play and Amazon Fire. The decision to move ahead with an Android-friendly version was the result of high demand from Askem users and the expectancy that Android users will reach 1 billion worldwide in 2014. Today, Askem boasts 500,000 users worldwide and plans to add more innovative features in the coming months.

First launched for iOS in 2013, Askem’s easy-to-use, interactive Q&A app enables users to upload images and poll their social universe to get answers to everyday questions in real time. The app offers segmented analytics to users, which are broken down into different categories including gender. Askem for Android and Fire will have matching capabilities to the iOS version.

Other Q&A apps exist, but none measure up to Askem in terms of look and feel, customization and specialized features. Askem users can upload images and create up to five unique answer choices when many other platforms limit their users to a binary choice. Shareable on all major social media platforms, Askem is focused on providing users with a fun way to interact with friends and followers by questioning anything from fashion choices to top travel destinations and the best restaurants to try.

To date, the company has raised $1.85M from prominent investors Microsoft Ventures, Disruptive VC and Joey Low of Star Farm Ventures.

The app is available for free on both the Play Store and Amazon Appstore.